Thunderbird:Participation:Surveys:2010 Q3

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  • get a sense of currently engaged contributors and their needs


  • using SurveyGizmo
  • no personally identifying info will be collected
  • report, analysis, and conclusions will be blogged after survey completed
  • report will include a table of all responses



  • self-selected group of readers of:
    • tb-planning (dmose)
    • dev-apps-thunderbird (dmose)
    • tb-enterprise (dmose)
    • blogs
      • dmose
      • spreadthunderbird (rebron)
    • dev-l10n (dmose)
    • getsatisfaction & sumomo related lists, mz contribs (roland)
    • qa-testing (ludo)
    • (ludo)

Draft Questions

  • How enjoyable do you find contributing to Thunderbird?
    • very enjoyable
    • enjoyable
    • neutral
    • unenjoyable
    • very unenjoyable
    • not applicable
  • What areas are you most involved in?
    • coding & review
    • testing or QA
    • support
    • development
    • design
    • marketing
    • documentation
    • localization
    • other [text field]
  • Are your contributions to Thunderbird part of how you earn your living?
    • Yes
    • No
    • Additional Comments [text field]
  • What are the one or two things you find most unpleasant or frustrating about contributing to Thunderbird (multiple answers allowed)?
    • disagree with the project direction or decisions
    • getting code into the tree is too difficult
    • work venues (Bugzilla, GetSatisfaction, mailing lists, etc.) too hostile
    • too hard to effect change in the product or community
    • too hard to figure out how to effect change in the product or community
    • other: [text field]
  • What are the one or two things you find most enjoyable or rewarding about contributing to Thunderbird (multiple answers allowed)?
    • helping further the Mozilla Mission
    • having my efforts help millions of people
    • being part of the Thunderbird team
    • being able to solve problems that effect me or my organization personally
    • other: [text field]
  • How long have you been contributing to thunderbird?
    • I haven't, yet
    • < 1 month
    • 2-6 months
    • 7-12 months
    • 1-3 years
    • > 3 years
  • How often do you typically spend time contributing to Thunderbird?
    • most days
    • a few times a week
    • a few times a month
    • a few times a quarter
    • a few times a year
    • occasionally
    • other [text field]

If you have any interest in discussing anything related to this confidentially and/or in more detail, please send email to Dan Mosedale <>. All replies will be answered.