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What follows is a conceptual mockup of what a user browsing through our categories of add-ons would see as the listing for a specific category or sub-category of add-on. The purpose of the mockup is primarily to demonstrate layout -- colors, branding, and icons are just placeholders.

Unlike in search results, there is no inherent order to the add-ons, which means that we can choose one and let users modify it as they please (i.e. alphabetical, by popularity, ratings, revision date, etc.). A layer that I've imposed on top of this is our hierarchy of "endorsement" -- i.e. Recommended > Everything Else Public > Sandbox. I've put the recommended ones first (again, this is within a category rather than just seeing all recommended add-ons across all categories), given them more space, and given them install buttons right on the page.

After the recommended ones, all the others are shown in some TBD order. I've made these "tiles" smaller to (a) get more of them on screen and (b) make the whole thing (relying, of course, on the thumbnails) more visual and like browsing for a product.

If the user has opted to see "Experimental" (sandboxed) add-ons, they will appear as the small tiles and demarked appropriately. By default, they will not be shown unless the user is logged in to AMO, in which case the default is to show them.

The tiles will continue on past the fold. For further discussion -- do they go on until they're done or do we paginate?

[ There are notes about this mockup on the far right side >> ]

Category listing 2007-06-25.png