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You changed the topic to "Welcome to the duplication/find duplicate workshop Etherpad to read/take notes is at Usul moderating".

[13:01] Usul: And It's officially 13:00 CET on my computer sor here we go on the first workshop from the Thunderbird QA team - how to find duplicates

[13:02] Usul: So I think I'll start by explaining one technique and then we can discuss the pros and cons of it and see where this leads us

[13:02] Usul: so the first and easy technique to use to find duplicates is to use the few meta bugs that we have

[13:03] Usul:

[13:03] Usul: and based on the bug that you are reading and it's subject you can go to the appropriate meta bug and see the list of already known bugs

[13:04] Usul: any of you guys using this technique to find duplicates ?

[13:05] Usul: Pros : it's kind of easy to use once you know how to get the meta bug list

[13:05] Usul: Cons: all bugs aren't marked dependent of a meta bug.

[13:14] Usul: anybody knows the url of the quicksearch help ?

[13:16] Archaeopteryx: Usul:

[13:17] Usul: tahnks

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[13:24] Usul: jcranmer: any comment on the above technique ?

[13:25] jcranmer: I've done it a bit with threading bugs

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[13:26] jcranmer: however, it's only useful if you have near-complete coverage in the metabug

[13:26] jcranmer: which generally isn't true

[13:26] Usul: that's a what my cons tries to say

[13:27] Usul: I'll asume that IRCMonkey26461 is Jan

[13:27] Usul: So the second technique is to quick search on bugzilla using the keywords used by the bug author

[13:29] Usul: if the bug list is too big , adding something like :thunderbird will restraint your search to the thunderbird product , this is particulalrly useful when the list returned by your quicksearch is really long

[13:29] Usul: one thing to remember here is that you might also want to look into MailNews Core and not just thunderbird

[13:30] Usul: if you don't find anything using the keyword that you've extracted from the authors bug, try permuting keywords.

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[13:31] Usul: Let explain this last part with an example, the bug reporter as used "Wait answer" in the bugs description and in the complete description

[13:31] Usul: hey tymerkaev  !

[13:31] Usul: but you ahven't been able to find anything similar using those keywords

[13:31] Usul: and easy permutation would be "wait reply"

[13:32] Usul: that's also a very easy technique to quickly find duplicates.

[13:32] tymerkaev: HEY

[13:32] tymerkaev:

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[13:33] Usul: It doesn't always work , because you need to use the good permutations - and sometimes bugzilla results are innacurate, or the bug to duplicate to uses a complete other sets of words to describe itself ...

[13:33] Usul: but none the less it's a good technique.

[13:33] Usul: Pro; easy to use and try

[13:33] Usul: cons : bug list can be very long, you might not use the proper permutations

[13:34] Usul: comments guys ?

[13:39] nONoNonO: that['s the method i use most of the time

[13:39] nONoNonO: i was busy, so i`ll have to checkup again onyour first method

[13:42] Usul: nONoNonO: ther's kind of a copy at

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[13:46] wsmwk: yo

[13:47] Usul: so the third technique I use is advanced search where I really refine what I'm looking for ( and I search on things like cc list etc). This is very useful , when the previous techniques have failed but you remember seeing the bug and you remember a bit of a bug, and just a bit - so you can focus on the very small part of the bug that you remember.

[13:47] Usul: Hey wsmwk

[13:47] wsmwk: hello henx_

[13:47] Usul: unfortunately no real new comers right now

[13:48] Usul: I usualy use this technique when I remember that The bug I'm looking for was filed by xx or that zzz was on the cc list

[13:49] Usul: Pros : you find things when the previous methods have failed

[13:49] Usul: Cons ; you need to have seen the previous bug

[13:51] jcranmer: spam time

[13:56] nONoNonO: correction: advanced search is method i use most of the time... most of the time i skip quick search altogether

[13:57] nONoNonO: advanced search has advantage you can specify product thunderbird or (mailnews)core...

[13:57] Usul: you can do it with quick serach to

[13:58] wsmwk: jcranmer: that's a ton of closeme today

[13:58] nONoNonO: ah, ok

[13:59] Usul: :thunderbird + searchterm

[13:59] Usul: will do that

[13:59] Usul: make searching fater - as you netr less stuff

[14:01] Usul: last technique I know invloeds using quickfilter in TB itself.

[14:01] Usul: Any other techniques that you guys are using ?

[14:02] jcranmer: bah

[14:03] nONoNonO: got to go to the next meeting

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[14:04] jcranmer: bfast time

[14:05] wsmwk: my default advanced search when I bring it up in browser as prepopulates some settings 1) Thunderbird and mailnews products are already selected 2) i have bool tables populated

[14:06] wsmwk: so I can fill in a couple blanks and the search is ready to go

[14:07] jcranmer is now known as jcranmer|away.

[14:07] wsmwk: this makes advanced search much more pleasant to use, and faster than the default advanced which has nothing preselected or prepopulated

[14:10] wsmwk: I change the default settings by using "remember these as my default search options "

[14:12] Usul: wsmwk: nice trick

[14:12] Usul: very good for heavy users

[14:12] Usul: need to figure out if it's releveant for the occasionnal one ( the one that doesn't understand buzilla completely) , thoughts ?

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[14:14] wsmwk: my thinking is, it's helpful for anyone who does search >1 times, and pretty much lives in one product set.

[14:14] wsmwk: but it's tricky to set up

[14:15] Usul: but probably worth having some doc about

[14:16] wsmwk: sort of, because when you set it up you don't want to really run this query and have it return 10,000 bugs

[14:16] wsmwk:

[14:16] wsmwk: yes

[14:17] Usul: so workshop session 1 is over

[14:17] Usul: I'll add all those bits on etherpad