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(This page contains information on preliminary budget and funding for planning purposes, which is now mostly obsolete).

Required budget

Hotel: 9 rooms for 4 nights @ $294 per night, $10,584

Travel airfare: $15,000 (a travel planner quoted $9,600 but that seems low)

Catering and meals: 20 people at $68 per day per person for 4 days: $5,440

Misc and reserves (10%): $3,102

Total budget: $34,126

Sources of Funding

In the planning documents that were prepared at the time of the transition of Thunderbird to a community driven project, the income of the project was devoted to engagement ("Thunderbird revenues are composed of revenues generated by product externalities and/or donations. Money generated by externalities are to be used solely for engagement purposes." from As far as we know, none of that income has been spent, and this is the first engagement event that has been planned. Our understanding is that Thunderbird generates about $5000 per quarter in income, which would result in accumulated revenues of around $40,000 for the period between the transition and the time of the summit. If this income can be located and confirmed, then this should be the first source of funds. In spite of numerous efforts to locate and quantify these funds, we have not been successful at confirming their location, existence, or amount.