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Search results will be one of the most frequently hit pages of the AMO site. What follows is a conceptual mockup of a revised search results layout. The purpose of the mockup is primarily to demonstrate layout -- colors, branding, and icons are just placeholders.

There's an implicit suggestion in this mockup about how the search algorithm should work: a "Recommended" add-on is shown here in third place rather than at first (as in the category listing mockup). This is simply because, in this case, its status as recommended was secondary to other matching critera -- presumably those in spots 1 and 2 were better matches for the search terms.

An "Experimental" add-on (one that is in the sandbox) is shown as the fourth search hit. It is marked as experimental, and it is also not possible to install it without logging into AMO.

Other note about the mockup are in a side-bar on the far right.

[ There are notes about this mockup on the far right side >> ]

Search results 2007-06-25.png

If we really want to make the path to getting, testing, and reviewing sandbox items as inviting as possible, would could have the required log-in happen in place -- the fields could appear when you click on "Log in."

Search results login 2007-06-25.png