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Test Day April 23, 2009

Test days are done to stress test specific features in a development version of Thunderbird, to identify its strengths and weaknesses. This test day we stress test new features prior to freezing the code which will later ship as Thunderbird 3 beta 3 (3.0b3).

We encourage you to participate, however be advised that we are testing with nightly builds. These have not yet gone through quality (QA) testing. Use at your own risk and protect your mail, data and profile with appropriate backups. On the positive side, several relatively stable version 3 early releases have been issued, and many people successfully use nightly builds on a daily basis without major problems or dataloss.

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Protect your data and consider using a test profile to avoid potential dataloss.

Focus and Testing

Gloda - Password fixes -

Using latest-trunk, test as follows and report all issues you find:

  • Gloda - please enable Thunderbird:Using_Gloda and install the Prototype Toolbar to
    • Search your emails
    • Create virtual folders and search them
    • to see the complete gloda in action you will need to install this extension (Note: Gloda UI is getting a big makeover - so please do not file bugs against UI behavior at this time. Bugs against search results are welcome)
  • Passwords :
    • make sure that if your password conatins special symbols (for example: ( [ @ # & ! / - ;) are in you still can access your accounts
    • have multiple accounts setup with no saved password - you should be able to enter your passwords one by one and know which account you are talking to.
  • Activity Manager improvement bug 476696bug 469051 bug 476696 Have a look at the list of events that should be visible in the activity manager Thunderbird/ActivityManagerEvents use thunderbird in conditions where those requirements are met and make sure that the activity manager displays them.
  • Better notification for errors bug 482489 : have multiple account that need to check mail on startup - do not save passwords. launch thunderbird and enter incorrect passwords - you should be aware of which account failed the auth phase.
  • Sending emails in the background Thunderbird/TestPlans/SendInBackground. To test it you need to set a config parameter (mailnews.sendInBackground set it to true) and restart thunderbird in order to test :
    • Sending from different identities within different accounts should happen without issue.
    • Shutdowns of Thunderbird should not cause data loss - messages should be completely sent unless the user cancels them, and copied to the sent mail folder.
    • If shutting down with pending messages, Thunderbird should notify the user.

How to provide feedback

Both negative and positive feedback will be helpful. Please be clear, complete and specific in your descriptions. Choices:

Help and Tips

Ask for help on IRC in #thunderbird if you need assistance. See the Testdays page for information about IRC and other test day information.

Other ways you can help

See Getting Involved and Thunderbird:Testing for other ways you can help with Thunderbird. See Thunderbird:Home for information about the future of Thunderbird.


Thank you helping today. We appreciate you taking the time to participate in the open source development process, and for helping to improve Thunderbird