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Mail sent to Lorenzo Alberton (l dot alberton at quipo dot it) via PEAR form on Aug 14, asking for a lead on someone who could look at our approach and give feedback.

Update: he's happy to take our questions, though he's away from 19 Aug to 27 Aug.

Update part 2: Mail sent Aug 18th. I'll post the results. --clouserw

Update part 3: After the first email (Aug 14, by Mike Shaver) I haven't received any follow-up mail (the one you sent on Aug 18th never reached my inbox), I just wanted to tell that I'm still available and happy to answer your questions. --Lorenzo Alberton

Update part 4 (way after the fact): It took a while to connect, but we finally exchanged several useful emails. Details of final l10n implementation are available but we didn't end up using Translation2. Thanks for answering our questions though Lorenzo. :) --clouserw