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Aug 1, 2008: comments from beltzner

(madhava's replies interleaved)

  • overall looks great, large improvement
  • none of these comments should block immediate progress
  • [Home Page]: do we really need the "what's an Add-on anyway" section?
    • [madhava] this was a suggestion of pkim and jslater's; perhaps they can weigh in on the rationale? I think the thought was to have a fairly quick visual depiction of what we mean by add-ons.
  • [Home Page]: when logged in, maybe users could see things like # of new comments on their extensions, or a list of new extensions since the last time they logged in, or other personally-relevant information? depends, I guess, on who it is we're expecting to build profiles/accounts on AMO
    • [madhava] makes sense to have a personalized view for developers -- we could put some of it in the sidebar on the right. Or front and centre, actually, in place of the "What's an add-on anyway" block.
  • [Home Page]: what's the purpose of the AMO blog, and should it instead be positioned as "What's new with AMO"? Is it developers only? Should there be an AMO Developers section of the site that features the blog, news for developers, etc? (This seems like a larger question that should be figured out, perhaps in parallel to the redesign.)
  • [Categories]: Should be sorted by expected interest, not alphabetically; I don't think people will think of these category names on their own, so an alphabetical listing won't necessarily help them find the section they're looking for.
    • [madhava] is order of expected interest a dynamic thing per user? or do you just mean that we sit down once and figure out an order of priority
  • [Categories]: I like the new categorization scheme, but it seems like a *lot*. I can't think of how to reduce the number of sections, though. This is a pretty useless comment, but something's not right here. I like the way they're displayed, I like the semantic grouping, but it feels like there should be a more task-based way of organizing these. :(
  • [Browse]: instead of placing the category names in a second-level nav bar (making three!) perhaps have it as a DHTML drop-down from the "Features" section?
    • [madhava] I can't defend the three layers of nav very well, so I concede the point :)
  • [Browse overflow]: the tiled version is definitely better, bonus points for adding iTMS-like < > scrollers on either side
  • [Search results]: we need to be able to get more results on a page; this could be an artifact of the mockup, but I believe we can trade off detail for information density here, as there's often more than 20 results for a given search.
    • [madhava] we can try paring it down content-wise, but I think we'll get quite a bit of space back as we go from cartoony mockup to tightened real thing.

comments from morgamic

  • I don't think the usage of Appearance (Themes), Features (Extensions) and Readers & Viewers (Plug-ins) is going to help as much as we think. Users will already be familiar with naming conventions in the client, so we should try to align with those. Won't the arbitrary renaming confuse people?
    • New terms are possible for Fx3, we will stick to current naming right now.