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Thunderbird Nightly Build Threads

The nightly build threads over at the mozillaZine Thunderbird Builds forum is a valuable resource for people who follow the cutting edge development, both as a channel of getting people involved and to make catch recent regressions. The build thread generally list the checkins for the last day (or week) and provide a central place for discussion about them.

Since making the list of recent changes is a lot of work for one person, a team of a few people that want to keep the threads rolling is formed. If you are interested in helping out for some time period, feel free to sign up your name in the schedule below.


  • 2006-12-04 -> 2006-12-10: you?
  • 2006-11-28 -> 2006-12-03: you2?


So, you are interested? Wondering how to do it? Here is how:

  1. For trunk builds, do a bonsai query to see the checkins to HEAD for the last day
  2. Open the bug links, and check bugzilla to see if the bug is marked as FIXED, if it is, do a buglink using the buglink bookmarklet and paste it to the list.
  3. For branch builds, do something like this query, then open the bug and see if it is actually fixed. There would be a comment about it and it should have the fixed1.8.1.1 keyword.


  • Bookmarklet to make bug links suitable for pasting into the forums:
javascript:(function() { var title = document.title; function htmlEscape(s){return s;}; var OS=document.getElementById(%22op_sys%22).value.substring(0,3) ;var PR=document.getElementById(%22product%22).value ;var comp=document.getElementById(%22component%22).value;if(comp==%22XForms%22||comp==%22SVG%22||comp==%22Editor%22) PR=PR+%22:%22+comp;;document.write(%22<form name=f><textarea name=ta cols=120 rows=5></textarea></form>%22); document.close(); document.f.ta.value = %22[url=%22 + location.href + %22]#%22 + /\d+/(title)[0] + %22 [/url][%22 + PR +%22]-%22+htmlEscape(/–.*/(title)[0].slice(2)) +%22 [%22+OS +%22]%22+ %22%22;; })()