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The Address Book allows you to track and edit contact information

Accessing the Address Book

Choose one of the following two options:

Open Thunderbird Then Open Address Book

You can access the Address Book from the main window, the compose window or any message window. To access the Address Book:

  1. Click ToolsAddress Book
  2. Press Ctrl+2
  3. Click the Address Book icon on the toolbar

Open Address Book Only

Most users open the Thunderbird address book from within the email client. That is great as long as the program is already open. But what if you want to open the address book only when Thunderbird is not running on the system? For example, you need to frequently open your address book. But you do not need to open Thunderbird. Or your present device has limited resource. And is not able to open both Thunderbird & the address book at the same time. How do you open only the Address Book? To resolve this challenge, depending on your operating system, choose the following two options, either Linux or Windows.



1. Using any free Debian application to your liking to edit the GNOME menu. Such as, but not limited to MenuLibre. Add a new launcher:

  • Name: Address Book Thunderbird
  • Command: thunderbird -addressbook

2. Using GNOME, search for Address Book Thunderbird launcher. Open it.

3. Only the Thunderbird Address Book will open. Done. You have successfully created a launcher to open only the Address Book of Thunderbird. Enjoy :)


Versions 7 or 8

  1. Using Windows, navigate to the Mozilla Thunderbird folder on your computer. The default installation folder under Windows is C:\Program Files\Mozilla Thunderbird\
  2. Right-click the thunderbird.exe file. Select Create Shortcut option. Save it in that directory. Or alternatively, save it on the desktop if restrictions prevent the saving to the same directory.
  3. Right-click the shortcut afterwards and select Properties from the context menu. Locate the Target path in the Shortcut tab and add -addressbook at the end of it. The end result needs to read "C:\Program Files\Mozilla Thunderbird\thunderbird.exe" -addressbook. Double check that you leave a blank space between the closing quote " and the -addressbook prefix.
  4. Click on Apply button. Click on OK button.
  5. Double-click the shortcut you created above. If things went right, you should now see the address book open up immediately. Done. You have successfully created a shortcut to open only the Address Book of Thunderbird.

Creating Contacts

Contacts can be added in several ways: from directly within the address book, from message headers or from the body of any message

Adding contacts from within the Address Book
  • Click FileNewAddress Book Card
  • Click Ctrl+N
  • Click New Card on the toolbar
Adding contacts from message headers or text
  • If the desired contact address is located in a message header, click the contact and select Add to Address Book
  • If the desired contact address is located within message text, right-click the contact and select Add to Address Book

Parts of the Contact Record

Contact Tab


Of note in this tab is the information in the Internet section:

  • Email: Primary email address for the contact
  • Additional Email: Secondary email for the contact
  • Prefers to receive messages formatted as: When writing a new message to this contact, the message will be created in the preferred format
  • Screen Name: AOL Instant Messenger screen name (has the IM functionality been fully implemented yet?)

Address Tab


Other Tab


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