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  • Host awesome addons that enrich the web.
  • Provide a testing ground for new but untested addons where experienced users can play with them.
  • Provide a solid platform for distributing and rating approved/tested addons.

Developer Responsibilities

  • Work freely to develop XUL extensions to enrich the web experience.
  • List these on addons.mozilla.org or other sites to foster innovation on the web.
  • Do no evil. This means not taking advantage of alphabetical listings, categories, or other addons.mozilla.org SNAFUs. We (the community) trust you initially, but if you cross that line, you will be beaten severely.
  • Answer user questions.
  • Provide useful updates.
  • If developers do not provide support for an extended period of time, they will forfeit their listing on addons.mozilla.org. In addition, their extension will become defunct and blacklisted for future client versions.
  • Be willing to accept open criticism and/or flames if their extension deserves it.

Reviewer Responsibilities

  • Treat members of the Mozilla community fairly and respectfully.
  • Give developers the benefit of the doubt, and discuss problems with them when necessary.
  • Exercise swift judgement when developers or other users abuse this system.
  • Test and review new addons to ensure they:
    • Are not evil -- extensions should be made in the best interest of web users, and for no other reason.
    • Are not pointless -- each addon should have a clear purpose that would enrich the browsing experience. If they do not, they do not belong on addons.mozilla.org.
    • Are not stupidly offensive -- if they would make Comedy Central or Adult Swim think twice, they are probably inappropriate.
    • Work properly.
    • Do not cause memory problems or crashes.
    • Integrate properly with the user interface.
    • Do not unnecessarily include remote content that can be changed and/or executed at author's discretion (look for eval() calls).
    • Do not unnecessarily spam or DoS external web services with XmlHttpRequest() calls.
  • Review flagged comments to ensure they:
    • Help readers understand the extension and how it performs.
    • Make valid points about the extension...
      • For example, "This rocks!" or "This is shitty and I hate it!" are not very helpful comments unless they explain why in a thoughtful fashion.
    • Use discretion at times and opt to leave negative comments out there even if the developer doesn't like them. On eBay, if someone was given the opportunity to flag negative comments, they would flag all of them. Same thing goes here. So don't just delete comments because the developer complains.

Administrator Responsibilities

  • Grant or revoke editor or user access.
  • Answer questions from the community.
  • Help enforce and further define this policy when necessary.
  • Provide a proper venue for discussions about addons.mozilla.org.
  • Manage application versions.
  • Organize reviewer efforts and update documentation when needed.
  • Perform organized audits of older extensions when necessary.
  • Field feature requests and/or concerns from community and form a list of prioritized requirements for addons.mozilla.org web developers.


  • Mozilla is not the author of these extensions or services, and is not responsible for any problems hosted extensions may cause for end-users, other web services, or other organizations.
  • It is the goal of Mozilla to ensure a high level of quality for submitted extensions in terms of functionality and security, but ultimately the responsibility for all things tied to an extension lies on the initial developer(s).

Privacy Policy

  • addons.mozilla.org does not share or provide user information to any third party, with the exception of information already listed on the website. Confidential information includes:
    • User email, if user chooses to keep it private.
    • User password.

Retroactive Audits

  • addons.mozilla.org admins and reviewers reserve the right to go back and retro-actively enforce new policies on older submissions.
  • Furthermore, as the web changes or as new and amazing ways of circumventing existing policies present themselves, this policy is subject to change in the interest of the users it serves.