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This page is for organizing the connections errors Thunderbird handles and how it handles them. The list is coming from bug 123440 where work is being done to remove many of the dialogs that have been used to handle connection errors.

All of these errors are in response to user actions. Currently Thunderbird already attempts to silently retry when connections fail.

  • Relevant Bugs
    • bug 446306 — Mailbox centric folder pane
    • bug 257942 — Interactive Status bar and Activity History Manager

Generic Operations

These operations effect the interface as a whole. This means there isn't often an easy place to help people understand how the system has been effected by the error.

Get Mail

When a person clicks on the "Get Mail" button and the server isn't available.

  • bug 281417 — Get Mail button should get mail for all accounts

Sending Message Operations

These errors take place during the composition or sending of new messages. Often this involves the compose window.

Save Draft (remote folder)

With auto-save draft Thunderbird will try to save a copy of the message in the person's draft folder as they are writing. Extremely inopportune time to interrupt the person with any kind of errors.

Sending Mail

Displayed Message Operations

These errors take place while looking at a message in the message reader.

Read Message

Save Message As...

Save Attachment...

Delete Message

Move / Copy Message

Change Message Flag

(mark read/unread, star, etc)

Add / Remove Tags

Folder Operations

These errors take place while performing actions on folders.

Empty Trash

Subscribe / Unsubscribe