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Contributor Map dashboard feedback based on prototype from 24-Feb-2001.

The stuff below are bits and pieces that we noticed, but are very much just things we're interested in hanging onto for later, and are definitely lower priority than the stuff mentioned on the mailing list.

Lower Priority

  • It'd be very helpful to have a cut-off filter to ignore contributions that are too old. For example, I don't necessarily care about the significant number of people who haven't contributed to comm-central for longer than a year, but I want to look at the ones who haven't contributed for say around a couple of months to a year, so that we can do any follow-ups necessary.
  • need a view with dot-sizes normalized to self, rather than compared to others (since that forms part of the decision for sending mail)
  • backouts a distraction; could we get rid of them?
  • merges actually are meaningless; suggest we get rid of these
  • make days since last contribution not be red
  • It is hard to address on the bar graphs the level of checkins for a particular component over time.
  • Some email addresses are wrong, e.g. I've only ever submitted one patch as (the majority use bugzilla@...)
  • Do we really want to display email addresses and not names? Yes they are available in comm-central, but it seem impersonal.
  • Might be interesting to analyse by size of patches contributed, not just number of patches.