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Examples of some user-facing features that often need exploratory testing, bug confirmation, or user support. (draft to explore ways to make this useful - add pointers to bugzilla for filing new bugs, etc)


Unconfirmed, need confirmation

Full Query
ID Summary Component Resolution
1874792 If "Desktop site" has been selected in new tab (it hasn't open any website), bookmark, etc. open in this tab should also using desktop site. Bookmarks
1892642 Keyboard flashes when tapping a text field in app. Website text fields work fine, but when editing bookmarks or passwords, the keyboard rapidly appears and disappears before I can type anything, and sometimes just forces me back to my homepage (rarely). Bookmarks
1899026 list bookmarks for new tab Bookmarks
1902129 tree view of bookmarks Bookmarks
1902135 Bookmarks: Allow other sync services beyond the Mozilla account Bookmarks
1902976 Cannot re-add bookmark to Firefox Home after removing it Bookmarks
1905476 in modify bookmark folder the list of folders is always expanded Bookmarks

7 Total; 7 Open (100%); 0 Resolved (0%); 0 Verified (0%);

Fixed bugs that need verifying for 31 and 32

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0 Total; 0 Open (0%); 0 Resolved (0%); 0 Verified (0%);


Full Query
ID Summary Component Status Resolution
11366 [FEATURE] Print Address Book Card Printing VERIFIED FIXED
12505 Printing mail only prints message body, not the headers Printing VERIFIED FIXED
14985 Show username on printed messages Printing RESOLVED WONTFIX
15522 Print alignment:The first line of text does not print Printing VERIFIED FIXED
15524 Paragraph with mix of HTML and plain text does not print Printing VERIFIED WORKSFORME
17002 Ability to print multiple messages Printing VERIFIED FIXED
18132 Linux only: bolded text are printed non-bolded Printing VERIFIED FIXED
20067 [DOGFOOD] Crash printing the dogfoodsnack returned e-mail Printing VERIFIED DUPLICATE
20475 Printing mail messages does not work Printing VERIFIED DUPLICATE
20531 [CRASH] while printing dogfood email Printing VERIFIED DUPLICATE
21357 [regression]Printed mail has a bold "W" at the bottom Printing VERIFIED DUPLICATE
21563 Display and printing email includes two spurious trailing characters Printing VERIFIED DUPLICATE
31544 Printing multiple pages drops line on page break - Text Cut Off Printing VERIFIED FIXED
33757 Regression: Printing mail doesn't work Printing VERIFIED DUPLICATE
37430 Printing mail/Abook card after closing preview window causes crash Printing VERIFIED DUPLICATE
42386 Printing should be enabled from compose message window. Printing VERIFIED DUPLICATE
48897 Printing mail message crashed mozilla Printing VERIFIED DUPLICATE
49280 "Printing..." icon in taskbar remains after canceling print dialog Printing VERIFIED FIXED
50309 crash printing an email or webpages (jsnum.c, line 519) [@ MSVCRT ] Printing VERIFIED WORKSFORME
54021 Crash on printing a message on Macintosh Printing VERIFIED FIXED
54527 Fail to print address book cards in "Collected Address Book" (probably cards from anything other than the PAB) Printing VERIFIED FIXED
54749 Mail Printing failed in Netscape 6.0. Printing VERIFIED FIXED
55708 can't print single pages Printing VERIFIED DUPLICATE
57986 2nd print dialog on OK, Cancel when printing from the menu on the icon Printing VERIFIED DUPLICATE
66806 Print selection is always disabled for MailNews messages (only composition has correct behaviour) Printing REOPENED
69962 print email with way to small fonts Printing VERIFIED INVALID
74187 incorrect fonts for printing message body Printing VERIFIED DUPLICATE
76510 printing to A4 doesn't work Printing VERIFIED DUPLICATE
77907 Printing reply results in blank page Printing VERIFIED DUPLICATE
78299 mail prints blank, only header and footer shows Printing VERIFIED DUPLICATE
78912 nsMsgPrintEngine::SetStatusMessage() is leaking a string. Printing VERIFIED FIXED
80129 Crash from typing Control-P twice in mail composer Printing VERIFIED FIXED
80886 Invalid text in header when prinitng Printing VERIFIED DUPLICATE
81556 Printing messages doesnt work Printing VERIFIED WORKSFORME
81750 Mail Hardcopy print font is *very* small Printing RESOLVED DUPLICATE
82342 double heading when printing Printing VERIFIED DUPLICATE
85528 Printing format=flowed messages should use full width of a page. Printing VERIFIED WORKSFORME
86033 printing font for message header too large Printing VERIFIED DUPLICATE
87474 Only first print job is prompted for print or cancel Printing NEW
89411 only 1st and last page of an email are printed Printing VERIFIED DUPLICATE
90122 Printed message should always show the detail date/time in the "Date" header field. Printing VERIFIED WORKSFORME
92344 crash when selecting print without lp configured - Trunk & N610 crash [@ - nsPostScriptObj::begin_document] Printing VERIFIED WORKSFORME
100265 Need option to print/view mail message text with/without inserted attachments Printing VERIFIED DUPLICATE
100884 Can't Print EMail Printing VERIFIED WORKSFORME
101026 Netscape icon appears on the RHS while printing messages Printing VERIFIED WORKSFORME
101521 unable to print emails Printing VERIFIED INVALID
102910 General failure of all msg printing! Printing CLOSED DUPLICATE
104393 When clicking 'print' before the mail message in the 'Printing' window has appeared, an empty page is printed Printing RESOLVED WORKSFORME
105069 never show the "Printing..." dialog that comes up when printing a mailnews message Printing NEW
108197 No print dialog appears when asking to print news articles with graphic attachment Printing RESOLVED WORKSFORME
108371 "print" also prints email headers Printing VERIFIED DUPLICATE
110944 printout of message doesn't show attchments Printing VERIFIED DUPLICATE
111575 printing text messages uses Times-Roman font that screws up alignment Printing VERIFIED DUPLICATE
114422 Print dialogue appears in lower-right of screen (OK / CANCEL are cut off) Printing VERIFIED DUPLICATE
115676 message headers incorrectly formatted for printing Printing RESOLVED DUPLICATE
115772 odd boxes drawn around message headers for printing Printing VERIFIED FIXED
118334 Print Properties dialog not modal to Print dialog Printing RESOLVED WORKSFORME
118766 Messages printed from print preview contain full path URL to mailbox in header (privacy/security concern, ux-error-prevention) Printing RESOLVED WORKSFORME
119378 Hitting cancel button in print dialog from Messenger results in crash Printing VERIFIED DUPLICATE
119430 crash when canceling a print in mail Printing VERIFIED DUPLICATE
119611 SEGFAULT: Print Preview hitting Cancel Button Printing VERIFIED DUPLICATE
120121 Cancel or close email print window leads to a crash Printing VERIFIED WORKSFORME
120646 Printing mail (perhaps others) doesn't list any printers in its (non-native) dialogue under NT4 Printing VERIFIED FIXED
123554 [FIX]Print dialog does not pick up settings for printer from OS Printing VERIFIED FIXED
126169 When trying to print more than two emails only first two print Printing VERIFIED WORKSFORME
126398 Printed PS doesn't match Print preview (grey background) in headers) Printing RESOLVED WORKSFORME
126427 [WFM]Cancelling out of Print Dialog asserts and then crashes Printing VERIFIED FIXED
126734 [FIX]PrintSettings are not properly cached (mail, addbk) Printing VERIFIED FIXED
127223 Changes made to paper type not being implemented Printing VERIFIED DUPLICATE
127407 Printing addressbook is only text Printing RESOLVED DUPLICATE
128209 Printing is broken it always comes out in a Serif Times style font Printing VERIFIED FIXED
130302 paper letter US in mail composer address book Printing RESOLVED WORKSFORME
130819 email printing subject is always a serif font Printing RESOLVED WONTFIX
130942 Print parameter dialog too low in right bottom corner (again) Printing CLOSED INVALID
131088 [ps] japanese printing ignores defined sans serif font and prints in serif latin Printing RESOLVED EXPIRED
131436 [RFE] Print mail folder content (headers) Printing NEW
132562 IMAP multiple accounts: print header displays wrong account Printing RESOLVED INVALID
132732 Printing any mail does not work anymore Printing VERIFIED FIXED
135770 Printing Stops Working Printing RESOLVED WORKSFORME
136320 Mail will not print in a fixed-width font Printing VERIFIED WORKSFORME
136321 Printing Mail from Compose window does not wrap correctly Printing VERIFIED WORKSFORME
137633 print selection should work in mail and news Printing RESOLVED DUPLICATE
141076 File attachment information does not print Printing VERIFIED DUPLICATE
141584 When printing a box is printed around replied mail message if replied while in html format Printing RESOLVED INCOMPLETE
142159 Mail window moves to background after printing a mail msg Printing RESOLVED WORKSFORME
143924 change request/new feature: saving printer command Printing RESOLVED DUPLICATE
144989 Printing not working in my build in Mail Printing VERIFIED WORKSFORME
145114 Failure to print email Printing VERIFIED DUPLICATE
145334 Mail will not print Printing VERIFIED INVALID
145349 messages cannot be printed Printing RESOLVED DUPLICATE
146780 Crash-cancel Print dialog when printing News msg with attached files if cache set to nothing Printing RESOLVED DUPLICATE
147653 "Page setup..." menu option for printing does not fire in MailNews Printing VERIFIED FIXED
149366 After printing an email, program focus switches to Browser Printing VERIFIED DUPLICATE
149628 mails with attachments are printed twice + shrinked Printing RESOLVED FIXED
151669 No File->Page Setup menu item (thus no way to change print orientation) Printing VERIFIED DUPLICATE
151902 Can't print mail messages Printing VERIFIED WORKSFORME
152712 LDAP AB: unable to print a list of matches from the LDAP directory Printing RESOLVED WORKSFORME
154650 cannot print from email client in Moz release 1.1A Printing RESOLVED WORKSFORME
154744 Crash printing mail message with Web page attached: Printing VERIFIED DUPLICATE
154745 Crash printing mail message with Web page attached: Printing VERIFIED DUPLICATE
155430 Cannot print mail with attachments Printing VERIFIED FIXED
155589 Windows Print Quality Setting Not Honored Printing RESOLVED WORKSFORME
156385 Maximum Font size set to 12 prevents printing 2nd time in some cases Printing RESOLVED WORKSFORME
156550 Mail does not print if message includes graphics Printing RESOLVED WORKSFORME
157508 [FIX]Window not closed when user cancels PrintDialog Printing RESOLVED WORKSFORME
157979 Need seperate header for printing Printing RESOLVED FIXED
158110 [FIX]Impl PrintPreview for Mail and Addrbook Printing VERIFIED FIXED
159415 Print is blue at all times on Canon S900 Printer Printing RESOLVED DUPLICATE
159995 Crash in [@ nsDocLoaderImpl::doStopDocumentLoad] cancelling print of news message with attachment. Printing VERIFIED FIXED
160525 Need Attachement-Information printed in EMails Printing RESOLVED DUPLICATE
161864 no attachment summary on printout Printing VERIFIED DUPLICATE
162676 Font resized when printing mail Printing RESOLVED WORKSFORME
165493 Trying to print while (network)printer not available removes Mozilla from RAM Printing RESOLVED WORKSFORME
166377 Print dialog should be modal Printing VERIFIED DUPLICATE
167953 The list of attachments are not printed with the message. Printing RESOLVED DUPLICATE
168540 Attachments list Printing RESOLVED DUPLICATE
169180 Only time displayed on date field when printing mail messages received that day. Printing VERIFIED WORKSFORME
170889 Print scaling seems to be set to 10% instead of 100% Printing RESOLVED WORKSFORME
172927 printed email with Normal message headers is printed with Full to address headers Printing RESOLVED DUPLICATE
173077 print preview of nothing tried to create a window Printing VERIFIED WORKSFORME
173143 Attempting to print a email message results in a crash [@OnStateChange__23nsPrintingPromptService] Printing RESOLVED DUPLICATE
173519 mozilla crashes each time attempting to print a mail message [@ nsPrintingPromptService::OnProgressChange] Printing VERIFIED FIXED
174277 Mail/news:Page Setup.... doesn't work Printing CLOSED DUPLICATE
174570 Mozilla crashes if one attempts to print an e-mail [@ nsLargeHeapChunk::UpdateLargestFreeBlock] Printing RESOLVED WORKSFORME
175319 Print Preview is not available from the Print Icon on the Tool Bar in Mail/News Printing RESOLVED WORKSFORME
178927 Printing message in Sent folder fails Printing RESOLVED WORKSFORME
179161 Even if images are disabled under privacy & security, they are still displayed in print preview and when printing Printing RESOLVED DUPLICATE
181527 Printing always prints full header (after View|Headers|All) Printing RESOLVED WORKSFORME
181552 Mac OS X only, Print Preview shows a blank window from MailNews Printing RESOLVED WORKSFORME
182296 Record of attachments isn't printed. Printing RESOLVED DUPLICATE
183477 Emoticon size not correct when printed Printing RESOLVED WORKSFORME
184832 Printing normal headers while showing full headers Printing RESOLVED DUPLICATE
186081 Printing doesn't work after Print Previewing a mail-linux only. Printing RESOLVED FIXED
186254 Page setup / print setup not saved Printing RESOLVED DUPLICATE
186333 hang on printing a message Printing RESOLVED WORKSFORME
187127 Mozilla quits if printing message is impossible because printer is not selected in Chooser Printing RESOLVED WONTFIX
188197 printing multiple emails at once fails to close print dialog Printing RESOLVED EXPIRED
189617 clicking print button/pull-down freezes program; uninstall works incompletely Printing RESOLVED EXPIRED
189887 No way of limiting headers printed Printing RESOLVED DUPLICATE
191609 fragile profile - click "add address to adder-book" or prefs=>mail->composition mozilla freezes Printing RESOLVED DUPLICATE
192101 Print selection disallowed in Print Options Printing RESOLVED DUPLICATE
192405 unable to print emails..after I click on print it just stalls and I have to alt.ctr.delete to reset - also unable to access adress book Printing VERIFIED DUPLICATE
192496 when printing multiple mails, some print settings apply only to the first one Printing NEW
193239 click print icon pops up print option window, should just print Printing NEW
193336 need printing list of attachments Printing RESOLVED DUPLICATE
194732 No access to the Page Setup command Printing RESOLVED DUPLICATE
196196 print preview has black-on-black scroll bars Printing RESOLVED DUPLICATE
198134 News message with gif/jpg attached do not print the attachment Printing RESOLVED DUPLICATE
198300 Suggestion - Printing attachments Printing RESOLVED DUPLICATE
199884 Printing previously-saved mail message makes Mozilla freeze. Printing RESOLVED WONTFIX
200246 Print whole Thread Printing UNCONFIRMED
200308 Page Setup and Print Preview do nothing in MailNews Printing VERIFIED INVALID
200326 Page Setup does nothing in MailNews Printing VERIFIED WORKSFORME
200327 Print Preview spawns blank window in MailNews Printing VERIFIED DUPLICATE
202240 missing header if I print an e-mail Printing VERIFIED DUPLICATE
202330 Hitting 'Cancel' before printing mail message causes Print Status window to flash on screen Printing RESOLVED WORKSFORME
202786 mozilla stays open in task manager after doing a print preview on mail start page Printing VERIFIED DUPLICATE
203064 printing should show attachments Printing RESOLVED DUPLICATE
203275 Printing multiplw selected messages: Printer props only applies to the first Printing RESOLVED DUPLICATE
207397 Unable to print selection Printing RESOLVED DUPLICATE
208788 Print and print preview loses character coding set manually Printing RESOLVED DUPLICATE
208889 un-wanted page-break in print & print-preview Printing VERIFIED WORKSFORME
209492 All email prints in very large fonts Printing RESOLVED WORKSFORME
210126 Changed printer property (pages per sheet) not used on all pages when printing multiple messages Printing RESOLVED DUPLICATE
213082 Some parts of Mozilla are frozen as long as Print dialogue is open Printing RESOLVED WORKSFORME
213239 Certain email text [e.g. W:\sales\marketing] if authored in Mozilla 1.4 and sent to Moz. 1.3.1 will be underlined Printing RESOLVED INVALID
214946 Printing Mail: Some lines of the mail-text are not printed, if SCALE is altered in Print Preview Printing RESOLVED EXPIRED
215821 No possibility to print out the information about mail-attachments Printing RESOLVED DUPLICATE
216688 Printer Page Setup settings do not persist between sessions. Printing RESOLVED EXPIRED
216893 Page Setup->Scale Information is not saved Printing RESOLVED WORKSFORME
217507 [RFE] Mozilla should support a raw print device in email for text/* mimetypes Printing RESOLVED EXPIRED
217534 Print dialog repeatedly steals focus when printing many mail messages Printing RESOLVED EXPIRED
218809 huge font size when printing mail Printing RESOLVED DUPLICATE
220330 print button on toolbar gone Printing RESOLVED WORKSFORME
220989 printing a message with attachment should optionally print attachment information Printing VERIFIED DUPLICATE
224210 Jpeg images duplicated and squeezed when printing on more than one page Printing RESOLVED DUPLICATE
230317 Using a large font size when printing mail messages Printing RESOLVED DUPLICATE
230593 when printing mails and postings, some pages get a different background color inherited by css definition of links Printing RESOLVED INCOMPLETE
231351 crash in msgbase.dll when print previewing an email or news message Printing RESOLVED WORKSFORME
231438 I wish to be able to print out the email listing in the inbox. Printing RESOLVED DUPLICATE
232098 Print Preview doesn't use the character coding set in View/Character Coding Printing RESOLVED DUPLICATE
232589 Print preview window should be same geometry as originating window, or maximized Printing NEW
234549 Print settings only applied to first message when printing multiple email messages simultaneously. Printing RESOLVED DUPLICATE
236337 ability to select headers to be printed while printing a mail Printing RESOLVED DUPLICATE
236904 Opening msgPrintEngine.xul as chrome URI in browser crashes Mozilla Printing VERIFIED FIXED
244904 Print preview does not remeber printing document settings Printing RESOLVED DUPLICATE
245787 When printing mails with multipart content (MIME) frames added to the end though parts printed Printing NEW
249569 in mozilla's mail client, when you highlight two or more messages, then hit CTRL-P to print, and then click on cancel, the first message is canceled, but the rest still go ahead and print anyway. Printing VERIFIED DUPLICATE
249893 German special characters print as weird glyphs (eg. ö becomes u-ring) Printing RESOLVED WORKSFORME
250026 Print failure: Print an email hangs with message "preparing..." Printing RESOLVED WORKSFORME
251545 Printing of Mail Messages to allow Text Printing RESOLVED EXPIRED
255173 please add support to print list of messages (selectable headers in a table) Printing RESOLVED DUPLICATE
256000 print preview on not downloaded news message hangs forever Printing RESOLVED EXPIRED
256078 Unable to print mail body only. Printing RESOLVED EXPIRED
260630 Mozilla 1.7.2 Mail "To" Header will not print following upgrade from 1.6 Printing RESOLVED EXPIRED
262786 Cannot choose if mail headers are printed or not Printing RESOLVED DUPLICATE
266263 Print Preview crash in MailNews [@ ] Printing RESOLVED WORKSFORME
270985 Make printing layout in MailNews/Thunderbird more consistent. Printing RESOLVED EXPIRED
275312 Print engine allows JavaScript execution Printing VERIFIED FIXED
286627 printing mail does not print out the url Printing RESOLVED WONTFIX
288471 Improve format of printed messages Printing NEW
291133 printing multiple email messages to a ps file prints only the last one Printing NEW
297532 print blank mail when imap mail server is down Printing NEW
297702 Print compose window as formatted message - currently prints plain, unformatted text, no addresses or headers, no attachment informations, "about:blank" title Printing NEW
299455 Printing email message includes address headers Printing RESOLVED DUPLICATE
310264 unable to print forwarded mail (message/rfc822) Printing RESOLVED FIXED
328279 wrong font size when printing full page jpg. Printing RESOLVED INCOMPLETE
338491 Printing results in "Not available" error message. Printing RESOLVED FIXED
338586 Print/Print Preview of message/rfc822 attachment is bogus Printing RESOLVED DUPLICATE
413820 Print Message from MailNews will set Focus to MailNews-Main-Window, not to Printer-Dialog Printing RESOLVED WORKSFORME
423181 Need hook for manipulating a message before it is printed Printing NEW
427474 Email print out should show email account information Printing NEW
429943 Thunderbird will not use printer default; Firefox will use printer default Printing REOPENED
441957 [RFE] HTML header/footer printing on mail as a advanced option Printing NEW
443634 Too much page space used by printing attachment list and inline previews [meta] Printing NEW
444983 Enlarging Default Font size for *Display* should not enlarge printed font size {Options | Display | Formatting | Fonts & Colors | Default Font | Size} Printing NEW
450393 print preview window could have zoom button Printing UNCONFIRMED
464939 Only From and my name and the person's e-mail address print out. Nothing else Printing RESOLVED INCOMPLETE
476314 Cannot print emails since 2009011400 build Printing RESOLVED DUPLICATE
482312 mailnews/base cairo-qt build error (nsIWebBrowserPrint.h etc.) Printing RESOLVED DUPLICATE
497631 printing doesn't print all addresses when there are multiple to: or cc: fields Printing NEW
498436 Thunderbird ignores default system printer as well as attempt to change the printer Printing NEW
498574 Add a "Print" button in "Print Preview" window needed Printing RESOLVED WORKSFORME
501966 Always printing landscape and truncated Printing RESOLVED INCOMPLETE
506998 Thunderbird HTML email printing cutting off Printing RESOLVED INCOMPLETE
511373 Print: Page setup is ignored for non-default printers Printing RESOLVED WORKSFORME
517297 cant find printer in thunder bird only Printing RESOLVED INCOMPLETE
520060 File > Page Setup > "Shrink to fit page width" doesn't work / broken Printing NEW
521236 Cannot print emails with embedded images in signatures Printing RESOLVED INVALID
523680 Thunderbird 3.0pre cannot print email to a printer (IPP or local) Printing RESOLVED WORKSFORME
524099 Selecting multiple messages and printing to file - fails - only the last message is printed Printing RESOLVED DUPLICATE
525194 Provide method to control printSilent setting in message print Printing NEW
527381 Paper size defaults to 11x17 Printing RESOLVED INCOMPLETE
528465 The "To" boxes when writing an email or scan from printer to email are missing. Printing UNCONFIRMED
540571 Print condensed / short comma-separated list of attachments below other headers (instead of one line per attachment -> waste of paper) Printing NEW
544260 Cannot print e-mails on any printer Printing RESOLVED INVALID
544950 Long attachment names don't wrap on message printout, causing small and unreadable message text font size (need fixed width for attachment file name tables) Printing RESOLVED FIXED
544984 Improve print format of attachment file names, esp. remove content-type and content-encoding Printing RESOLVED FIXED
549139 Implement option to omit attachment files list when printing (add checkbox option "Print list of attachments" to: Page setup > format & options > -options-) Printing NEW
551134 Printing in hp laserjet 4050 Series PS exit symbols with driver for windows Printing RESOLVED INCOMPLETE
552030 Tbird thinks printer is offline Printing RESOLVED INCOMPLETE
569170 page up and page down keys do nothing in print preview Printing RESOLVED WORKSFORME
573098 email won't print from T'bird 3.0.5 to Epson Stylus R200 Printing RESOLVED INCOMPLETE
573508 Thunderbird 3 on Mac prints with larger text than in Thunderbird 2 or display Printing RESOLVED INCOMPLETE
578768 Printing only prints first page in nightly; second page blank and other pages missing Printing RESOLVED WORKSFORME
578910 Print-previewing an exe opened as a 'saved message' invokes the 'Opening' dialog Printing UNCONFIRMED
581470 Ctrl+P and Ctrl+W not working from Print Preview window Printing RESOLVED FIXED
586342 Printed emails sometimes print only the subject and a single line - multipart/alternative; Printing RESOLVED WORKSFORME
589117 Printing only selected text doesn't work Printing RESOLVED DUPLICATE
594210 Print multiple email messages only prints first message Printing RESOLVED DUPLICATE
596234 Body of RSS feeds won't print or print preview Printing RESOLVED FIXED
600105 Default Printer not selected. Printing RESOLVED WORKSFORME
605518 Thunderbird message-printing: text without specified color is printed with system default color Printing UNCONFIRMED
608562 Print Preview always fails with "Cannot find Printer" after printer name change despite Print working Printing UNCONFIRMED
620806 Choosing "properties" on print dialog causes erroneous behavior in Windows 7 x64 Classic and Aero theme (button does not respond, Thunderbird/Seamonkey process stays running after quit) Printing RESOLVED WORKSFORME
637406 "printer driver host for 32 bit applications has stopped working" when printing select thunderbird emails Printing RESOLVED INCOMPLETE
642607 Implement / Add [Page Setup...] button to Print dialogue Printing NEW
650506 When printing selection, print dialogue's print range radiobox "Selection" should be selected (and other radioboxes disabled, until fix for bug 66806) Printing NEW
655657 Print selection of plain-text-only emails becomes a single paragraph Printing NEW
657393 unable to choose printers properties dialog, button does not respond Printing RESOLVED DUPLICATE
659244 p7m attachments are skipped in printing Printing RESOLVED FIXED
662250 Printing a single eMail on amd64 results in page with headers, but no message content (empty) Printing RESOLVED WORKSFORME
664795 crash printing [@ CFRelease | __CFDictionaryDeallocate ] - [@ nsPrintSettings::Release] Printing RESOLVED WORKSFORME
666840 Rename left-over mimeAttachmentName after bug 544984 Printing RESOLVED FIXED
669385 Wrong date format in print preview (and on paper) of today's messages Printing RESOLVED FIXED
679821 Have headers/footers that move with the margins Printing UNCONFIRMED
692192 print.print_printer setting no longer overrides Windows default printer Printing RESOLVED DUPLICATE
693181 Thunderbird 7.0.1 print dialog does not remember last printer Printing RESOLVED WORKSFORME
695936 Printing messages with attached messages doesn't show their filename Printing RESOLVED FIXED
696054 Printing gibberish Printing UNCONFIRMED
698173 Prints too many recipient eMail addresses Printing UNCONFIRMED
709758 Setting TB colours to white text on black results in black on black when printing Printing RESOLVED WORKSFORME
716330 Thunderbird "Print Preview Preparing dialog" does not disappear automatically when done, after a "Scale custom..." percentage entry Printing UNCONFIRMED
719341 E-Mail does not save the last used printer as default printer Printing NEW
723915 Thunderbird not giving Tabloid option for printer. Printing RESOLVED WORKSFORME
746627 printing issue with html Printing UNCONFIRMED
777679 printing message with big attached picture causes message body to print in unreadable small size (should preserve text size) Printing RESOLVED DUPLICATE
806014 Charset used for printing is different then one used for viewing Printing UNCONFIRMED
806357 Print to file (pdf) function ignores the user selected directory when user renames the default file name from mozilla.pdf to something else. Printing RESOLVED INCOMPLETE
810570 Overlong lines in <pre> tag are truncated when printing text/HTML part with scale: 100%, or unreadably small with "shrink to fit" Printing RESOLVED INVALID
815121 Attached images correctly seen in message preview are missing (broken image icon) when printing .eml msg from file Printing RESOLVED DUPLICATE
839659 not able to print emails and print preview doesn't work Printing RESOLVED INVALID
898686 Print preview on an .eml file fails Printing NEW
899410 Highlight multiple messages, type ctrl-p, click cancel, all but first are printed anyway Printing NEW
909687 Choosing between PrintWithParent and Print calls in nsMsgPrintEngine::PrintMsgWindow has no effect Printing RESOLVED FIXED
916925 default printer selection inconsistent Printing UNCONFIRMED
920997 printing of signature is broken, positioning of signature in document subject to bogus offset and cropping Printing RESOLVED FIXED
926924 Revert bug 920997 workaround for printing signatures with opacity once bug 700003 is fixed Printing NEW
942494 Print to file does nothing Printing UNCONFIRMED
953407 With contacts side bar shown, composition's "Print preview..." window garbled (contacts side bar, menu bar, composition toolbar, and editor still not hidden but should be) Printing RESOLVED DUPLICATE
993408 print only blank page in preview or print dialog Printing RESOLVED INCOMPLETE
1028884 Thunderbird gets confused if you try to print a message while already printing Printing RESOLVED WORKSFORME
1038434 Print Preview shows and printing Prints highlighted text in black Printing NEW
1072611 Ctrl+P not working from Composition's Print Preview window Printing RESOLVED FIXED
1115541 Print to pdf, for multiple messages, prints the first msg to file and the rest to the default printer. Printing NEW
1269215 Attachments (Invitations) converted with nsISimpleMimeConverter are not printed Printing NEW
1271316 emails not printing correctly Printing UNCONFIRMED
1353625 Thunderbird 52 prints blank pages Printing RESOLVED FIXED
1354926 Printing in debug builds crashes with MOZ_ASSERT due to missing BeginPage call Printing RESOLVED WORKSFORME
1365642 Wrap long lines when printing messages when line is in a <pre> tag (enhancement) Printing NEW
1366848 Improve UX for Print To File on Linux Printing NEW
1368637 Print preview email doesn't open. Status line "Print Previewing message..." Printing RESOLVED INVALID
1390781 When printing to PDF via Foxit Reader ligatures are missing Printing RESOLVED INVALID
1400403 scrollbars missing in message print preview Printing NEW
1424447 print preview missing on Mac Printing RESOLVED WORKSFORME
1425895 Daily 59.0a1 (2017-12-18) (64-bit) Prints Only a Blank Page (Windows only) Printing RESOLVED FIXED
1429574 print preview does not work from compose window Printing RESOLVED DUPLICATE
1429883 merge msgPrintEngine.xul for Seamonkey and Thunderbird Printing RESOLVED FIXED
1602116 Port bug 1601800 to mailnews: Remove nsIPrintingPromptService.showPrintProgressDialog's nsIWebBrowserPrint parameter Printing RESOLVED FIXED
1620314 Printing a message isn't working in Daily 75.0a1 Printing RESOLVED FIXED
1625299 Reinstate print-progress dialog (can't print with print progress dialog) Printing RESOLVED FIXED
1633126 Printing from composition does nothing, then fails with Printer Error: "Some printing functionality is not currently available" unexpected rv PrintingChild.jsm Printing RESOLVED WORKSFORME
1636724 Print settings are not saved from print job to print job in Thunderbird Printing RESOLVED WONTFIX
1637662 Printing emails in 77.0b2 not working due to "print.show_print_progress;true" set by default Printing RESOLVED DUPLICATE
1643912 Print preview not working after windows 10 2004 Printing RESOLVED WORKSFORME
1652475 mailnews/base/src/nsMsgPrintEngine.cpp fails with no member named 'GetGlobalPrintSettings' in 'nsIWebBrowserPrint' Printing RESOLVED FIXED
1656708 Printing from composition fails: Uncaught TypeError: can't access property "printWindow", PrintUtils is undefined Printing RESOLVED DUPLICATE
1659016 Intermittent comm/mail/test/static/browser_parsable_css.js | missing chrome://browser/skin/print.svg referenced from chrome://global/content/print.css - Printing RESOLVED FIXED
1667472 Crash when selecting File > Print ... Printing RESOLVED DUPLICATE
1675367 Since Thunderbird update to 78.4.0 a couple of days ago, anything I try to print through it has all the text highlighted in black Printing RESOLVED WORKSFORME
1677377 "Print to file" prints to printer Printing RESOLVED WORKSFORME
1677476 Printing messages no longer uses the subject as job name [on MAC] Printing UNCONFIRMED
1687450 Printing ignores the scale set in the preview window Printing RESOLVED WORKSFORME
1688197 Plus/minus buttons for scaling in print preview Printing RESOLVED WORKSFORME
1688248 Printing not working in daily 86.0a1. Spawns multiple printer selection dialogs without stopping. Printing VERIFIED FIXED
1689042 Get rid of nsMsgPrintEngine.cpp, handle printing in msgPrintEngine.js Printing RESOLVED FIXED
1697649 Print Preview Opens and closes immediately Printing RESOLVED DUPLICATE
1701172 Printing to PDF doesn't work Printing RESOLVED FIXED
1703438 printing always prints to first printer in list Printing RESOLVED WORKSFORME
1710604 Print to pdf file sends output to default printer -TB Daily 90.0a1 (2021-05-10) Ubuntu 20.10 Printing RESOLVED DUPLICATE
1710916 Thunderbird : Printer defaults not saved on Win32 Printing UNCONFIRMED
1711408 Emit the same HTML for displaying and printing messages Printing RESOLVED FIXED
1714273 subject in draft email does not update when printing Printing RESOLVED WORKSFORME
1720044 Page setup dialog never remembers the selected printer Printing RESOLVED WORKSFORME
1721610 Message printing is broken Printing RESOLVED DUPLICATE
1727055 List of attachments is no longer printed with the message from message reader Printing VERIFIED FIXED
1729279 Attachment file sizes no longer included in the list of attachments printed at the end of a message Printing VERIFIED FIXED
1730182 Print does not offer any control over Margins and Footer content Printing RESOLVED INVALID
1737272 91.2.1 New combined Print Preview & Print Option Unavailable unless email is OPENED! Printing RESOLVED DUPLICATE
1739907 Thunderbird 91 print preview not working well with external images Printing NEW
1740171 Monochrome printing becomes color when printing from PDF preview to Xerox MFP Printing RESOLVED DUPLICATE
1746943 Unfortunate changes to print dialog wrt choosing pages to print (now harder than before) Printing RESOLVED WORKSFORME
1754309 Pdf attachment prints as blank page in spite of correct Print Preview from Thunderbird's pdf.js (inbuilt viewer) Printing RESOLVED INCOMPLETE
1774675 Print function skips about 85% of page 2 and can waste a whole sheet of paper (or more?). Printing RESOLVED INCOMPLETE
1779727 Printing crashes in debug builds Printing NEW
1794728 Thunderbird 102.3.2 PDF preview only prints first page of this document (other pages print blank) Printing NEW
1803461 Print dialog should not show notification bars (e.g. about blocked remote content) Printing RESOLVED WORKSFORME
1806461 PDF printing does not scale properly to paper size [Windows 11] Printing RESOLVED WORKSFORME
1814766 After updating to thunderbird 102.7.1 (64bits) on win 11 the print function freezes Printing RESOLVED WORKSFORME
1816294 Printing from TB 111 does nothing, preview keeps showing spinner Printing RESOLVED FIXED
145896 Chimera ignores all settings in PageSetup Printing VERIFIED FIXED
155556 Complex Pages Print Incorrectly Printing VERIFIED INVALID
155558 [10.1] Can't enter page range in Print dialog Printing VERIFIED WONTFIX
157628 [10.2, 10.3] After pressing Cancel/Preview/Print in print dialog, Plugin enabled page moves from background to top most window Printing RESOLVED INVALID
160057 unable to print (erratic): "printing failed for some reason" Printing VERIFIED FIXED
163464 Crash can occur when closing Page Setup dialog [@ SetOrigin] Printing VERIFIED FIXED
163830 [10.1] modal print dialog can become hidden - navigator appears frozen Printing VERIFIED WONTFIX
165520 print preview starts Acrobat ! Printing VERIFIED INVALID
165872 Cannot Print in Landscape Mode Printing VERIFIED DUPLICATE
165929 Crash can occur after clicking on Print toolbar button Printing VERIFIED WORKSFORME
171076 Save as PDF or Preview options cause browser to quit Printing VERIFIED WORKSFORME
173347 Crash attempting print Printing VERIFIED WORKSFORME
177338 [Chimera] 10.1: Crash attempting to print webpage Printing VERIFIED FIXED
177788 Make Print dialog a sheet Printing RESOLVED DUPLICATE
179443 LOCKUP occurs when print requester is onscreen and cookie requester pops up.. Printing RESOLVED FIXED
179969 printing with page setup scale <40% results in blank pages. Printing RESOLVED FIXED
180064 Page content is not printed when page is scaled by less than 44 % Printing VERIFIED DUPLICATE
181548 Browser window stacking order changes after printing a page Printing RESOLVED DUPLICATE
182355 Page doesn't print when encrypted sheet is present Printing RESOLVED WORKSFORME
183310 Various QuickDraw crashes when printing Printing RESOLVED WORKSFORME
183973 Print doesn't print more than first page; doesn't print results of query Printing RESOLVED WORKSFORME
186156 Can't print on a4 paper Printing RESOLVED DUPLICATE
186401 Can't print background colors Printing RESOLVED FIXED
187457 Print dialog flashes when canceled Printing RESOLVED WORKSFORME
187630 Key entry not recognized in Page Setup in Mac OS X 10.1.x Printing RESOLVED DUPLICATE
188907 RFE: Remember print settings across launches Printing RESOLVED INVALID
189387 Left page cut off when printing Printing RESOLVED WORKSFORME
192243 Blinking Print dialog when cancelled Printing RESOLVED DUPLICATE
196345 Copies & Pages pane in Print dialog box only allows printing of first page Printing RESOLVED DUPLICATE
198313 Print backgrounds and other "Web Browser" printing options missing Printing RESOLVED DUPLICATE
201508 Print Dialog PDE needs to be added back to Camino Printing VERIFIED FIXED
202139 OS slows and Camino hangs printing to HP 4m+ in "Duplex Color" mode Printing RESOLVED WORKSFORME
202236 Print dialog widgets disappear after excessively saving to PDF Printing RESOLVED INVALID
208920 If the Print command is issued, the browser crashes Printing VERIFIED FIXED
220201 no way to disable print headers/footers Printing RESOLVED DUPLICATE
232818 Can't close alert sheet while print spooling is occuring / page refresh while printing locks Camino Printing VERIFIED FIXED
233067 printed always includes headers and footers, no way to disable Printing RESOLVED DUPLICATE
234828 Printing to Lexmark 1150 does not work - spooler stops itself with no explanation Printing VERIFIED INVALID
259714 printing hangs Printing RESOLVED WORKSFORME
265845 Printing of virtual labels on eBay's and PayPal's site makes camino crash. Printing VERIFIED INVALID
267343 radio buttons on webpage do not print out Printing RESOLVED DUPLICATE
267606 Save to PDF uses Untitled.pdf for filename rather than the page's title Printing RESOLVED DUPLICATE
282906 Crash when using Print --> Preview [@ nsBlockFrame::SplitPlaceholder] Printing RESOLVED DUPLICATE
285135 prints as solid blue; the table with black text on white doesn't show Printing RESOLVED WORKSFORME
289612 Repeatable crash when printing [@ CoreGraphics.203.30.0 + (00071cd8)] Printing VERIFIED WORKSFORME
289620 Repeatable crash when printing Printing VERIFIED DUPLICATE
292697 Allow the option to NOT print pictures, banners etc. on web pages Printing RESOLVED DUPLICATE
295523 Repeatable crash whenever I try to print this page. Printing RESOLVED DUPLICATE
298312 Camino 0.8.x or 0.9a1 does not use font size in printing if you change it by Cmd+/- in view mode Printing RESOLVED DUPLICATE
298946 When printing to PDF it only prints 1 page when there are more. Printing RESOLVED DUPLICATE
300637 Camino crashes when try to print this page Printing RESOLVED WORKSFORME
302958 Print jobs lack a job name Printing RESOLVED FIXED
303547 Viewing page with plugin/applet causes "Save as PDF" to suggest ".pdf" as filename Printing RESOLVED FIXED
310043 Wrong printing background whene a pagebreak occurs in a table. Printing RESOLVED DUPLICATE
311365 Camino crashes when "save as PDF" is selected on Mac 10.3.9 print dialog window [@ nsHTMLReflowState::ComputePadding] Printing VERIFIED DUPLICATE
318166 camino locked when page is refreshed while print dialog is open Printing RESOLVED DUPLICATE
320536 "Page Setup..." should be sheet, instead of window Printing VERIFIED WONTFIX
322021 Print dialog window appears incorrectly Printing VERIFIED INVALID
324739 Printing does not work with Epson RX620 Printing VERIFIED WORKSFORME
326327 Printing to PDF can't handle background-color CSS property Printing VERIFIED DUPLICATE
327582 Only the two major internal horizontal gridlines are shown in print preview and on the printed page Printing VERIFIED DUPLICATE
328123 Camino no longer prints second of two screen pages Printing VERIFIED DUPLICATE
331769 Received “unknown print failure” when tring to print via wirelss network printer. Printing VERIFIED WORKSFORME
337183 Only one page of a multi page article will print Printing VERIFIED DUPLICATE
337788 When printing from Camino:when using "From" radio button can only print the first page Printing VERIFIED DUPLICATE
350277 Print > Save as .PDF - should give page title as default filename Printing VERIFIED DUPLICATE
352769 second page of any yahoo driving directions map will display but will not print Printing RESOLVED WORKSFORME
354544 Every attempt to print crashes my upgraded [@ CFRetain] Printing VERIFIED DUPLICATE
355976 With Adobe Acrobat 7.0.8 and Camino : Prints doc to unknown location, cannot be found Printing VERIFIED INVALID
357483 Print-Preview showes (and print) incomplete Text Printing VERIFIED DUPLICATE
359075 print to pdf (save as pdf) does not work. See it work in Opera (well) and Safari (poorly) Printing RESOLVED DUPLICATE
361471 creating a pdf from a long page, pdf counts only page 1 Printing VERIFIED DUPLICATE
362166 Trunk may need more fixup for new libcups depedency. Printing RESOLVED FIXED
365200 Printing skips chuck of text in table - from <ul class="SPEC"> to </div> Printing VERIFIED INVALID
366948 Camino 1.1a2+ only prints first page of many, but calls it "1 of 1" Printing RESOLVED DUPLICATE
369496 Printing MapQuest directions printed blank pages Printing VERIFIED DUPLICATE
372455 pdf generation cancel after printing hungs up camino Printing RESOLVED INCOMPLETE
372461 When printing to PDF file, only first page is printed out. Printing RESOLVED DUPLICATE
372594 incomplete printing with HP PSC 750 Printing VERIFIED DUPLICATE
375924 When I try to print postage, the button to print on the Java app does not appear. I believe the postage is a java app from Pitney-Bowes Printing RESOLVED INCOMPLETE
382880 Outlook Web Access using Exchange 2003 only prints the first page of multi-page emails Printing RESOLVED WORKSFORME
383910 Prints open window instead of actual postage label when creating postage label via PayPal/Pitney Bowes (Royal Mail) Printing VERIFIED INVALID
384815 Printing jammed together Printing RESOLVED WORKSFORME
386564 'Print' and 'Save as PDF' fail to print Cocoa UI Elements in rendered output Printing VERIFIED DUPLICATE
395326 Printing page with frames only prints first page Printing VERIFIED DUPLICATE
407434 [10.4, 10.5] Saving as PDF when printing fails to suggest the page title as a filename for the first print Printing RESOLVED FIXED
420478 Camino Print Settings Not Available Printing RESOLVED DUPLICATE
481430 Printing the Wikipedia page (SVG) consistently hangs Camino (beachball), but not Safari or Firefox. Printing RESOLVED WORKSFORME
484655 Need to be able to print selections Printing VERIFIED DUPLICATE
489147 crash if I try to print a receipt from the bank using the Print function of Camino. Printing VERIFIED INVALID
513223 only first page of this article appears for printing in Camino 1.6.9 (and previous); full article appears for printing in other browsers (safari, firefox, all most recent for Mac OS 10.4). Printing RESOLVED WORKSFORME
542633 Print preview shows a blank page and does not print when I try printing my Gmail calendar Printing RESOLVED DUPLICATE
553154 [10.6] Print settings are not remembered Printing RESOLVED FIXED
590038 Camino crashes when printing a big web page with "Save As PDF" Printing RESOLVED DUPLICATE
593401 Nothing in print window on Google calendar. Works fine with Safari Printing RESOLVED DUPLICATE
604744 Camino crashed when attempting to upload photos to Facebook. [@ CrossbowTypeAndQualityPdePluginFactory + 32615] com.hp.print2.aio.pde.Puffin Printing RESOLVED INVALID
606941 Camino hangs when pressing "Print" in Menu Printing VERIFIED INVALID
621680 OS X print dialog: no option to change header/footer (no Camino tab) Printing VERIFIED DUPLICATE
739186 Printing from Camino doesn't print whole document (in PDF at least) Printing RESOLVED WONTFIX
739435 Camino is printing blanks or nothing at all - suddenly Printing RESOLVED WORKSFORME
739651 Need a way to reset page setup/other printing prefs without clearing all prefs Printing VERIFIED WORKSFORME
769747 Camino not printing Fed-Ex or UPS Shipping labels Printing RESOLVED INCOMPLETE
130589 [UX] Provide UI to allow users to print preview a given frame Printing RESOLVED WORKSFORME
133787 [UX][Meta] Redesign print preview and make it tab-modal instead of window-modal Printing RESOLVED FIXED
140718 Add a "Print selection only" menu item to the context menu when there is a selection Printing RESOLVED FIXED
180069 make page setup options accessible thru print dialog? Printing NEW
234581 Allow choosing which frame to print in print preview Printing RESOLVED WONTFIX
240817 In PageSetup the internal window changes size Printing NEW
249919 Print Preview breaks because of page refresh or external program creating new tab in window Printing NEW
250088 Page setup scale NaN (not a number) when entering >=1 period Printing NEW
267422 Print Preview window is partly overlayed by background and is missing scrollbars Printing VERIFIED FIXED
270233 printpreviewtoolbar is in toolkit, but the css rules to bind it are not Printing NEW
270235 printUtils.js assumes everything is either thunderbird or firefox Printing RESOLVED FIXED
271744 Add "Preview" button to Print dialog Printing NEW
271774 Firefox Page Setup's "Shrink to fit page width" preference is not saved across sessions Printing RESOLVED FIXED
277265 Use file checkbox instead of radio buttons in print dialog Printing VERIFIED FIXED
286545 ytyryrre Printing VERIFIED INVALID
294479 Page Setup does not show icons for landscape and portrait mode Printing VERIFIED FIXED
296477 Print preview landscape is broken and shows gray screen on the right when clicked... Printing RESOLVED DUPLICATE
297992 Remove obsolete printing files from Winstripe theme in toolkit Printing RESOLVED FIXED
303517 Printing should allow for resizing next-page orphans Printing NEW
321153 Fix various printpreview issues when scaling / changing orientation Printing RESOLVED FIXED
321732 is dead, the other printjoboptions.* files should be packaged on non-Mac Unix only Printing RESOLVED FIXED
321954 Make it easier for apps to hook into toolkit's printing component Printing RESOLVED FIXED
326093 Actually using print.print_printer preference in print dialog Printing RESOLVED WORKSFORME
334598 Buttons in print preview page are not visible in HighContrastInverse theme. Printing RESOLVED FIXED
350628 add a "reset to defaults" button for Page Setup->Headers/Footers Printing UNCONFIRMED
360066 PRINT (ctrl+p) dialog box does not follow XP or Vista style dialog box Printing RESOLVED WONTFIX
377966 Odd alignment of radio button internal elements on Page Setup dialog Printing RESOLVED FIXED
388246 UI for printing backgrounds for "print-friendly backgrounds only" option Printing NEW
393742 Silly var use in exitPrintPreview() Printing RESOLVED FIXED
393747 Support nsISupports in print preview observer Printing RESOLVED FIXED
398388 XUL numberboxes for the Print Preview Printing RESOLVED FIXED
399842 Maximum value of "Print Preview" scale percentage should be consistent Printing RESOLVED WORKSFORME
407098 Running "firefox [url]" while in Print Preview creates new tabs & can trigger crash Printing RESOLVED WORKSFORME
412777 Firefox and Firefox Options disappear from the Mac OS-X Print Dialog Box. Printing UNCONFIRMED
418200 Include URLs for links when printing Printing UNCONFIRMED
428048 Print window doesn't use the application icon Printing RESOLVED WORKSFORME
433512 Printing to Postscript creates file with large margin left and right of the body Printing UNCONFIRMED
445376 In </toolkit/*>, "use a xul <stringbundle/> instead of including the strres.js code" Printing RESOLVED FIXED
457639 after installing Windows XP SP3, unable to print in Thunderbird and Firefox when using non-admin account Printing RESOLVED INCOMPLETE
465960 Allow regions of page to be not printed Printing NEW
469283 Labels in page setup of printing can not work Printing RESOLVED INVALID
474250 Not necessary word "type" in string "forAnyConnection" Printing NEW
483419 Rename the left-arrow and right-arrow class names in the print preview toolbar to previous-arrow and next-arrow Printing RESOLVED FIXED
484685 Firefox Linux-64 crashes w/ HP installed hplip Printing RESOLVED INCOMPLETE
485293 Crash calling exitPrintPreview() during Print Preview [@ nsPrintData::DoOnProgressChange(int, int, int, int) ] - [@ nsPrintData::OnEndPrinting] Printing RESOLVED WORKSFORME
499640 Allow users to print non-contiguous page ranges (using commas and dashes) Printing VERIFIED FIXED
505060 [Print preview]Changing scale xx% -> shrink to fit -> xx% does not work Printing RESOLVED FIXED
523295 Remove printing's omfg skin/ directory Printing RESOLVED FIXED
526811 Printer dialog will not save/remember settings Printing RESOLVED INACTIVE
538480 background-image fails to print on Windows, works with Mac Printing NEW
539322 Printing formfields on Windows does not show text in buttons nor dropdown arrows Printing NEW
539339 Printing websites with multiple divs cause ill printing issues Printing NEW
540347 Firefox cannot print specific pages if they are not in sequence Printing UNCONFIRMED
558742 Comma doesn't work in print range Printing RESOLVED FIXED
577018 Printing to tabloid paper formats wrong Printing RESOLVED WORKSFORME
607258 Printing and Print preview crash [@ ][@ ] Printing RESOLVED DUPLICATE
620916 PDF printing with a PDF-printer not working optimally Printing RESOLVED INACTIVE
629500 Remove generic print dialogs and massively refactor that layer of the printing system Printing RESOLVED DUPLICATE
650957 Audit and redesign our additions to system print dialogs Printing NEW
650960 Replace Print Progress dialogs with events fired at the tab + doorhangers Printing RESOLVED WORKSFORME
650966 [UX] Redesign + reimplement print preview UI Printing RESOLVED DUPLICATE
678600 Don't add print frames options to Windows print dialog when they would be disabled anyway because there are no frames Printing RESOLVED FIXED
693230 Implement nsIPrintDialogService for Windows Printing RESOLVED DUPLICATE
702678 Overhaul existing print preview tests and make them run unconditionally Printing NEW
720134 Printing preferences are stored without print. prefix Printing RESOLVED FIXED
743303 FF13.0a2 leaves zombie compartments after printing page Printing UNCONFIRMED
761008 Press "cancel" in print progress dialog doesn't cancel printing Printing RESOLVED INVALID
772291 Print to PDF should include link URLs Printing RESOLVED DUPLICATE
775484 print dialog box truncates device paths and names Printing UNCONFIRMED
778106 nsPrintProgress::CloseProgressDialog uses bool as nsresult Printing REOPENED
787145 Printing sometimes results in stray header Printing RESOLVED WORKSFORME
795998 Printer Properties causes Firefox to crash in dlbcui5c.dll print driver Printing RESOLVED INVALID
889179 Inconsistent multi-column print style Printing UNCONFIRMED
901166 Trying to Print Preview XUL documents should give a better error message Printing RESOLVED INVALID
913974 Build error with ac_add_options --disable-printing Printing RESOLVED FIXED
966612 Escape key should exit Print Preview Printing RESOLVED FIXED
986861 Print to File Does Nothing If "Save As" Filename Doesn't Change Printing UNCONFIRMED
988420 Print preview does not display a preview Printing UNCONFIRMED
1001294 After printing job I am trying to read .shd files to get count of total printouts, while reading I am getting error. This issue is only with mozilla not others. Printing UNCONFIRMED
1001971 Firefox freezes with JS based modal dialog and one modal print dialog open at the same time Printing RESOLVED INVALID
1008392 firefox misinterpret lpoptions when printing with cups on linux Printing UNCONFIRMED
1010496 Firefox will not print, Printing RESOLVED INCOMPLETE
1011600 Firefox doesn't have native 3D object viewing and printing support Printing NEW
1027077 absolute positioned element with margins induces print margin growth Printing UNCONFIRMED
1062610 Cannot choose to print 'Selection' from Print Preview Printing NEW
1082575 Make PrintUtils and printPreviewBindings.xml e10s friendly Printing RESOLVED FIXED
1088061 Investigate not opening the progress dialog for print preview manually in PrintUtils Printing RESOLVED WONTFIX
1088070 Instantiate print settings from the content process instead of the parent Printing RESOLVED FIXED
1089815 Printing and print preview from view source will be broken when bug 1082575 lands Printing RESOLVED FIXED
1092826 Cu. and Ci. is undefined errors in PrintUtils since Bug 1082575 (regression) Printing RESOLVED FIXED
1101973 e10s - fix browser_printpreview.js to not cause issues with later tests Printing RESOLVED FIXED
1109286 Mac print dialog doesn't offer choice of paper size or portrait/landscape Printing RESOLVED WORKSFORME
1112607 about:* print preview stalls Printing RESOLVED DUPLICATE
1117936 After trying to print preview about:newtab, print preview fails on other pages. Printing VERIFIED FIXED
1119562 If the printing progress dialog is open, show errors through it instead of a new modal dialog Printing NEW
1119563 Disable print menu items for documents that cannot be printed Printing NEW
1129557 Opening print dialog in debug build Firefox causes _cairo_hash_table_destroy: Assertion `hash_table->live_entries == 0' failed. on shutdown Printing NEW
1131079 Focused element not properly saved and restored when switching in and out of print preview with e10s Printing NEW
1134891 Printing results in the progress dialog never going away and the print never happening Printing VERIFIED FIXED
1135901 Remove nsPrintProgress and probably nsPrintProgressParams from OS X printing implementation Printing RESOLVED FIXED
1136280 Make getting print settings a non-blocking operation Printing RESOLVED FIXED
1136855 Print settings are not saved from print job to print job Printing VERIFIED FIXED
1141734 [e10s] "This Frame" > "Print Frame…" in remote browser fails Printing RESOLVED FIXED
1144129 A page with an element scrolled by scrollLeft - this element is not scrolled in the print preview Printing UNCONFIRMED
1146454 Remove CPOW usage in printing Printing RESOLVED FIXED
1146814 Advanced settings are not saved/remembered from print job to print job Printing NEW
1154519 Serialize nsIWebBrowserPrint properties to PrintData for OS X and GTK Printing NEW
1161952 [Ubuntu] Low quality when printing a pdf file Printing RESOLVED WORKSFORME
1170075 Remove PrintProgress UI XUL files Printing RESOLVED FIXED
1180878 [e10s] Can't Print to PDF if folder name contains spaces Printing RESOLVED FIXED
1190344 Composer print/preview locks-up at the progress-pane stage Printing RESOLVED FIXED
1262150 Printer paper size does not change along with printer selection. Printing RESOLVED WORKSFORME
1262682 Nightly 48.0a1 (2016-04-01) ignores print dialogue selections Printing RESOLVED INCOMPLETE
1265174 closing print preview window in TB produces "useless expression" warning Printing RESOLVED FIXED
1266274 setting print.always_print_silent causes firefox to crash/become non-responsive Printing RESOLVED INCOMPLETE
1275570 Add Telemetry probe to see how often users enter print preview, and how many simplify the view Printing RESOLVED FIXED
1285544 Pages printed with Simplify Page show "about:blank" in the upper right corner instead of the page URL Printing VERIFIED FIXED
1285547 National Geographic articles that have videos break the Print Preview functionality Printing NEW
1285607 Enable Simplify Print Feature by default Printing VERIFIED FIXED
1287446 Print progress dialog, [Cancel] button is truncated with long document title Printing VERIFIED FIXED
1287587 Add more telemetry probes for gathering data on the Simplify Page feature for Print Preview Printing RESOLVED FIXED
1294050 The [Cancel] button from Print progress dialog is truncated Printing RESOLVED INVALID
1295189 Not able to find print settings service on OS X Printing RESOLVED DUPLICATE
1296103 Printing by Firefox 47.0 and 48.0, on Windows 7 (and XP), results into a "Print error" and "Print preview error" message dialogs. Printing RESOLVED INACTIVE
1300106 Construct a dashboard for longitudinal printing and print preview activity analysis Printing RESOLVED INACTIVE
1304300 Clean up nsPrintProgress Printing NEW
1306293 Different keyboard actions does not work on Print Preview Printing NEW
1306294 Restarting browser while Simplify Page mode on, restores 2 new empty tabs Printing VERIFIED FIXED
1306295 [Ubuntu] Layout issues while clicking Simplify page multiple times Printing RESOLVED WORKSFORME
1306296 Missing shortcut key to Simplify Page Printing RESOLVED FIXED
1306297 [Ubuntu] Firefox is confused on what to display when fast double clicking Simplify Page Printing RESOLVED WORKSFORME
1306298 Print preview window showing progress stuck when double clicking Simplify Page Printing VERIFIED FIXED
1306299 First transition to Simplify page will display no images Printing VERIFIED FIXED
1306624 Add telemetry probe for when printing is initiated Printing RESOLVED FIXED
1309980 Disable Simplify Print feature on non-Nightly Linux, and late beta / release. Printing VERIFIED FIXED
1314694 An error occurred while printing Printing NEW
1324333 [Mac] Significant delay when trying to Open PDF in Preview Printing RESOLVED DUPLICATE
1343330 some icons are display as encoding in print preview window Printing VERIFIED FIXED
1345513 Stop shipping unreferenced printing files on Mac Printing RESOLVED FIXED
1346544 Firefox crashes when choosing printing properties (Samsung laser printer) Printing RESOLVED WORKSFORME
1347126 Use SVG images instead of Unicode symbols for print preview pagination buttons Printing NEW
1347464 Some combination of fonts causes a baseline shift on printing Printing NEW
1347772 Letter spacing in vertical writing-mode changes on print Printing NEW
1348401 Make the PPrinting::ShowProgress IPDL method async Printing RESOLVED FIXED
1361982 Intermittent toolkit/components/printing/tests/browser_preview_switch_print_selected.js | Uncaught exception - undefined - timed out after 50 tries. Printing RESOLVED INCOMPLETE
1362526 Enable Simplify Print Feature by default (again) on Windows Printing RESOLVED FIXED
1362808 4.64ms uninterruptible reflow at onEntered@chrome://global/content/printUtils.js:669:7 Printing RESOLVED FIXED
1363471 Auto update to v53.0.2 (64) XPS print no longer works Printing RESOLVED INCOMPLETE
1364549 [Mac] Nightly is slow to Print | Open PDF in Preview Printing RESOLVED WORKSFORME
1364853 mrn print not coming Printing RESOLVED INCOMPLETE
1365320 Long printer delays with Firefox, no problem with IE 11 Printing RESOLVED WORKSFORME
1365601 Crash in nsPrintEngine::GetSeqFrameAndCountPagesInternal while switching from Landscape to Portrait mode or clicking rapidly the Simplify page button Printing VERIFIED FIXED
1366130 Firefox won't use "Last Used Settings" in print window even after resetting FF Printing UNCONFIRMED
1366332 Make PPrinting::SavePrintSettings async Printing RESOLVED WORKSFORME
1366852 print_duplex preference is set, but wrong Printing UNCONFIRMED
1366904 Print of first page is rotated when pages are printed in both sides Printing RESOLVED WORKSFORME
1369221 Firefox 53 prints date with 2-digit year in printed page footer Printing RESOLVED DUPLICATE
1375751 Intermittent toolkit/components/printing/tests/browser_preview_switch_print_selected.js | Test timed out - Printing RESOLVED INCOMPLETE
1383102 Zoom In/Out is not working using keyboard input [Print preview page] Printing NEW
1387879 Print properties do not match what has been set in the OS Printing UNCONFIRMED
1389767 Print defaults to landscape despite printer default preference setting to portrait Printing RESOLVED INACTIVE
1390711 Intermittent browser_preview_switch_print_selected.js | leaked 4 window(s) until shutdown [url = simplifyArticleSample.html] Printing RESOLVED INCOMPLETE
1392226 Intermittent toolkit/components/printing/tests/browser_preview_switch_print_selected.js | uncaught exception - Error: Assertion failure at assert@chrome://browser/content/tabbrowser.xml:4393:25 Printing RESOLVED INCOMPLETE
1396455 Print Preview: changing cppBrowser's contentDocument.title in onEnter() function updates DOM (and printed title header), but not the title header displayed in preview Printing NEW
1401899 [e10s] Print doesn't use the corresponded print preference on macOS. Printing RESOLVED DUPLICATE
1404176 unable to close print preview after attempt to print about:config Printing VERIFIED FIXED
1409972 Share common printingui implementation instead of each platform implementation. Printing RESOLVED FIXED
1410288 Change nsIPrintProgressParams' attributes from wstring to AString Printing RESOLVED FIXED
1411121 Remove the printdialog.xul and related files. Printing RESOLVED FIXED
1416880 global print settings for margins not applying to printers when invoked Printing UNCONFIRMED
1418419 Printers are set to User Defined Paper after update to “Quantum” version 57 in Windows. Printing UNCONFIRMED
1426485 Intermittent toolkit/components/printing/tests/browser_preview_switch_print_selected.js | Should have custom content. - "" == "Article title" - Printing RESOLVED INCOMPLETE
1427809 Enable Simplify Print Feature by default on Linux Printing RESOLVED FIXED
1427861 Modify ctrl+p shortcut to open print preview instead of print dialog box Printing UNCONFIRMED
1437021 [Ubuntu] Space inconsistency between characters inside Simplify Page Printing RESOLVED FIXED
1440631 [meta] QA issues for Simplify Page for Printing (Linux) Printing NEW
1440634 Space inconsistency In Simplify Page when pictures are involved Printing NEW
1440638 Notify the Simplify Page user if any error occurs inside the Reader View mode Printing VERIFIED FIXED
1440639 Link underlines suffer from format inconsistency in Simplify Page Printing NEW
1440641 Content for a specific page is not the same each time one enables Simplify Page multiple times Printing NEW
1440643 Simplify Page checkbox should be blurry when in dark theme for sites that don’t support Reader View mode Printing NEW
1440650 Private window doesn’t inherit the settings made in normal window for Simplify Page (only for Scale and Orientation) Printing NEW
1440652 Text inconsistency inside the Simplify Page between Ubuntu versions Printing NEW
1445837 Intermittent toolkit/components/printing/tests/browser_preview_print_simplify_non_article.js | Should have recovery content. - "" == "Failed to load article from page" - Printing RESOLVED FIXED
1447152 Intermittent toolkit/components/printing/tests/browser_preview_print_simplify_non_article.js | Uncaught exception - Simplified document title should be updated with recovery title. - timed out after 50 tries. Printing RESOLVED INCOMPLETE
1450813 Migrate printpreviewtoolbar binding to a customized built-in Custom Element Printing RESOLVED FIXED
1459563 page number field in print preview dialog is too wide Printing RESOLVED FIXED
1473265 Print preview toolbar items should have distinct classes and ids Printing RESOLVED FIXED
1476202 Intermittent toolkit/components/printing/tests/browser_preview_print_simplify_non_article.js | Test timed out - Printing RESOLVED INCOMPLETE
1476685 Intermittent toolkit/components/printing/tests/browser_page_change_print_original.js | Test timed out - Printing RESOLVED INCOMPLETE
1487935 Intermittent toolkit/components/printing/tests/browser_preview_print_simplify_non_article.js | Uncaught exception - Simplified document title should be updated with recovery title. - timed out after 50 tries. Printing RESOLVED INCOMPLETE
1495237 When switching printers, reset any prepopulated settings from the previous print that are not valid for the new printer Printing RESOLVED DUPLICATE
1501952 Print preview always shows 30% scale when it is actually Shrink To Fit Printing VERIFIED FIXED
1503887 Intermittent toolkit/components/printing/tests/<random_test> | leaked 1 window(s) until shutdown [url =] Printing RESOLVED FIXED
1503888 Intermittent toolkit/components/printing/tests/browser_preview_print_simplify_non_article.js | leaked 1 window(s) until shutdown [url =] Printing RESOLVED DUPLICATE
1503932 Intermittent toolkit/components/printing/tests/browser_page_change_print_original.js | leaked 1 window(s) until shutdown [url =] Printing RESOLVED DUPLICATE
1521298 Remove XUL grid layout from toolkit/components/printing/content/printPageSetup.xul Printing RESOLVED FIXED
1523737 Migrate printProgress.dtd, printPageSetup.dtd, and printPreviewProgress.dtd to Fluent Printing RESOLVED FIXED
1527109 Remove ellipseString function and use text-overflow:ellipsis instead Printing RESOLVED INVALID
1536415 Investigate unused return values in printProgress dialog Printing RESOLVED WORKSFORME
1538287 can no longer print in 'reader view' Printing RESOLVED DUPLICATE
1551609 Make printUtils.js consistent about internal/external naming Printing RESOLVED FIXED
1552219 Get rid of unnecessary variables that clutter PrintUtils.printWindow Printing RESOLVED FIXED
1552785 Remove the "Print Frames" section of the print dialog (frameset specific UI) Printing VERIFIED FIXED
1558360 PrintingChild.exitPrintPreview doesn't handle in-progress printing Printing NEW
1558907 Open the print progress dialog from the frontend instead of the core printing code Printing RESOLVED WORKSFORME
1560190 Simplify the Simplify Page implementation for printing Printing NEW
1576639 [object XULElement] string displayed instead of Custom Scale title Printing VERIFIED FIXED
1583951 Remove XUL grid from toolkit/components/printing/content/printPreviewProgress.xul Printing RESOLVED FIXED
1583952 Remove XUL grid from toolkit/components/printing/content/printProgress.xul Printing RESOLVED FIXED
1584307 Convert <xul:textbox> to <html:input> in toolkit/components/printing/content/printPageSetup.xul Printing RESOLVED FIXED
1587459 Open the print dialog from the frontend instead of the core printing code Printing RESOLVED FIXED
1589997 Unable to access printers other than OneNote on Windows 10 Printing RESOLVED INVALID
1590180 Remove usage of `display: -moz-groupbox` and `-moz-appearance: groupbox` Printing RESOLVED FIXED
1594391 Move PrintingChild.jsm print telemetry logging to the parent process Printing RESOLVED FIXED
1596325 Print Preview fails after it has crashed once Printing NEW
1596724 Print Preview toolbar glitch (some text and button overlaps) Printing RESOLVED FIXED
1596735 Unwanted text "Custom Scale" appears on Print Preview toolbar Printing RESOLVED FIXED
1597372 Print Preview hides the window titlebar Printing VERIFIED FIXED
1597382 Misaligned and useless "Custom Scale" label now appearing in Print Preview Printing RESOLVED DUPLICATE
1600623 Review and cleanup the printing telemetry Printing RESOLVED FIXED
1602561 Make PrintUtils.printWindow() act on a BrowsingContext Printing RESOLVED FIXED
1613366 Progress and printing labels are backwards Printing RESOLVED FIXED
1615433 [RFE] Print preview > Toolbar > Turn header and footer on or off button Printing RESOLVED FIXED
1621140 Have printing without print preview create a hidden tab to create the static clone in Printing RESOLVED DUPLICATE
1630105 Add telemetry scalar to track printing errors Printing RESOLVED FIXED
1632274 Default to downloading PDFs with content-disposition:attachment and not storing in the temp dir Printing NEW
1632275 Print to PDF should add the file to the Downloads list, otherwise these file are very hard for users to find Printing NEW
1632295 Firefox (PDF.js) should be the default choice in the Unknown Content Type dialog if the file extension is PDF and Preview in Firefox is set for PDF files Printing RESOLVED DUPLICATE
1632891 Intermittent toolkit/components/printing/tests/browser_preview_switch_print_selected.js | Should have custom content. - "" == "Article title" - got "", expected "Article title" (operator ==) Printing RESOLVED INCOMPLETE
1633773 Under Windows10, no app is able to print anything. Printing RESOLVED INCOMPLETE
1636803 Stop using message passing to initiate printing Printing RESOLVED FIXED
1639830 [Windows] Several fields from the Print Menu are displayed as editable Printing RESOLVED INVALID
1646093 Modify printing telemetry to add a PDF-catch-all for unknown printer names containing 'PDF' Printing RESOLVED FIXED
1647290 Printing progress bar overlaps some of the percentage for a small period of time Printing RESOLVED INVALID
1647453 Intermittent toolkit/components/printing/tests/browser_preview_switch_print_selected.js | Uncaught exception - undefined - timed out after 50 tries. Printing RESOLVED INCOMPLETE
1648867 Make webpayments tab modal overlay reusable Printing RESOLVED WONTFIX
1648868 Setup a tab modal overlay for print preview UI Printing RESOLVED FIXED
1649202 Display print previews in modal UI Printing RESOLVED FIXED
1649204 Provide a button to print the selected page in modal UI Printing RESOLVED FIXED
1649206 Provide a link to open the native print dialog in tab modal UI Printing RESOLVED INVALID
1652627 Setup a pref for tab modal print UI Printing RESOLVED FIXED
1652861 Create initial, minimal UI to select and adjust printer & print settings Printing RESOLVED FIXED
1653317 Use TabDialogBox for print UI Printing RESOLVED FIXED
1653319 Use the new frameLoader.printPreview() API in the frontend Printing RESOLVED FIXED
1653323 Show print preview progress in content Printing RESOLVED FIXED
1653324 Update print settings based on print UI state changes and send update events Printing RESOLVED FIXED
1653327 Send update events based on print UI changes Printing RESOLVED FIXED
1653386 Record some telemetry about the print UI Printing RESOLVED FIXED
1653389 Validate the page range setting Printing VERIFIED FIXED
1653392 Setup a basic test for the print UI Printing RESOLVED FIXED
1653423 Collect telemetry on print UI changes Printing RESOLVED DUPLICATE
1653607 Implement more print settings Printing RESOLVED FIXED
1654073 Style and add missing initial print options Printing RESOLVED FIXED
1654548 Ensure that XPCOMUtils is available in printUtils.js: Fix printing for MailNews Core. Printing VERIFIED FIXED
1654684 Implement a paginator for the print preview Printing VERIFIED FIXED
1654962 Resize print modal as the browser size changes Printing VERIFIED FIXED
1656057 Implement form validation in the print UI Printing RESOLVED FIXED
1656062 Implement loading interstitial state for print UI Printing RESOLVED FIXED
1656069 Hook up the headers/footers checkbox to the correct settings in the print UI Printing RESOLVED FIXED
1656298 Print UI grid alignment Printing RESOLVED FIXED
1656688 Fix browser_modal_print.js test Printing RESOLVED FIXED
1656939 Match form elements with UX mocks Printing RESOLVED FIXED
1656995 Allow user to clear printing scale input and validate input Printing VERIFIED FIXED
1657010 Tab-modal printing UI isn't wide enough due to long printer names, nor tall enough to preview an entire single sheet of paper Printing RESOLVED DUPLICATE
1657016 Clicking "Print using system dialog" after clicking "Print" adds a new job to the queue Printing VERIFIED FIXED
1657020 In our new tab-modal printing UI, the print-preview scrollbar looks like it's a scrollbar for the settings UI Printing RESOLVED WORKSFORME
1657161 Enable the print.tab_modal.enabled pref. Printing RESOLVED FIXED
1657459 Right clicking on preview pane elements behaves unexpectedly Printing VERIFIED FIXED
1657506 Prevent interaction with the original document under the new print preview UI Printing RESOLVED FIXED
1657508 Cancel printing if the user navigates while the new tab-modal print preview is open Printing RESOLVED FIXED
1657704 Extension print APIs always open old print/print preview Printing RESOLVED DUPLICATE
1657733 Audit tests that only run with print.tab_modal.enabled=false Printing RESOLVED FIXED
1657951 "More Settings" twisty is doesn't turn white if dark mode is activated Printing VERIFIED FIXED
1657953 Unable to hit the "Print" or "Cancel" buttons with restored windows Printing RESOLVED FIXED
1657994 Tab modal print UI a11y review Printing RESOLVED FIXED
1658030 Print Preview dialog appears momentarily when doing ctrl-p Printing VERIFIED FIXED
1658031 Don't update print preview when changing copies Printing VERIFIED FIXED
1658043 Support Save to PDF in print preview Printing RESOLVED FIXED
1658067 Print Preview sheet visibly reflows when loading in "sheets of paper" Printing VERIFIED FIXED
1658074 "sheets of paper" are not updated when user modifies number of copies Printing VERIFIED FIXED
1658099 "Copies" stepper should appear outside of text field Printing VERIFIED FIXED
1658101 Command-. does not dismiss print sheet Printing RESOLVED FIXED
1658102 Default action (print) should appear to the right of cancel in Print sheet Printing RESOLVED FIXED
1658138 print dialog cut off if the sidebar was open. Printing RESOLVED FIXED
1658165 Pressing esc while in print preview closes the print preview for other tabs as well Printing VERIFIED FIXED
1658208 Consider moving "Print using the system dialog…" below the "Print"/"Cancel" buttons in the new printing UI Printing RESOLVED FIXED
1658247 ugly flickering in print preview window Printing VERIFIED FIXED
1658262 Print Preview doesn’t get closed/updated if navigating to a different webpage on the same tab Printing VERIFIED FIXED
1658285 Print preview gets closed if the tab is moved to a new window Printing NEW
1658287 [meta] Modernized Print UI - QA bug tracking Printing NEW
1658405 Print sheet in narrowest possible Firefox window is cut off Printing RESOLVED FIXED
1658409 Print button is sensitive to user input and presents an error clicking print when no printer is selected Printing RESOLVED FIXED
1658414 Print sheet does not have a way to add a printer Printing NEW
1658421 Print sheet font size is larger than other system dialogs Printing VERIFIED FIXED
1658422 Checkboxes and labels are misaligned in print sheet (labels appear lower in relation to checkboxes) Printing VERIFIED FIXED
1658439 macOS accent color is overlaid upon blue accent in "Copies" and "Scale" text boxes Printing VERIFIED FIXED
1658444 macOS accent color is used inconsistently in print sheet Printing VERIFIED FIXED
1658445 Dismissing a print sheet loses cursor position in document Printing VERIFIED FIXED
1658446 print preview: 'Scale' value should be shown/labeled as percentage ['%'] Printing NEW
1658450 Available settings, values and any defaults in UI should update to reflect the currently selected print destination (printer) Printing RESOLVED FIXED
1658533 System dialog is open instead of print preview for pdf.js print button Printing VERIFIED FIXED
1658664 Not all tab modal print UI form elements are accessible Printing VERIFIED FIXED
1658709 Destination drop down does not recognize installed printers intermitently Printing VERIFIED FIXED
1658718 [macOS] Destination drop down list is missing the right border Printing REOPENED
1658749 Middle Click scroll is not working correctly in new Print Preview Printing RESOLVED FIXED
1658819 Number of sheets value incorrect in new tab modal print preview Printing VERIFIED FIXED
1658833 Disable the option to choose color printing when the selected printer does not support it Printing VERIFIED FIXED
1659010 UX regressions from visual updates, copies errors, radio disabled Printing RESOLVED FIXED
1659081 Invalid input triggers no warning inside the new Print modal for Copies field Printing VERIFIED FIXED
1659085 Pages can’t be scrolled with the cursor positioned on the new Print modal sides Printing VERIFIED FIXED
1659099 Subsequent setting changes cause print dialog to grow Printing VERIFIED FIXED
1659112 The number of copies can be incremented for Microsoft Print to PDF destination Printing VERIFIED FIXED
1659121 Orientation change resets the number of copies to default Printing VERIFIED FIXED
1659159 Support print.always_print_silent Printing RESOLVED FIXED
1659207 When switching between Landscape & Portrait mode in new Print Preview UI, the document preview area and controls are pushed off to the side by the "Preparing Preview" UI Printing RESOLVED DUPLICATE
1659300 System dialog opens unexpectedly while switching between scale & orientation options Printing VERIFIED FIXED
1659302 Increasing the number of copies does not reflect inside the “sheets of paper” section & no longer can print a number of copies Printing VERIFIED FIXED
1659340 “Print preview” option is displayed inside the menu bar (File) even though the print preview will always open as the default option with the new print UI Printing VERIFIED FIXED
1659389 [macOS] Print modal options fail to be displayed intermittently Printing VERIFIED FIXED
1659391 [macOS] Custom scale values override Fit to page option Printing VERIFIED FIXED
1659395 Saving to PDF does not function correctly Printing VERIFIED FIXED
1659396 Sheets of paper and actual print preview don't agree on the number of pages Printing RESOLVED DUPLICATE
1659415 Clickable area should be consistent for all the More settings options inside the new Print modal Printing VERIFIED FIXED
1659463 Mouse-only users can’t increase/decrease the scale value easily Printing VERIFIED FIXED
1659467 Keyboard navigation not possible because new modal is not focused upon launch Printing RESOLVED FIXED
1659497 About pages cannot be printed Printing RESOLVED WORKSFORME
1659522 Print to PDF on Linux doesn't show a file picker dialog. Printing RESOLVED FIXED
1659571 Remove `File > Print preview...` when the new tab modal print UI is enabled Printing RESOLVED DUPLICATE
1659622 Make clicking the "Print" button in the new print UI a no-op after the first click Printing RESOLVED DUPLICATE
1659624 Close the new print UI after the user clicks the "Print" button (or after "Save" for Save to PDF) Printing VERIFIED FIXED
1659626 Hide open system dialog button when "Save to PDF" is destination on Windows Printing VERIFIED FIXED
1659662 Doorhanger: UI doesn't update/reflect settings when switching printers Printing RESOLVED DUPLICATE
1659664 Doorhanger: Print dialog does not block me from navigating to other sites Printing RESOLVED DUPLICATE
1659669 Doorhanger: preview should update when changing scale with the keyboard Printing VERIFIED FIXED
1659695 Print Preview only closes the first time using the 'Esc' key Printing VERIFIED FIXED
1659697 UI glitch while opening/closing print preview Printing VERIFIED FIXED
1659740 Print controls are not centered & are clipped, if you have a sidebar open Printing RESOLVED DUPLICATE
1659757 Implement paper size selection Printing VERIFIED FIXED
1659767 When you open a new print preview, you can't click on the sidebar UI and its contents if the sidebar is moved to the right Printing RESOLVED WORKSFORME
1659782 Move the print preview browser into print.html Printing RESOLVED WONTFIX
1659859 `Context menu -> This Frame -> Print frame...` should honor the print.tab_modal.enabled pref Printing VERIFIED FIXED
1659870 "Fit to Page" is perhaps too vague of a label, in new Print UI (maybe we should add "...Width"?) Printing RESOLVED FIXED
1659877 Announce print UI form errors to screen readers Printing RESOLVED FIXED
1659907 "N sheets of paper" badge subtly influences the layout of the whole print dialog Printing VERIFIED FIXED
1659910 Delay showing error message for invalid scale and range input. Printing RESOLVED FIXED
1660013 PDFs saved on the Mac don't show up as PDFs. Printing VERIFIED FIXED
1660023 Save to PDF isn't remembered as last used printer Printing VERIFIED FIXED
1660026 Move print preview handling code into print.js Printing RESOLVED FIXED
1660060 Print dialog's validated fields (range, scale) should either tolerate or prevent whitespace Printing VERIFIED FIXED
1660061 Changing print settings must not reclone from the original document Printing RESOLVED FIXED
1660064 When printing a subdocument and using 'Save to PDF', the generated filename is wrong Printing RESOLVED FIXED
1660111 [meta] Add automated tests for new print dialog Printing RESOLVED INACTIVE
1660123 Move print.tab_modal.enabled into StaticPrefList.yaml Printing RESOLVED INVALID
1660162 When printing a PDF with Save to PDF it gets the .pdf extension twice Printing VERIFIED FIXED
1660363 Focus gets stuck in print preview when tabbing Printing VERIFIED FIXED
1660365 A11y hierarchy for print dialog causes extraneous/strange screen reader verbosity Printing VERIFIED FIXED
1660400 Sheet count should be included in modal a11y description Printing RESOLVED FIXED
1660449 Tab-modal print UI is not usable if the browser window is small because controls are out of view Printing RESOLVED WORKSFORME
1660461 Navigation with the tab key does not limit to the print preview Printing RESOLVED DUPLICATE
1660462 User should be able to open a dropdown using Enter key inside the new Print modal Printing RESOLVED INVALID
1660468 [RTL] When a scrollbar is present in new Print UI options sidebar, changing an option from a dropdown will cause the next clicked dropdowns to appear misaligned with their `select` Printing NEW
1660492 When Print Selection, It needs extra steps. The New preview is totally useless in this case and users will be confused.. Printing RESOLVED DUPLICATE
1660520 Setting margins to 0.1 actually sets them to 0.100000001490116 (at least on Windows) Printing NEW
1660527 Convert the frontend code to nsIPrinter.createDefaultSettings Printing RESOLVED FIXED
1660630 It is annoying to find a page. New Print Preview should provide indication of pagination (jump to page etc) Printing RESOLVED DUPLICATE
1660638 Please provide feature of Zoom-In/Out and tool button for print image in new print preview dialog Printing NEW
1660665 Tab modal print UI should close after clicking "print using system dialog" Printing VERIFIED FIXED
1660720 Printing is blocked forever so long as the last used printer is offline/disconnected Printing RESOLVED WORKSFORME
1660794 Browser creates empty PDF file when combinging "Save as PDF" and "Print using the system dialog" Printing RESOLVED FIXED
1660832 Please add ability of "Close preview after print(Save)" Printing RESOLVED DUPLICATE
1660908 Update page range validation code to use rawNumPages attribute Printing VERIFIED FIXED
1660915 Choosing native dialog when "Save to PDF" is selected on macOS will save an empty file before opening native dialog Printing RESOLVED DUPLICATE
1660929 Prepopulate the system print dialog with all settings selected in the tab modal print preview doorhanger Printing NEW
1660938 Total print page is not correct Printing RESOLVED DUPLICATE
1660991 Page range validates the . (dot) before and after the numeric value Printing VERIFIED FIXED
1661020 [macOS] Copies default value is not deleted with ease if the value is not highlighted Printing VERIFIED FIXED
1661034 [Copies] Deleting a single digit value automatically populates the field with 0 & and an empty copies value is validated Printing VERIFIED FIXED
1661048 Prevent typing non-numeric characters into numeric fields Printing RESOLVED DUPLICATE
1661060 Print dialog doesn't receive focus on tab-switch (so e.g. "esc" doesn't dismiss it, and "tab" doesn't cycle through its fields) Printing RESOLVED DUPLICATE
1661120 Modal print dialog overlaps devtools bottom-bar/sidebar in a weird way (with a thin line at devtools' edge) Printing VERIFIED FIXED
1661215 Blank pages are displayed if fast changing between Portrait & Landscape for a pdf document Printing VERIFIED FIXED
1661361 Show the print dialog as early as possible Printing RESOLVED FIXED
1661374 If "save to pdf" is selected printer, populate the system dialog with settings of last accepted printer Printing VERIFIED FIXED
1661382 Remove print modal header and footer semantics for a11y Printing VERIFIED FIXED
1661392 Intermittent toolkit/components/printing/tests/browser_modal_print.js | leaked 2 window(s) until shutdown [url = about:blank] Printing RESOLVED FIXED
1661618 Update print toolbar item and app menu buttons depending on `print.tab_modal.enabled` value Printing VERIFIED FIXED
1661638 Mousing over or clicking Print Preview's "Color mode", "Destination" and "Margins" label text highlights their dropdown list Printing RESOLVED WONTFIX
1661645 Reset applying grayscale filter when the destination is set to "Save to PDF" Printing VERIFIED FIXED
1661647 context menu in the print preview content is misplaced Printing RESOLVED DUPLICATE
1661653 "Open in Preview" does not work when using "Save to PDF" on OS X Printing RESOLVED DUPLICATE
1661655 Print Preview doesn't update reflect custom page range Printing RESOLVED DUPLICATE
1661662 Mismatch between settings and preview Printing RESOLVED FIXED
1661663 Popular sites prevent the print preview Margins menu from working (users need a way to override @page margins) Printing RESOLVED FIXED
1661692 The new print preview UI doesn't have a way to set paper size Printing RESOLVED DUPLICATE
1661719 Changes made inside the new Print modal are kept for the old UI as well Printing NEW
1661722 Ensure that the selected color mode when disabled matches what is shown in the print preview Printing RESOLVED DUPLICATE
1661751 Firefox print dialog doesn't get past throbber & "Preparing Preview", starting in Firefox 80 Printing RESOLVED INCOMPLETE
1661776 Print dialog's validated fields should prevent pasting invalid input Printing VERIFIED FIXED
1661779 Add some telemetry to understand more about the different availability of paper sizes Printing NEW
1661852 Print range isn't honored after you change printers in the UI Printing RESOLVED FIXED
1661975 Fix "Print Selection Only" in the system print dialog when opened from the new print UI Printing VERIFIED FIXED
1662006 Redesign print preview should allow to hide pictures (for environmental reasons) Printing NEW
1662136 Infinite print preview loading loop if changing to a different destination while a page range is set (and it will exceed the limit for the newly selected destination) Printing VERIFIED FIXED
1662145 “All” page range is invalidated if switching between a custom invalid range to “all” range Printing VERIFIED FIXED
1662239 Multiple redundant paper size entries returned in the paperList Printing NEW
1662331 Use sheetCount rather than calculated the number of rendered pages Printing RESOLVED FIXED
1662360 [macOS] Print modal takes long to launch Printing RESOLVED DUPLICATE
1662365 Intermittent toolkit/components/printing/tests/browser_modal_print.js | Initial focus on printer picker - Got [object HTMLBodyElement], expected [object HTMLSelectElement] Printing RESOLVED FIXED
1662391 Settings are no longer respected when changing destination Printing RESOLVED DUPLICATE
1662393 Middle click/Ctrl(shift)+click on print preview should not open new tab(window) Printing RESOLVED DUPLICATE
1662434 sheets of paper not updated when switching destination to "Save to PDF" Printing VERIFIED FIXED
1662691 Range error (for invalid custom range) is displayed for “All” range as well Printing VERIFIED FIXED
1662699 Can't select "margins: none" when computed margins are also 0. Printing VERIFIED FIXED
1662740 Selected page range is not taken into consideration when the print destination is changed Printing RESOLVED DUPLICATE
1662769 "printerInfo._resolved;" Expression with no effect Printing RESOLVED FIXED
1662786 No longer have the ability to cancel or monitor print progress (Implement some sort of print queue user interface) Printing NEW
1662818 System modal has the “All” radio button selected even if a custom page range was set from the new UI Printing VERIFIED FIXED
1662844 Clicking Print/Save opens the system dialog on macOS Printing RESOLVED INVALID
1662845 0 sheets of paper is shown while loading print settings Printing RESOLVED FIXED
1662939 Wait for print preview to be initialized before printing or opening system dialog Printing VERIFIED FIXED
1662996 Printing via window.print() from a popup window which closes itself does no longer work Printing VERIFIED DUPLICATE
1663005 If "save to pdf" is selected printer, try to copy over as many current settings as possible to the system dialog. Printing NEW
1663019 Print headers and footers & Print Backgrounds options are available for pdf documents Printing RESOLVED DUPLICATE
1663040 Paper-size menu in the new print UI should be sorted by name Printing VERIFIED FIXED
1663071 Intermittent toolkit/components/printing/tests/browser_modal_print.js | Test timed out - Printing RESOLVED DUPLICATE
1663072 Intermittent toolkit/components/printing/tests/browser_modal_print.js | Test timed out - | Found a tab after previous test timed out: Printing RESOLVED DUPLICATE
1663121 Canceling the “Save as” modal while printing to file (Save to Pdf, Microsoft Print to PDF & Microsoft XPS document destinations) locks the new UI Printing VERIFIED FIXED
1663124 Canceling the System dialog closes the new print UI Printing RESOLVED WORKSFORME
1663131 Crash in [@ nsWrapperCache::GetWrapper] Printing VERIFIED FIXED
1663137 [Ubuntu] Print using the system dialog link is no longer displayed Printing VERIFIED FIXED
1663151 Show the system dialog button when printing on Linux. Printing VERIFIED FIXED
1663330 Intermittent TV toolkit/components/printing/tests/browser_window_print.js | leaked 4 window(s) until shutdown [url = chrome://global/content/print.html?browsingContextId=55] Printing RESOLVED INCOMPLETE
1663366 [Mac] Tab-modal print UI uses old dropdown menu appearance Printing VERIFIED FIXED
1663436 No longer able to change header/footer strings, even via "Print using system dialog..." escape hatch Printing RESOLVED WONTFIX
1663445 System dialog opens after trying to save the file with “Save to PDF” destination Printing VERIFIED FIXED
1663448 Pdf content broken in print preview when toggling orientation mode Printing RESOLVED FIXED
1663454 Print layout are not same between Firefox80 and 81.0b7 with default settings Printing RESOLVED INVALID
1663484 Session restore should not restore print preview doorhangers Printing RESOLVED WORKSFORME
1663503 Menu > Print does not work properly on Nightly82.0a1 Ubuntu20.04 ("Preparing Preview" spins forever after "Error: Can't fetchPaperMargins") Printing RESOLVED FIXED
1663712 Explore fetching and caching printer information before users initiate printing Printing ASSIGNED
1663733 Add telemetry for the time from print initiation to FrameLoader.printPreview() call and return Printing RESOLVED FIXED
1663801 Only call saveSettingsToPrefs in the frontend code when the user actually prints Printing RESOLVED WONTFIX
1663826 gmail printing of image attachments doesn't work (closes too soon) because of use of + meta refresh + window.print() Printing RESOLVED FIXED
1663940 Paper size settings ignored except for Save to PDF destination Printing VERIFIED FIXED
1663972 Print preview spins forever if you try to open the new print UI before the document loads Printing VERIFIED FIXED
1664017 Paper size dropdown shows paper sizes with symbolic (lowercase-and-underscores) names on Linux Printing RESOLVED DUPLICATE
1664087 Intermittent TV tier 2 toolkit/components/printing/tests/browser_preview_in_container.js | leaked 2 window(s) until shutdown [url = about:blank] Printing RESOLVED INCOMPLETE
1664145 [Ubuntu] Print preview dropdowns are incorrectly displayed, intermittently Printing RESOLVED DUPLICATE
1664332 Derive the prepopulated filename for save-to-PDF from the system print dialog from the document title Printing RESOLVED FIXED
1664339 Stop incrementing the legacy printing UI telemetry counts when the new printing UI is in use Printing RESOLVED FIXED
1664415 Unexpected title for error-message dialog on a Print operation Printing ASSIGNED
1664500 The Minimum label is not displayed as the selected margins option inside the new Print modal on Windows 7 Printing VERIFIED FIXED
1664565 Sheet count flashes an invalid number when changing between PDF and non-PDF printers Printing RESOLVED FIXED
1664570 Add support for setting custom margins to the new print preview UI Printing VERIFIED FIXED
1664793 Scale option is being skipped during keyboard navigation Printing RESOLVED INVALID
1665419 Intermittent toolkit/components/printing/tests/browser_sheet_count.js | Test timed out - Printing RESOLVED INCOMPLETE
1665503 Intermittent toolkit/components/printing/tests/browser_window_print.js | Shouldn't have blocked if we have mozPrintCallbacks - Printing RESOLVED INCOMPLETE
1666247 Add the Simplify Page checkbox to the new print UI Printing VERIFIED FIXED
1666523 Make the new print UI set nsIPrintSettings.paperSizeUnit whenever it sets a paper dimension Printing RESOLVED FIXED
1666687 print preview and nothing.. ("Error: Can't fetchPaperMargins") Printing RESOLVED FIXED
1666734 Add "Print on both sides" checkbox option to new print UI (duplex printing) Printing VERIFIED FIXED
1666776 Start print when Enter is pressed when print preview select controls are focused Printing VERIFIED FIXED
1666938 Consider starting the fetch of printer capabilities when a print is initiated Printing RESOLVED WONTFIX
1666945 Intermittent toolkit/components/printing/tests/browser_window_print.js | Uncaught exception - undefined - timed out after 50 tries. | Found an unexpected tab at the end of test run: https://*/file_window_print.html - Printing RESOLVED INCOMPLETE
1667662 Changing the paper size should not revert paper orientation to portrait Printing RESOLVED WORKSFORME
1667950 Create keyboard shortcuts to directly open the system print dialog Printing NEW
1668002 Pressing Ctrl-P brings a non-functional popup, with an error in the console Printing RESOLVED DUPLICATE
1668043 It should not be possible to interact with the tab content (e.g. using find-in-page) while tab-modal Print UI is open Printing NEW
1668072 opening print dialog opens it behind already open HTTP auth prompt, should be on top Printing NEW
1668242 Fix under-reporting of printing errors in telemetry Printing RESOLVED FIXED
1668453 Scroll print preview on PgUp/PgDown/Home/End when they would otherwise do nothing Printing NEW
1668476 Print preview ignores printing custom page range & scale values if the print job is initiated before print preview gets updated with the specified values Printing VERIFIED FIXED
1668487 Intermittent TV toolkit/components/printing/tests/browser_empty_paper_sizes.js | leaked 6 window(s) until shutdown [url = about:blank] Printing RESOLVED INCOMPLETE
1668499 [META] [QA] [PI-819] QA support for Print UI Beta 82 roll-out Printing RESOLVED FIXED
1668516 [PI-819] [old UI] The page orientation can no longer be changed after printing to PDF on Windows Printing VERIFIED FIXED
1668621 Setting custom print margins no longer works for users who haven't printed before, as of v81 Printing RESOLVED DUPLICATE
1668641 Can't switch to preset margins after setting custom margins Printing RESOLVED FIXED
1668665 Leave print preview open if the user cancels saving as pdf Printing VERIFIED FIXED
1668767 Selection printing should be independent of page ranges. Printing RESOLVED FIXED
1668794 [Linux] Paper size naming shows an additional “Borderless” after every option Printing RESOLVED WONTFIX
1668849 Tabbing through the page range or margin select box leaves a console error Printing RESOLVED FIXED
1668855 ctrl + +/- zooms the underlying page, not print preview Printing NEW
1668894 On mac, system modal has the “All” radio button selected even if a custom page range was set for "Save to pdf" option Printing RESOLVED DUPLICATE
1669182 Printing is not submitted when hitting "Enter" after opening the New Modal Printing RESOLVED DUPLICATE
1669187 Print preview settings are ignored on first print to a printer when `print.tab_modal.enabled` is set to `false` Printing VERIFIED FIXED
1669188 The print shortcut is wrongly displayed when the `print.tab_modal.enabled` pref is set to false until the Firefox menu is displayed a second time Printing VERIFIED FIXED
1669207 New UI has saved invalid margins to prefs, causing print preview to become completely disabled and unusable Printing VERIFIED FIXED
1669211 On some locale (here: french), the checkboxes for "print headers and footers", and "print backgrounds" don't have the same size Printing VERIFIED FIXED
1669225 The printer select dropdown shouldn't be disabled when we have invalid values Printing VERIFIED FIXED
1669354 New modal print dialog box does not include two-sided (duplex) printing option Printing RESOLVED DUPLICATE
1669369 Replace legacy actor with JSWindowActorChild for PrintingChild Printing RESOLVED FIXED
1669467 Print preview - tapping left-right should select between Portrait-Landscape options instead of scrolling between the options Printing NEW
1669631 Firefox print dialog doesn't get past throbber & "Preparing Preview", with error console showing "Uncaught (in promise) TypeError: can't access property "id", matchedPaper is undefined" Printing RESOLVED DUPLICATE
1669696 Custom margins are not applied if a second value is changed after the error message is triggered and the “trigger” value is than changed to a valid one Printing VERIFIED FIXED
1669699 Space height inconsistency after error messages inside the new Print modal Printing NEW
1669708 The “Cancel” button is also locked while the print preview is still rendering Printing VERIFIED FIXED
1669723 Stop unnecessarily catching exceptions from nsIPrintSettingsService.lastUsedPrinterName Printing RESOLVED FIXED
1669725 Margins settings have no effect in pdfs Printing VERIFIED FIXED
1669732 Add error message for page copies Printing RESOLVED FIXED
1669900 Intermittent toolkit/components/printing/tests/browser_print_page_range.js | Uncaught exception - Wait for dialog to close - timed out after 50 tries. Printing RESOLVED FIXED
1669904 Stop using PrintUtils.getPrintSettings in the new printing UI Printing NEW
1669925 Add telemetry for the various different printing entry points. Printing RESOLVED FIXED
1669995 Intermittent [TV] toolkit/components/printing/tests/browser_print_selection.js | Uncaught exception - undefined - threw exception: AbortError: Actor 'SpecialPowers' destroyed before query 'Spawn' was resolved Printing RESOLVED INCOMPLETE
1670008 The None margin option cannot be selected if failing to validate an invalid field by adjusting a value inside another field Printing VERIFIED FIXED
1670027 Print selection is disabled inside the system modal if the print preview destination was set to “Save to PDF” Printing VERIFIED FIXED
1670037 Get rid of the DeferredTask code in print.js Printing NEW
1670110 Consider moving the "Paper size" field outside the collapsed-by-default "More settings" section Printing NEW
1670122 Implement a "Print selection only" checkbox in the new print preview UI Printing VERIFIED FIXED
1670135 Add user interface to allow users to collate their printouts when printing multiple copies Printing NEW
1670160 Intermittent TV toolkit/components/printing/tests/browser_print_margins.js | This test exceeded the timeout threshold. It should be rewritten or split up. If that's not possible, use requestLongerTimeout(N), but only as a last resort. - Printing RESOLVED INCOMPLETE
1670222 The "Print using system dialog..." link should not wait for the print preview to be ready Printing VERIFIED FIXED
1670577 Intermittent toolkit/components/printing/tests/browser_modal_print.js | Initial focus on printer picker - Got [object HTMLBodyElement], expected [object HTMLSelectElement] Printing RESOLVED DUPLICATE
1670871 Limit the number suggested inside the margins warning message to two decimals Printing VERIFIED FIXED
1670912 [macOS] Increase/Decrease buttons are different in Print Preview Printing NEW
1671520 Add test coverage for the paper orientation component Printing NEW
1671702 Add "Flip on side edge"/"Flip on top edge" options to new print UI (duplex printing) Printing RESOLVED FIXED
1672304 Investigate / fix inaccurate initial paper width on mac OS. Printing RESOLVED DUPLICATE
1673634 Custom margins don't account for page orientation Printing VERIFIED FIXED
1673713 Implement a pages per sheet selection Printing VERIFIED FIXED
1673908 Overextended Paper size dropdown at fullscreen exit for Foxit option (version <10 ) Printing NEW
1674106 Print modal turns inaccessible when toggling between paper size using static custom values Printing VERIFIED FIXED
1674135 Printing via the “Print using the system dialog” option is not working for about pages Printing VERIFIED FIXED
1674543 Intermittent toolkit/components/printing/tests/browser_preview_print_simplify_non_article.js | Uncaught exception - AbortError: Actor 'SpecialPowers' destroyed before query 'Spawn' was resolved Printing RESOLVED INCOMPLETE
1674772 Please indicate unit of Margin. Printing VERIFIED FIXED
1675455 Print preview - TAB navigation on More Settings section throws Uncaught TypeError: can't access property "includes", is undefined Printing RESOLVED DUPLICATE
1675462 Print preview - Swapping from Scale to Fit To page and repeating with invalid scale should reset to previous valid value instead of 100 Printing NEW
1675474 Two OS print modals can be triggered at the same time Printing NEW
1675483 Print preview - number for sheets of paper flickers on page changes Printing RESOLVED FIXED
1675636 Change cancel button text to close after print starts Printing VERIFIED FIXED
1675682 Intermittent [TV] toolkit/components/printing/tests/browser_print_duplex.js | leaked 9 window(s) until shutdown [url = about:blank] Printing RESOLVED INCOMPLETE
1676199 Print preview for pdfs refreshes when toggling options that should not have a direct effect inside the preview Printing VERIFIED FIXED
1676388 Changing a destination that was just used to the actual printer triggers a delay in Print/Save button update Printing VERIFIED FIXED
1676644 Intermittent toolkit/components/printing/tests/browser_preview_switch_print_selected.js | Found a tab after previous test timed out: about:printpreview - Printing RESOLVED INCOMPLETE
1676659 Intermittent toolkit/components/printing/tests/browser_preview_switch_print_selected.js | Test timed out - Printing NEW
1676696 Intermittent toolkit/components/printing/tests/browser_preview_print_simplify_non_article.js | Found a tab after previous test timed out: about:printpreview - Printing RESOLVED DUPLICATE
1677327 Add 'Save PDF' option in modal print dialog on macOS Printing NEW
1678293 File picker is displayed while the print preview is still in a loading state for the “Save to PDF” destination Printing VERIFIED FIXED
1678319 Print preview displays the webpage in Portrait mode for several Destinations while the Landscape option is active and opens the old System dialog on print/save Printing RESOLVED WORKSFORME
1678358 Several print preview options can be “force enabled” (while they should be disabled) through the Margins section Printing VERIFIED FIXED
1678368 Sheets of paper are not updated on scale/ paper size change (only for bigger values) when custom option is on display Printing RESOLVED WORKSFORME
1678586 The Selection radio button from the system dialog panel is disabled if the system dialog was opened before the print preview finished loading Printing NEW
1678709 Print preview takes a little longer to render a certain pdf page Printing VERIFIED FIXED
1678982 Clicking in the middle of the Scale arrows increases the scale while having a caret displayed Printing NEW
1678983 Print Preview - disable scale carets when values reach max or min values accordingly Printing NEW
1679133 The print preview remains open after closing the printing progress prompt during the “Preparing” state and the print progress prompt is no longer displayed for that browser session Printing RESOLVED FIXED
1679143 Print selection is active but displays a blank page for wikipedia banner element Printing RESOLVED INVALID
1679154 Print button inside Google Docs doesn’t open the print modal Printing RESOLVED DUPLICATE
1679386 Print Preview locks out if going through some "Paper size" options while custom margins are set Printing RESOLVED DUPLICATE
1679389 Max scale values are different between new and system modal Printing NEW
1679403 Intermittent toolkit/components/printing/tests/browser_preview_print_simplify_non_article.js | Test timed out - Printing NEW
1679515 Low Ink/toner levels notification should be displayed on the new modal as well Printing NEW
1679535 Most of the new Print modal options are inaccessible on destination change if previously a print action was made using Foxit reader with the old modal Printing RESOLVED DUPLICATE
1680156 Enable pages per sheet by default Printing VERIFIED FIXED
1680158 Expose focused BrowsingContext to script. Printing RESOLVED FIXED
1680958 Close button is not always visible in print preview Printing RESOLVED WONTFIX
1681026 Enable the testPreviewNavigationCommands test in browser_preview_navigation.js Printing RESOLVED FIXED
1681051 Pages per sheet and the print preview are not updating to reflect the “all” page range after interacting with the scale values Printing VERIFIED FIXED
1681095 hasSelection should indicate if the selection was in the focused browsing context Printing RESOLVED FIXED
1681226 Intermittent TV toolkit/components/printing/tests/browser_print_margins.js | This test exceeded the timeout threshold. It should be rewritten or split up. If that's not possible, use requestLongerTimeout(N), but only as a last resort. - Printing RESOLVED FIXED
1681548 Intermittent TV toolkit/components/printing/tests/browser_modal_print.js | leaked 2 window(s) until shutdown [url = chrome://global/content/print.html?browsingContextId=53&printInitiationTime=1607524959613] Printing RESOLVED INCOMPLETE
1681867 Intermittent macOS toolkit/components/printing/tests/browser_preview_navigation.js | Uncaught exception - 2 successive 'previous'/'next clicks correctly update the sheet indicator - timed out after 50 tries. Printing RESOLVED FIXED
1681891 Print preview - focus ring not triggered on-click Printing RESOLVED WONTFIX
1681908 Print Preview - adjust sheet indicator focus ring so it doesn't falsely show as being of a bigger size than button/needed Printing NEW
1681941 Tooltips on sheet indicator buttons are not shown for the second hover action if the sheet indicator focus is not removed Printing VERIFIED FIXED
1682056 Intermittent macOS WebRender toolkit/components/printing/tests/browser_preview_navigation.js | Uncaught exception - 2 successive 'next' clicks correctly update the sheet indicator - timed out after 50 tries. Printing RESOLVED DUPLICATE
1682075 Intermittent toolkit/components/printing/tests/browser_pdf_hidden_settings.js | leaked 2 window(s) until shutdown [url = about:blank] Printing RESOLVED INCOMPLETE
1682079 Move browser/ references to toolkit/ Printing RESOLVED FIXED
1682128 The checkboxes on the new print UI do not match the checkboxes on e.g. about:preferences Printing VERIFIED FIXED
1682162 Print margin unit should be localized Printing RESOLVED FIXED
1682223 Intermittent toolkit/components/printing/tests/browser_window_print.js | leaked 2 window(s) until shutdown [url = chrome://global/content/print.html?browsingContextId=8589934596&printInitiationTime=1607928328544] Printing RESOLVED INCOMPLETE
1682227 Intermittent toolkit/components/printing/tests/browser_preview_navigation.js | Uncaught exception - Indicator updates on scroll - timed out after 50 tries. Printing RESOLVED INCOMPLETE
1682290 Print preview options are not automatically locked if an invalid (high) number of copies are entered Printing VERIFIED FIXED
1682316 Print preview paginator is not responsive to browser window shrink Printing VERIFIED FIXED
1682334 Support alternate units for custom print margins Printing RESOLVED DUPLICATE
1682827 Incomplete page ranges can be introduced in the new Print modal Printing RESOLVED WORKSFORME
1683279 Intermittent toolkit/components/printing/tests/browser_print_in_container.js | Uncaught exception - Wait for dialog - timed out after 50 tries. Printing RESOLVED DUPLICATE
1683318 The print preview opens for a different tab instead of the desired local about page Printing VERIFIED FIXED
1683529 Intermittent browser_cancel_close_print.js | Uncaught exception - Wait for dialog - timed out after 50 tries. | Found an unexpected tab at the end of test run: - Printing RESOLVED INCOMPLETE
1683597 Intermittent toolkit/components/printing/tests/browser_print_copies.js | Uncaught exception - Wait for dialog - timed out after 50 tries. Printing RESOLVED INCOMPLETE
1683658 Screen readers doesn’t read the print preview's “Pages per sheet” label Printing VERIFIED FIXED
1683775 Intermittent toolkit/components/printing/tests/browser_preview_navigation.js | Uncaught exception - Wait for dialog - timed out after 50 tries. Printing RESOLVED INCOMPLETE
1683796 Intermittent toolkit/components/printing/tests/browser_modal_resize.js | Uncaught exception - Wait for 1100x900 - timed out after 50 tries. Printing RESOLVED INCOMPLETE
1685184 This Frame > Print Frame... prints top-level page Printing RESOLVED FIXED
1685191 Intermittent TV toolkit/components/printing/tests/browser_window_print.js | leaked 4 window(s) until shutdown [url = about:blank] Printing RESOLVED INCOMPLETE
1685264 First page/ Last page print preview paginator buttons show inaccurate page number on first click for a certain paper size type Printing NEW
1685352 Verify "Print" modal is consistent with new proton UI Printing VERIFIED FIXED
1685608 Intermittent toolkit/components/printing/tests/browser_print_context_menu.js | Uncaught exception - undefined - threw exception: AbortError: Actor 'SpecialPowers' destroyed before query 'Spawn' was resolved Printing RESOLVED INCOMPLETE
1685609 Intermittent [tier2] TV toolkit/components/printing/tests/browser_print_context_menu.js | leaked 2 window(s) until shutdown [url = chrome://global/content/print.html?browsingContextId=10737418241&printInitiationTime=1610051278304] Printing RESOLVED INCOMPLETE
1685773 Perma toolkit/components/printing/tests/browser_print_context_menu.js | Uncaught exception - undefined - timed out after 50 tries. when Gecko switches to Late Beta on 2021-02-05 Printing VERIFIED FIXED
1685823 Preview updates twice when sheet count changes after changing printers Printing RESOLVED FIXED
1686192 Paginator flickers at scale change on random pages Printing NEW
1686201 Win7 - Previous/Next page button icons are to pixelated on old PrintPreview Printing NEW
1686211 [Ubuntu] Modal is not closing with the 'ESC' key if the page was not completely loaded Printing NEW
1686450 Paginator values are not updated instantaneously when resizing the browser window Printing NEW
1686459 The paginator doesn’t get automatically updated while changing different print options Printing RESOLVED FIXED
1686698 Intermittent TV toolkit/components/printing/tests/browser_preview_navigation.js | This test exceeded the timeout threshold. It should be rewritten or split up. If that's not possible, use requestLongerTimeout(N), but only as a last resort. - Printing RESOLVED INCOMPLETE
1686737 Scroll position should be maintained when changing settings that take effect in print preview Printing NEW
1686921 Header buttons from the old Print Preview are not rendered correctly in the OS's High Contrast mode Printing RESOLVED WORKSFORME
1687014 Print preview pagination toolbar buttons don't exactly fit their container Printing NEW
1687036 Intermittent TV toolkit/components/printing/tests/browser_modal_resize.js | leaked 2 window(s) until shutdown [url = chrome://global/content/print.html?browsingContextId=47&printInitiationTime=1610739242657] Printing RESOLVED INCOMPLETE
1687403 Intermittent TV toolkit/components/printing/tests/browser_print_page_range.js | This test exceeded the timeout threshold. It should be rewritten or split up. If that's not possible, use requestLongerTimeout(N), but only as a last resort. - Printing RESOLVED INCOMPLETE
1688099 Restore the state of the More settings twisty on load Printing RESOLVED FIXED
1688191 in 84.0.2 64-bit, windows10, German edition, the "Print Preview" menu has disappeared. A new installation did not correct the problem at all. Only the installation of 84.0.1 brought the print preview menu back. Printing RESOLVED INACTIVE
1688597 Canceling the file picker while printing an about local page locally blocks the print preview in a “Printing…” state Printing NEW
1688823 Headers & Footers are cut off as a result of new Print Preview Interface Printing RESOLVED DUPLICATE
1689360 Print Margin Metrics Printing RESOLVED DUPLICATE
1689468 Remember when user expand the "More settings" toggle in the tab-modal print UI Printing RESOLVED FIXED
1690009 Upon view-source on file behind .htaccess OR upon print on file behind .htaccess, browser crashes Printing RESOLVED INCOMPLETE
1690525 Print preview - text strings should not be selected when picking from advanced print settings Printing NEW
1691381 The paginator’s “first page” and “last page” buttons extremities are transparent when shrinking the browser window Printing NEW
1691420 Consider making the preview have initial focus instead of the destination. Printing NEW
1691564 Built in print system doesn't allow setting flip direction. Printing RESOLVED DUPLICATE
1691884 White margin around select dropdowns in the print dialog Printing UNCONFIRMED
1691987 Simplify print does not work with temporary Container Add-on Printing NEW
1692100 New Firefox and Thunderbird print dialogue is migraine trigger Printing RESOLVED DUPLICATE
1692232 Enable print.tab_modal.enabled pref on all channels Printing RESOLVED FIXED
1692316 Duplex "Flip on side edge" / "Flip on long edge" options currently do the opposite of what they say, if you choose landscape mode Printing RESOLVED FIXED
1693069 When users choose "Customised" as their "Pages", automatically focus the range field Printing RESOLVED FIXED
1693174 New print experience complicates printing Printing UNCONFIRMED
1693989 PDF content gets clipped when printing, if it's too close to page edge (with no way to shrink to fit printable area) Printing NEW
1694516 Print Preview and Page Setup missing Printing RESOLVED WONTFIX
1694532 Printing dialog box should warn when the Windows "Print Spooler" service is disabled Printing RESOLVED FIXED
1694706 Printing units Printing RESOLVED DUPLICATE
1694844 New Print dialog fails to open on Linux with no printer installed (I use print to file) Printing RESOLVED FIXED
1694846 Remove or update probes expiring in Firefox 89: PRINT_INIT_TO_P* Printing RESOLVED FIXED
1694951 Remove printing.trigger telemetry. Printing RESOLVED FIXED
1694963 Firefox 86 Print Preview does not allow full screen preview anymore Printing NEW
1695166 Print Preview Interface alters user's default printer settings as specified in about:config causing headers and footers to be outside printable range of printers. Printing RESOLVED FIXED
1695622 Firefox 86 print preview does not work Printing VERIFIED FIXED
1695632 Firefox 86 print preview is small - zoom does not work Printing RESOLVED DUPLICATE
1695645 "Sheets of paper" does not update when selecting "Print on both sides" Printing VERIFIED FIXED
1695982 Remove print.printer_Mozilla_Save_to_PDF.print_to_filename from about:support Printing RESOLVED FIXED
1696738 No duplex option for new print box Printing RESOLVED WORKSFORME
1697226 Please add an option to print the current page only to the new printing UI Printing RESOLVED FIXED
1697811 Superfluous "Confirm Dialog Preference" dialog Printing RESOLVED FIXED
1698240 Intermittent toolkit/components/printing/tests/browser_print_margins.js | This test exceeded the timeout threshold. It should be rewritten or split up. If that's not possible, use requestLongerTimeout(N), but only as a last resort. - Printing RESOLVED DUPLICATE
1698254 Custom print margin value don't use locale's decimal separator Printing RESOLVED FIXED
1698262 Dropdown list pops up at incorrect position Printing RESOLVED FIXED
1698383 Relax max-height on print modal for larger preview size Printing UNCONFIRMED
1699231 The WebRender rollout is obsolete but still active Printing RESOLVED FIXED
1699343 printer dialog doesn't appear in some cases, with exception thrown for "Component returned failure code: 0x80004005 (NS_ERROR_FAILURE) [nsIPrinterList.systemDefaultPrinterName]" Printing RESOLVED FIXED
1700793 Intermittent toolkit/components/printing/tests/browser_modal_print.js | leaked 2 window(s) until shutdown [url = about:blank] Printing RESOLVED INCOMPLETE
1700803 Intermittent toolkit/components/printing/tests/browser_modal_print.js | A promise chain failed to handle a rejection: can't access property "browsingContext", is null - stack: _createPreviewBrowser@/printUtils.js:173:1 Printing RESOLVED INCOMPLETE
1701504 Looking for hasSelection in window.print() needs to be smarter. Printing NEW
1701545 Intermittent toolkit/components/printing/tests/browser_print_selection.js | Uncaught exception - undefined - threw exception: AbortError: Actor 'SpecialPowers' destroyed before query 'Spawn' was resolved Printing RESOLVED INCOMPLETE
1702147 Default "Save to PDF" printer paper size doesn't match default printer paper size (creates Letter sized instead of A4) Printing NEW
1702184 Intermittent [tier2] toolkit/components/printing/tests/browser_modal_print.js | There are no print dialogs - Got 3, expected +0 Printing RESOLVED INCOMPLETE
1702501 Remove print.tab_modal.enabled pref and old frontend print preview code Printing RESOLVED FIXED
1702506 duplicated paper sizes in printing dialog Printing NEW
1704448 In PDF view, option to print all or certain pages gives unnecessary "custom" option, not just page nos. Printing UNCONFIRMED
1704464 Can't print using the contextual option "Print Frame..." Printing RESOLVED WORKSFORME
1707454 Print tab modal preview loading forever Printing RESOLVED WORKSFORME
1708478 Intermittent toolkit/components/printing/tests/browser_modal_print.js | application terminated with exit code 11 Printing RESOLVED INCOMPLETE
1711130 Intermittent toolkit/components/printing/tests/browser_modal_print.js | A promise chain failed to handle a rejection: is null - stack: _createPreviewBrowser@chrome://global/content/printUtils.js:153:1 Printing RESOLVED INCOMPLETE
1711537 Intermittent toolkit/components/printing/tests/browser_preview_switch_print_selected.js | Should have custom content. - "" == "Article title" - got "", expected "Article title" (operator ==) Printing RESOLVED INCOMPLETE
1711791 Ensure the debug log includes the full set of print settings Printing RESOLVED FIXED
1711805 Extract uses of gBrowser in PrintUtils in a way that can be easily overridden Printing RESOLVED FIXED
1712104 Add a preference 'print.prefer_system_dialog' to allow printing directly via the system print dialog Printing VERIFIED FIXED
1712607 window.print() brings window to front Printing NEW
1713912 Tests skipped in 'toolkit/components/printing/tests/browser.ini' for new Fission platform triage Printing RESOLVED FIXED
1714261 Remove or update probes expiring in Firefox 92: PRINT_INIT_TO_P* Printing RESOLVED FIXED
1714634 Print a PDF Landscape in Portrait version 89 Printing NEW
1714639 Tab modal print shows blank on parent process pages Printing VERIFIED FIXED
1714798 Firefox picks wrong orientation for USPS labels on brother ql-770 Printing REOPENED
1714799 Firefox should save preference for printer orientation and paper size per printer Printing NEW
1715653 browser_modal_print.js perma-fails on Linux when run locally Printing NEW
1715656 Add meta charset tag to helper HTML files in toolkit/components/printing/tests/ Printing RESOLVED FIXED
1718200 In nsDocumentViewer::SetDocument, call Document::Destroy if the new document is a static document. Printing RESOLVED FIXED
1718204 Ensure there's a content viewer in the in-process version of nsFrameLoader::PrintPreview. Printing VERIFIED FIXED
1719601 Intermittent [TV] toolkit/components/printing/tests/browser_window_print.js | This test exceeded the timeout threshold. It should be rewritten or split up. If that's not possible, use requestLongerTimeout(N), but only as a last resort. - Printing RESOLVED INCOMPLETE
1719873 Intermittent toolkit/components/printing/tests/browser_print_simplified_mode.js | Test timed out - Printing RESOLVED INCOMPLETE
1719875 Intermittent toolkit/components/printing/tests/browser_preview_switch_print_selected.js | Uncaught exception - AbortError: Actor 'SpecialPowers' destroyed before query 'Spawn' was resolved Printing RESOLVED INCOMPLETE
1720178 Printing from print button doesn't work. Printing VERIFIED FIXED
1720681 Print problem on Firefox 90.0 Printing UNCONFIRMED
1721253 Print preview is cutoff on right side for PDF doc Printing RESOLVED DUPLICATE
1722187 Firefox 9.0 printing truncates columns Printing RESOLVED DUPLICATE
1723989 Printing modal animation is displayed even when the show animation is switched off on Windows Printing RESOLVED FIXED
1725801 Intermittent toolkit/components/printing/tests/browser_pdf_hidden_settings.js | leaked 2 window(s) until shutdown [url = chrome://global/content/commonDialog.xhtml] Printing RESOLVED INCOMPLETE
1729067 Intermittent toolkit/components/printing/tests/browser_modal_print.js | Uncaught exception received from previously timed out test - focus listener on #print-button not removed before the end of test Printing RESOLVED INCOMPLETE
1729339 Intermittent toolkit/components/printing/tests/browser_preview_navigation.js | Test timed out - Printing RESOLVED DUPLICATE
1730283 Refactor print.js to move custom elements into their own file(s) Printing NEW
1730287 Fix startup.first_run_is_from_dmg telemetry to report first-run-not-from-dmg stats again Printing RESOLVED FIXED
1731881 Intermittent [TV] toolkit/components/printing/tests/browser_modal_print.js | This test exceeded the timeout threshold. It should be rewritten or split up. If that's not possible, use requestLongerTimeout(N), but only as a last resort. - Printing RESOLVED INCOMPLETE
1732102 Intermittent TEST-UNEXPECTED-TIMEOUT | toolkit/components/printing/tests/browser_print_in_container.js | application timed out after 370 seconds with no output Printing RESOLVED INCOMPLETE
1735007 cannot print email, using outlook or in private mode Printing RESOLVED INCOMPLETE
1735526 Margins selection up/down arrows are not visible on print preview dialog, if you have a large system font size Printing VERIFIED FIXED
1735587 "Sheets of paper" incorrect when numCopies>1 and sheetCount is odd Printing VERIFIED FIXED
1735958 Intermittent TV toolkit/components/printing/tests/browser_sheet_count.js | This test exceeded the timeout threshold. It should be rewritten or split up. If that's not possible, use requestLongerTimeout(N), but only as a last resort. - Printing RESOLVED INCOMPLETE
1736255 Intermittent toolkit/components/printing/tests/browser_print_selection.js | Test timed out - Printing RESOLVED INCOMPLETE
1737870 cannot print while using firefox browser for windows10 Printing RESOLVED DUPLICATE
1739332 PDFjs OR Print Dialog does not use the download directory Printing RESOLVED DUPLICATE
1740451 Black line on left, top and bottom sides of the scrollbar in print preview page on maximized browser window with screen scale from 125% upwards Printing NEW
1740630 Printing selection from parent process browsers is broken and disabled Printing RESOLVED FIXED
1742008 Intermittent TV toolkit/components/printing/tests/browser_print_selection.js | This test exceeded the timeout threshold. It should be rewritten or split up. If that's not possible, use requestLongerTimeout(N), but only as a last resort. - Printing RESOLVED INCOMPLETE
1742224 Intermittent toolkit/components/printing/tests/browser_print_context_menu.js | application terminated with exit code 1 Printing RESOLVED DUPLICATE
1742621 Finish and land the frontend changes from bug 1669149 Printing NEW
1742968 Print Preview dropdowns have the hovered state when the cursor is above them Printing NEW
1745247 Port browser/base/content/test/general/browser_printpreview.js to the new UI Printing RESOLVED FIXED
1745262 Print preview remains visible while printing using system dialog Printing VERIFIED FIXED
1745270 Remove or update probes expiring in Firefox 98: PRINT_INIT_TO_P* Printing RESOLVED FIXED
1745290 Port toolkit/components/printing/tests/browser_preview_switch_print_selected.js to the new UI Printing RESOLVED FIXED
1745294 Port toolkit/components/printing/tests/browser_preview_print_simplify_non_article.js to new UI Printing RESOLVED FIXED
1745301 Remove the old UI tests from toolkit/components/printing/tests/browser_preview_print_coop.js Printing RESOLVED FIXED
1745303 Remove browser/base/content/test/tabs/browser_tabSwitchPrintPreview.js Printing RESOLVED FIXED
1745317 Port browser/base/content/test/tabcrashed/browser_printpreview_crash.js to the new UI Printing RESOLVED FIXED
1745319 Remove toolkit/components/printing/tests/browser_page_change_print_original.js Printing RESOLVED FIXED
1745322 Only test the new UI in browser/components/extensions/test/browser/browser_ext_tabs_printPreview.js Printing RESOLVED FIXED
1745325 Remove unnecessary setting of print.tab_modal.enabled=true in tests Printing RESOLVED FIXED
1745333 Stop ask for print progress in PrintingChild.jsm for the old UI Printing RESOLVED FIXED
1745452 Remove the print progress dialog code Printing RESOLVED FIXED
1745465 Add a pref to enable the Page Setup menu (print.show_page_setup_menu=true) Printing RESOLVED FIXED
1745548 Even if using `Print system dialog`, the original page should be displayed in dimmed when `Tab Modal Print Preview` is shown Printing RESOLVED DUPLICATE
1746204 Crash in [@ frdvpr_drv.dll | szDynamicDaylightDisabled] Printing RESOLVED INVALID
1746307 Intermittent toolkit/components/printing/tests/browser_pdf_printer_settings.js | Saved pdf file exists - Got false, expected true Printing RESOLVED INCOMPLETE
1746922 Print Preview Dialog should not be dismissed by page navigation Printing NEW
1747401 It takes too long time Print preview about:config. During that period, the whole Firefox becomes unresponsive. Printing NEW
1747666 Remove print API from editor binding Printing RESOLVED FIXED
1748004 When silent printing to file, consider using the document title for the file name instead of "mozilla.pdf" Printing ASSIGNED
1748846 Make the code for switching BrowsingContext for selection-only print much clearer Printing NEW
1749014 Remove some unused printUtils.js code and a test Printing RESOLVED FIXED
1749016 Update Page Setup menu code in printUtils.js to reflect removal of the Print Preview menu Printing RESOLVED FIXED
1749018 Roll PrintUtils._setPrinterDefaultsForSelectedPrinter into its sole caller Printing RESOLVED FIXED
1749316 Red warning text should only appear after unfocusing the input for invalid printing scale and margins values Printing NEW
1749598 Stop synchronizing the print_printer preference to content processes Printing RESOLVED FIXED
1750478 Intermittent TV toolkit/components/printing/tests/browser_sheet_count.js | This test exceeded the timeout threshold. It should be rewritten or split up. If that's not possible, use requestLongerTimeout(N), but only as a last resort. - Printing RESOLVED INCOMPLETE
1750480 Intermittent TV toolkit/components/printing/tests/browser_destination_change.js | leaked 2 window(s) until shutdown [url = chrome://global/content/print.html?printInitiationTime=1642378375605] Printing RESOLVED INCOMPLETE
1750481 Intermittent TV toolkit/components/printing/tests/browser_print_page_range.js | This test exceeded the timeout threshold. It should be rewritten or split up. If that's not possible, use requestLongerTimeout(N), but only as a last resort. - Printing RESOLVED DUPLICATE
1750489 print.tab_modal.enabled gets ignored in Beta 97 Printing RESOLVED INVALID
1750575 No accessible print dialogue in Firefox 97 Printing RESOLVED DUPLICATE
1752034 Captive portal in Firefox says I'm not connected to internet and documents don't print Printing RESOLVED INACTIVE
1752379 Cannot print PDF without headers and footers Printing VERIFIED FIXED
1754599 Print using system dialog by default Printing RESOLVED DUPLICATE
1754630 setting print.tab_modal.enabled to false does not enable system diaglogue Printing RESOLVED DUPLICATE
1754919 As a stop-gap, Firefox and Thunderbird modal print dialogues should include a reachable link to the system print dialogue Printing UNCONFIRMED
1755192 Print using the system dialog… does not stay when you change the modal on about:config. and restart firefox. I want to use the old Print Box Printing RESOLVED DUPLICATE
1756169 Print button disabled for Dymo Printer Printing RESOLVED FIXED
1757657 Remove some about:printpreview cruft that was missed in 1702501 Printing RESOLVED FIXED
1758550 default Print using the system dialog box missing in osx firefox v92 Printing RESOLVED DUPLICATE
1759722 Wrong-typed print menu with "Save as PDF" option selected Printing RESOLVED INVALID
1761843 Print Preview Interface alters user's default printer settings as specified in about:config causing headers and footers to be outside printable range of printers. Printing RESOLVED DUPLICATE
1762293 Intermittent toolkit/components/printing/tests/browser_print_stream.js | Uncaught exception in test - Sizes should match - timed out after 50 tries. Printing RESOLVED FIXED
1762921 Intermittent toolkit/components/printing/tests/browser_print_stream.js | Uncaught exception in test - Sizes should (almost) match - timed out after 50 tries. Printing RESOLVED FIXED
1765076 Page Setup menu needs dark mode Printing VERIFIED FIXED
1766002 Intermittent toolkit/components/printing/tests/browser_print_stream.js | Uncaught exception in test - Sizes should (almost) match - timed out after 50 tries. Printing RESOLVED INCOMPLETE
1768020 Stop abusing the PrintPreview custom element for silent printing Printing NEW
1768210 Consider adding an option to about:preferences to select between tab-modal and system dialog printing Printing RESOLVED WONTFIX
1769132 Fix "Print selection only" when pref 'print.prefer_system_dialog' is set to true Printing VERIFIED FIXED
1769925 Intermittent toolkit/components/printing/tests/browser_window_print.js | Uncaught exception in test - Wait for dialog - timed out after 50 tries. Printing RESOLVED INCOMPLETE
1770372 Printing with Save to PDF crashes Firefox if window is closed while Fx is saving the PDF Printing VERIFIED FIXED
1770536 Remove the print.show_print_progress pref Printing RESOLVED FIXED
1770862 tabs.printPreview() should override print.prefer_system_dialog = true Printing NEW
1771313 Paginator background is translucent with the alpenglow light theme Printing VERIFIED FIXED
1771500 [linux] Firefox does not show all the nearby printers Printing RESOLVED FIXED
1772789 Header in Print dialog should show "X Pages" when PDF is selected Printing NEW
1775883 Intermittent toolkit/components/printing/tests/browser_modal_print.js | single tracking bug Printing REOPENED
1775884 Intermittent toolkit/components/printing/tests/browser_print_context_menu.js | single tracking bug Printing RESOLVED INCOMPLETE
1775885 Intermittent toolkit/components/printing/tests/browser_print_page_range.js | single tracking bug Printing RESOLVED INCOMPLETE
1775886 Intermittent toolkit/components/printing/tests/browser_print_in_container.js | single tracking bug Printing NEW
1777398 Remove or update probes expiring in Firefox 105: PRINT_INIT_TO_P* Printing RESOLVED FIXED
1779403 Intermittent toolkit/components/printing/tests/browser_print_stream.js | Uncaught exception in test - Sizes should (almost) match - timed out after 50 tries. Printing RESOLVED DUPLICATE
1781908 Intermittent toolkit/components/printing/tests/browser_print_stream.js | single tracking bug Printing REOPENED
1784663 Intermittent toolkit/components/printing/tests/browser_preview_navigation.js | single tracking bug Printing RESOLVED INCOMPLETE
1786351 Intermittent toolkit/components/printing/tests/browser_print_margins.js | single tracking bug Printing RESOLVED INCOMPLETE
1786358 Intermittent toolkit/components/printing/tests/browser_pdf_hidden_settings.js | single tracking bug Printing RESOLVED INCOMPLETE
1787491 Add Alignment in advanced print preferences Printing UNCONFIRMED
1787662 The in-content print dialog is not dark moded in dark mode Printing RESOLVED DUPLICATE
1787663 "Print using system dialog" icon looks squished if the text is too long Printing VERIFIED FIXED
1789145 Intermittent toolkit/components/printing/tests/browser_window_print.js | single tracking bug Printing NEW
1789573 PDF viewer doesn't catch cmd+p Printing RESOLVED INACTIVE
1790757 crash displaying print popup | this.availablePrinters[target.printerName] is undefined Printing RESOLVED FIXED
1790815 Window.print allow focus stealing can be abused to overlap fullscreen security notification Printing VERIFIED FIXED
1793220 For documents with @page { size ...}, Save-to-PDF should offer a "Default" option to use author-specified size by default Printing RESOLVED FIXED
1793627 afterprint event is triggered when the print dialog is opened Printing RESOLVED INVALID
1795975 remove nested event loop from _displayPrintingError(). Was Assertion failure: ((bool)(__builtin_expect(!!(!NS_FAILED_impl(rv)), 1))) || !self->mWebRTCAlive, at /dom/media/systemservices/CamerasParent.cpp:1128 Printing RESOLVED FIXED
1798965 Simplified PDF print mode (using Reader mode behind the scenes) sometimes causes text to be impossibly small because image widths are unbounded Printing VERIFIED FIXED
1800006 print preview functions not loading up when default printer is unreachable Printing RESOLVED DUPLICATE
1801649 Print defaults to landscape despite printer default preference setting to portrait Printing RESOLVED DUPLICATE
1808522 Print buttons can't be used if Firefox is resized to the minimum Printing NEW
1811153 Remove or update probes expiring in Firefox 112: PRINT_INIT_TO_P* Printing NEW
1811852 Firefox crashes on Windows when printing a page (sometimes) Printing RESOLVED FIXED
1811970 Remove pages-per-sheet pref Printing RESOLVED FIXED
1812220 Intermittent TV [tier 2] toolkit/components/printing/tests/browser_sheet_count.js | single tracking bug Printing RESOLVED DUPLICATE
1815734 window.onafterprint is called before print dialog closes Printing RESOLVED DUPLICATE
1815833 [Windows]Simplified PDF print mode (using Reader mode behind the scenes) causes text to be impossibly small because image widths are unbounded Printing RESOLVED WORKSFORME
1817049 Remove some remnants from the old print preview Printing RESOLVED FIXED
1818845 Update the page size values passed in PrintPreviewResultInfo to always be in portrait orientation Printing NEW
1819226 Intermittent TV toolkit/components/printing/tests/browser_print_page_size.js | single tracking bug Printing RESOLVED INCOMPLETE
1823141 Print preview select elements look too thin after bug 1816131 Printing RESOLVED FIXED
1823513 "Destination" dropdown arrow in the print dialog is misaligned with the rest of the dropdown arrows Printing VERIFIED FIXED
1825479 Intermittent toolkit/components/printing/tests/browser_sheet_count.js | single tracking bug Printing RESOLVED INCOMPLETE
1826872 Move CUPS printer dest into CUPSPrinterInfo for nsPrinterCUPS Printing RESOLVED FIXED
1828985 Intermittent toolkit/components/printing/tests/browser_cancel_close_print.js | single tracking bug Printing RESOLVED INCOMPLETE
1830893 Printer names cut off in print dialog Printing RESOLVED INACTIVE
1831002 Print dialog number-field spinbuttons have repeated up/down arrows (for "Copies", "Scale", and "Custom Margins") Printing VERIFIED FIXED
1832992 Firefox prints the first page of a PDF instead of the current page (confusing UI when selecting current page on a PDF?). Printing RESOLVED INVALID
1833733 Overlay scrollbar is really hard to see over the gray background area in Print Preview dialog Printing RESOLVED FIXED
1834187 Can't "print Using the System Dialogue" Without Using Mouse Printing RESOLVED INVALID
1834236 Intermittent toolkit/components/printing/tests/browser_print_bcg_id_overflow.js | single tracking bug Printing RESOLVED INCOMPLETE
1835112 Print preview "1 of 1" overlay at the bottom is awkwardly transparent at the edges, if your window is skinny Printing NEW
1835419 Last "Save As" location from Private mode surfaces when saving PDF after closing Private mode Printing NEW
1835421 Print Preview dialog's light-to-dark-gray gradient background makes the scrollbar disappear at some position Printing NEW
1835864 PresShell::AddCanvasBackgroundColorItem doesn't deal with the printing frame tree very well. Printing RESOLVED FIXED
1835946 Intermittent application crashed [@ js::gc::detail::CellHasStoreBuffer] | single tracking bug Printing RESOLVED INCOMPLETE
1837678 Intermittent toolkit/components/printing/tests/browser_print_simplified_mode.js | single tracking bug Printing RESOLVED INCOMPLETE
1844192 browser_print_selection.js: browser.isRemote should be browser.isRemoteBrowser Printing RESOLVED FIXED
1854710 Intermittent toolkit/components/printing/tests/browser_print_margins.js | single tracking bug Printing RESOLVED INCOMPLETE
1855872 Intermittent toolkit/components/printing/tests/browser_print_duplex.js | single tracking bug Printing REOPENED
1856247 Intermittent toolkit/components/printing/tests/browser_print_page_range.js (finished) | single tracking bug Printing RESOLVED INCOMPLETE
1858289 Intermittent toolkit/components/printing/tests/browser_preview_in_container.js | single tracking bug Printing RESOLVED INCOMPLETE
1862028 Website switches to light theme AFTER hitting page print and never switches back Printing NEW
1862336 Intermittent toolkit/components/printing/tests/browser_ui_labels.js | single tracking bug Printing RESOLVED INCOMPLETE
1865549 Page orientation cannot be chosen when printing a PDF document Printing NEW
1865558 Some regressions in how elements appear in the print dialog Printing VERIFIED FIXED
1866276 Support | PDF document linearization Printing UNCONFIRMED
1868059 Add a documenting comment to class PrintPreview Printing RESOLVED FIXED
1876833 Ability to adjust font sizes / paragraph width / line spacing / font family in "Simplified" (Reader mode) print / PDF output Printing UNCONFIRMED
1876846 Simplified PDF print mode (Reader mode behind the scenes) sometimes still creates unbounded extra-large image widths Printing NEW
1876850 Ability to limit maximum images size / width for pictures in PDF / printing export Printing UNCONFIRMED
1877317 Intermittent TV toolkit/components/printing/tests/browser_print_page_range.js | single tracking bug Printing RESOLVED DUPLICATE
1886858 Tokenize and use CSS nesting in the print dialog Printing RESOLVED FIXED
1892873 Visiting chrome://global/content/print.html causes web content to become 250px wide permanently Printing VERIFIED FIXED
1894748 Include PDF file from "Save to PDF" in download panel Printing RESOLVED DUPLICATE
1896070 Notify user if PDF generation fails Printing NEW
1897431 Intermittent toolkit/components/printing/tests/browser_print_selection.js | single tracking bug Printing RESOLVED INCOMPLETE
1900297 Intermittent toolkit/components/printing/tests/browser_print_frame.js | single tracking bug Printing RESOLVED INCOMPLETE
1903519 Move pending print preview styles from browser/base/content/browser.css into a new toolkit stylesheet to be loaded by the print-preview custom element Printing RESOLVED FIXED
240807 Crash when printing MultiWeek Printing RESOLVED WORKSFORME
258755 Button 'Portrait' is always selected when launching CalendarPrintWindow although drawing Landscape (which was used last time). Printing RESOLVED WORKSFORME
275883 Cannot print calendar on Mozilla Suite, Thunderbird and Sunbird, no print button on Linux Printing RESOLVED FIXED
283935 unable to print traditional chinese through printere Printing RESOLVED WORKSFORME
294590 Weekly print view with time slots (like calendar week view) Printing NEW
296517 Cannot print task in the calender task pane. Printing VERIFIED DUPLICATE
297472 Printing multiday events as banner Printing NEW
312084 Printing shouldn't use a tempfile Printing VERIFIED FIXED
322882 Few Features/Unable to Print Active Calendar Printing RESOLVED INVALID
325137 Should be possible to print tasks Printing RESOLVED FIXED
345606 Print dialog broken [Error: getCompositeCalendar is not defined] Printing VERIFIED FIXED
346890 Sunbird is missing PrintPDE.plugin on Mac Printing RESOLVED FIXED
346912 print() function name collision Printing RESOLVED FIXED
346923 Sunbird printing broken on Mac Printing RESOLVED FIXED
347380 Print dialog broken when using custom date range [Error: jsDateToDateTime is not defined] Printing VERIFIED FIXED
347381 Print monthly calendar for selected events fails [Error: aStart has no properties] Printing VERIFIED FIXED
347383 Print dialog: Wrong label for end date field (labeled with "From:") Printing VERIFIED FIXED
347790 [printing] title is always printed as HTMLTitle Printing VERIFIED FIXED
349322 calMonthGridPrinter.js outputs invalid and ugly css Printing RESOLVED FIXED
349347 print preview dialog does not close after printing Printing VERIFIED INVALID
349358 RFE: Ability to print a calendar and appointments, not just appointments. Printing RESOLVED WORKSFORME
350099 Reimplement true print preview option Printing RESOLVED WORKSFORME
350348 Hard coded strings in print output (in calHtmlExport.js) Printing VERIFIED FIXED
351031 Location of date changes in Monthly Grid print layout Printing RESOLVED FIXED
351581 [Win] Print fails on first attempt but works on second Printing RESOLVED FIXED
351815 Printing is broken in 20060908 build Printing VERIFIED FIXED
351860 monthly grid unnecessarily appends second month when first day of week is set to Monday Printing RESOLVED FIXED
351866 Application stalls if attempting to print any December Printing VERIFIED FIXED
351944 Printing has issues on Linux Printing RESOLVED WORKSFORME
351957 Printing gives error dialog: You cannot print while in print preview Printing VERIFIED FIXED
352433 "all day" is shown on "print" view and printed product for an event selected "All Day" Printing RESOLVED FIXED
353044 calMonthPrinter calls toXMLString() twice (unnecessarily performance lost) Printing RESOLVED FIXED
354198 Print output shows all day events from day preceding the selected date range Printing VERIFIED FIXED
356249 Year in printout is not changed when entering the new year. Printing VERIFIED FIXED
356251 When week starts on monday month printout can be incomplete. Printing RESOLVED FIXED
358137 Does not print in week view Printing RESOLVED DUPLICATE
358775 Print function is broken Printing VERIFIED FIXED
359007 Event printed multiple times with same time if it is a multiday event Printing RESOLVED FIXED
360096 Printing doesn't work at all Printing VERIFIED DUPLICATE
360097 Add weekly timetable printing Printing RESOLVED DUPLICATE
360658 Weekly layout: No preview for 'Selected events' selection [Error: aStart has no properties] Printing VERIFIED FIXED
361046 Printing doesn't take summer and winter time into account Printing RESOLVED DUPLICATE
361473 Wrong calendar printing on year's end Printing RESOLVED DUPLICATE
361560 Weekly layout: Sunday of previous week displayed in current week Printing VERIFIED FIXED
361565 Weekly layout: Every second week is not printed and wrong week numbering Printing VERIFIED FIXED
361642 Lightning: Printing fails if calendar view was not shown before Printing VERIFIED FIXED
362046 Latest build of Sunbird Printing VERIFIED DUPLICATE
363275 Weekly layout: Custom date range shows preceding week if timezone offset is UTC+x Printing RESOLVED FIXED
364200 Month-view of calendar will not size to Landscape orientation Printing RESOLVED WORKSFORME
364202 Grid-lines don't show up when I print Monthly Grid Printing RESOLVED WORKSFORME
364419 Order events by *time* in monthly view. Printing RESOLVED WORKSFORME
364420 Monthly layout: Left-align events on monthly calendar Printing RESOLVED FIXED
364421 Same size daily boxes and week rows in monthly grid print output Printing NEW
364842 Printing: Color chosen but no color results - Page B&W Printing RESOLVED INCOMPLETE
366145 Monthly and Weekly layout: Event text not readable with dark calendar background colors if option 'Print Background' is enabled Printing VERIFIED FIXED
366253 incorrect new year when printing throughout year's end Printing VERIFIED DUPLICATE
366590 Monthly and Weekly layout: Event text not readable with dark calendar background colors if option 'Print Background' is disabled Printing RESOLVED WORKSFORME
367054 No facility to print the details of a specific calendar entry Printing RESOLVED WORKSFORME
367898 Print preview shows events in color even when printing in black and white Printing NEW
368066 print preview chokes when previewing tasks Printing VERIFIED FIXED
368465 Cannot print 2/3rds of the time in Sunbird Printing RESOLVED DUPLICATE
370059 Printing color in Lightning gives B/W Printing VERIFIED DUPLICATE
371012 RFE Print month/week/day view showing all days and all events Printing RESOLVED DUPLICATE
371367 Entered title is not shown in print output, only 'about:blank' is shown Printing RESOLVED FIXED
373289 Printing for ALL DAY events Printing VERIFIED DUPLICATE
373341 Print output is truncated after certain amount of weeks/months Printing RESOLVED FIXED
373562 All day events should be printed at the top Printing RESOLVED FIXED
374556 Time one hour after keyed-in time displayed in calendar entry Printing VERIFIED DUPLICATE
375043 Weekly planner layout -> week days in wrong sequence Printing NEW
375952 The strip is not working properly Printing RESOLVED INVALID
376496 Formatting is bogus when start and end time don't belong to the same timezone Printing VERIFIED FIXED
377414 Linux: Print Dialog is not closed on printing Printing RESOLVED WORKSFORME
380403 Print button unavailable Printing RESOLVED DUPLICATE
380480 cannot Print if I use from Menu bar Printing VERIFIED INVALID
385887 Print day view Printing NEW
386236 Remote Calendars are print the wrong time. Printing VERIFIED FIXED
387101 Printing breaks with remote calendar enabled Printing RESOLVED WORKSFORME
387298 preview window opens showing only the window header Printing VERIFIED DUPLICATE
389178 When I print (list or monthly grid) in portrait my title IS printed. In landscape it's not Printing RESOLVED INCOMPLETE
389205 Improve visual style of print layout (i.e font face and size) Printing NEW
392177 Options to include location, status and category in the print output Printing NEW
392814 ssn Printing VERIFIED INVALID
394011 Legend for printing multiple calendars in weekly or monthly grid view Printing NEW
394446 Test bug Printing VERIFIED INVALID
396560 Print the monthly calendar without the days from prior & following month Printing NEW
396933 Implement printing of task list in Sunbird Printing VERIFIED DUPLICATE
400670 Output format dialog opens as dot Printing RESOLVED INVALID
401403 Prints before custom date range Printing VERIFIED DUPLICATE
406183 Events are not printed in color in monthly grid format Printing RESOLVED INVALID
406520 userchrome setting will not be printed correctly Printing RESOLVED WORKSFORME
408495 Print output is truncated in landscape mode Printing RESOLVED WORKSFORME
409010 Print calendar name in list Printing NEW
413461 Printer error appears Printing RESOLVED INVALID
419335 Print in filofax formats (extension fodder) Printing RESOLVED WONTFIX
420146 Gridlines not printing on entire monthly calendar - just 1st week Printing RESOLVED INVALID
422184 The fgPrinters extension could be included to improve printing experience in calendar Printing NEW
422391 WYSIWYG Printing: provide color output as seen on screen and weekly grid Printing RESOLVED DUPLICATE
423863 Printing a view with recurring events will generate entries for too many iterations Printing VERIFIED DUPLICATE
428022 Category color indicators should be printed Printing RESOLVED FIXED
428281 It is not possible to print the tasks, just the tasks. Printing VERIFIED DUPLICATE
428956 Printing Weekly Schedule in a Grid Format Printing RESOLVED DUPLICATE
434161 Monthly Grid has to be sent twice before printer gets print signal Printing VERIFIED DUPLICATE
434170 Not printing selection of a 6 consecutive weeks starting in the middle of a month Printing RESOLVED INVALID
448368 Printing items from multiple calendars - not possible to see which item belongs to which calendar on printout Printing RESOLVED DUPLICATE
448590 Not possible to print tasks without a due date Printing RESOLVED DUPLICATE
449213 printed hard copies do neither print text fonts as displayed on monitor nor any category colors. Printing RESOLVED DUPLICATE
450007 Option to just print the working days on the day and week view Printing NEW
456501 Printing a week by a date series includes last Sunday, not current one Printing VERIFIED DUPLICATE
456760 Printing only after 2nd attempt Printing VERIFIED DUPLICATE
464416 Printing function does not seem to work Printing RESOLVED INCOMPLETE
474380 Calendor is not printing the dates Printing VERIFIED INVALID
517805 Move printDialog to calendar/base/content Printing RESOLVED FIXED
534554 List view printing - out of sequence Events Printing RESOLVED INCOMPLETE
544023 Certain events that display properly disappear when printing Printing RESOLVED INCOMPLETE
546391 not appeared properly Printing RESOLVED INVALID
550859 Print, Month, Event which starts one day and ends the next - end time is not correct Printing RESOLVED DUPLICATE
561550 Disabling Events/Tasks checkbox in Print Preview dialog sets calendar to read-only [Error: Bad aItemFilter passed to getItems] Printing RESOLVED FIXED
561553 Print option "Selected events/tasks" not working [Error: setting is not defined] Printing RESOLVED FIXED
570210 Cannot print completed tasks if completed-on-date is in the past Printing UNCONFIRMED
570227 Printing tasks: Save space by rearranging task properties into a table, add missing properties to printout Printing NEW
582217 Lightning overrides standard printer settings of Thunderbird irrevocably Printing RESOLVED WONTFIX
603182 Cannot print calendar to network printer Printing RESOLVED INCOMPLETE
605803 Print only selected Task disabled Printing RESOLVED DUPLICATE
613104 no print preview Printing RESOLVED DUPLICATE
622777 Caleder Date is not displayed properly Printing RESOLVED INVALID
640925 "about:blank" in top-right corner of printed calendars Printing RESOLVED FIXED
645297 Improve Printing Support Printing RESOLVED DUPLICATE
659312 Use of PRE in html exporter produces undesired results Printing RESOLVED FIXED
659958 Weekly Planner and Monthly Grid print formats are broken [Error: calendarDefaultTimezone is not defined] [Error: ASSERT is not defined] Printing RESOLVED FIXED
662305 Lightning 'Print' does not wrap long lines in list layout Printing UNCONFIRMED
663064 fhgfh Printing VERIFIED INVALID
671571 Lighting Task List not printed in same order as displayed (i.e. sorted by Name) Printing UNCONFIRMED
690987 Ligthning 1.0b7 integrated calendar, does not print calendar with color coded calendar can't use page set up like with Sunbird to print calendar colors. Printing RESOLVED DUPLICATE
703980 Printing list of events includes events from the day after date range end Printing UNCONFIRMED
712039 Printing a month prints too much / too little Printing NEW
724583 Lightning 1.1.1 does not print monthly calendars the way Sunbird does. Printing RESOLVED WONTFIX
729028 Print Task by User defined time frame doesn't work Printing NEW
730197 No page break between events when printing calendar list view layout Printing NEW
737729 Lightning 1.3 Print Error contentWindow is null Printing RESOLVED INVALID
752894 Date font is too small Printing RESOLVED INVALID
757902 Weekly and Monthly print layouts don't work, remove e4x usage (cpg fallout) Printing RESOLVED FIXED
779480 Test Random Generation Algorithm Printing RESOLVED INVALID
787357 Print Preview shows "All day - All day" for allday events Printing RESOLVED FIXED
787537 Events that span two or more days are shown incorrect in print output (only shown on first day and with wrong time) Printing RESOLVED FIXED
789692 Lightning calendar print broken Printing RESOLVED DUPLICATE
790364 When printing calendars in weekly or monthly grid view all tasks are shown as crossed out Printing RESOLVED FIXED
790449 Print output suddenly shows end times of events, there is no control to suppress it Printing NEW
790990 Lightning printing blank page(s) Printing RESOLVED INCOMPLETE
792061 Print Weekly Schedule Includes Incorrect Data & Dates Printing RESOLVED FIXED
794585 Monthly layout: unnecessary additional empty week row printed if last day of month is last day of print range Printing RESOLVED FIXED
795857 Weekly View Calendar Printing getting wrong Monday date and Week number Printing RESOLVED DUPLICATE
806303 monthly grid print layout should automatically use landscape orientation Printing NEW
806305 unchecked “task” printing, should disable relative settings Printing RESOLVED FIXED
871263 lightning print calendar to file not working on ubuntu 13.04 Printing RESOLVED INCOMPLETE
931181 Lightning prints local calendar events first before network calendar events, rather than ordering all events by time. Printing UNCONFIRMED
982473 print a weekly calendar from Lightning, the title should be the calendar name, not the week Printing NEW
1012603 Lightning: Customization of print view (feature request) Printing RESOLVED DUPLICATE
1061091 Can't print events or tasks from the event/task dialog Printing RESOLVED DUPLICATE
1098211 tasklist sort order is lost when printing Printing RESOLVED DUPLICATE
1101381 Printing is not working [JavaScript Error: "PrintUtils.getWebBrowserPrint is not a function"] Printing RESOLVED FIXED
1128218 The graphic on the print preview page does not match printer orientation. Printing RESOLVED WORKSFORME
1146147 Lightning fails to repeat appointments in printed document and print preview Printing RESOLVED WORKSFORME
1151011 Calendar events show up on wrong day when printing Printing RESOLVED FIXED
1163123 Weekly/Monthly print layout put events on wrong day Printing RESOLVED DUPLICATE
1177200 (caldav) calendar entries, spanning across night, are listed again on the next day when printing Printing RESOLVED DUPLICATE
1201838 Printing tasks is broken [Error: TypeError: aItem[cal.calGetStartDateProp(...)] is null] Printing RESOLVED FIXED
1268856 Print email with event, the event is missing in the print-out Printing RESOLVED FIXED
1274035 Unable to print meeting invites. Printing RESOLVED DUPLICATE
1281026 Printing of meeting invites Printing RESOLVED DUPLICATE
1296085 Print Event menu item disabled Printing RESOLVED DUPLICATE
1298390 Wrong timezeone on month/week print view Printing RESOLVED FIXED
1298613 When printing selected tasks have to go to print in calendar view first that it's not greyed out Printing NEW
1298707 Suppress printing of end times when same as start Printing NEW
1330258 Lightning Prints the wrong times for Weekly planner and Monthly Gird Printing RESOLVED DUPLICATE
1365980 Printing Event Invitation incomplete Printing RESOLVED FIXED
1413549 How-to edit Lightning print template? Printing RESOLVED INVALID
1420057 Mozilla Calendar project - Lightning Calendar V5.4 not printing Printing RESOLVED WORKSFORME
1475918 Print multiple weeks Printing NEW
1476736 Calendar print preview is empty if a caldav calendar could not be loaded before Printing RESOLVED FIXED
1498791 weekly planner print does not use full page since v60 Printing RESOLVED DUPLICATE
1499475 Datepickers in calendar print dialog don't show up anymore Printing RESOLVED FIXED
1517155 Print preview is not diplayed anymore Printing RESOLVED FIXED
1535148 print scaling not working Printing UNCONFIRMED
1563321 Weekly planner layout awkward - customize Printing RESOLVED DUPLICATE
1563890 Weekly planner - Cancelled appointments not crossed out on printing Printing UNCONFIRMED
1589605 Weekly planner print layout should use all available space Printing NEW
1594335 calMonthGridPrinter.html and calWeekPrinter.html should use <html:template> and css for align/valign Printing RESOLVED WORKSFORME
1594811 Print a single date from Event/Task dialog not possible Printing RESOLVED DUPLICATE
1600188 print dialog not showing events ending before 12:34 in custom data range Printing UNCONFIRMED
1616117 Events are missing for the first day of the selected period of time if printing the weekly schedule in calendar Printing UNCONFIRMED
1626391 Calendar events will not print (the preview as well as printout is just blank) Printing RESOLVED FIXED
1633926 Not able to print calendar in 76.0b3 Printing RESOLVED DUPLICATE
1660967 Calendar is not working properly Printing RESOLVED INCOMPLETE
1661318 Printing from calendar fails with error Printing RESOLVED DUPLICATE
1677383 Request for more printing options in Thunderbird Printing RESOLVED DUPLICATE
1677819 printing calendar do not work - Uncaught TypeError: window.arguments is undefined Printing RESOLVED FIXED
1710973 Task & Calendar List Print Not Including All Selected Printing RESOLVED WONTFIX
1713045 Calendar should use the new printing UI Printing RESOLVED FIXED
1714492 Calendar print preview shows a different month from that selected Printing RESOLVED FIXED
1719102 Weekly Planer print layout of calendar: right alignment of day label and left alignment of events looks odd Printing RESOLVED WONTFIX
1720399 want to be able to Print Event from event Summary Dialog Printing UNCONFIRMED
1722048 Printing Month prints extra month Printing RESOLVED WORKSFORME
1724090 No way to get back to calendar settings in new printing UI Printing VERIFIED FIXED
1724092 Calendar Print Preview contains chrome://calendar/content/printing-template.html link Printing RESOLVED FIXED
1731783 Calendar Printout List View date range lost in TB 91.1 Printing VERIFIED FIXED
1732734 Printing selected events Printing NEW
1732740 Print date range restricted Printing RESOLVED DUPLICATE
1732753 Events not printed - monthly Printing VERIFIED FIXED
1738996 No Print or Cancel buttons for List view after bug 1731783 landed Printing RESOLVED DUPLICATE
1739038 Print UI with month pickers overflows and can't be scrolled Printing VERIFIED FIXED
1740418 Can't print single event since version 91 (Seit Version 91 kann ich keinen Termin einzeln mehr drucken.) Printing RESOLVED DUPLICATE
1742158 Calendar printing not possible - maybe a regression by Bug 1724090 Printing VERIFIED FIXED
1743504 Thunderbird 91.3.2 does not print calendar - Uncaught (in promise) TypeError: cancelButton is null Printing RESOLVED DUPLICATE
1748766 Print output page 2 should not have the last line of grid boxes from page 1. Printing UNCONFIRMED
1794155 Page Forward/Back on Print Option are Invisible Printing RESOLVED FIXED
1819547 Mini month in calendar printing options is missing styles and strings Printing RESOLVED FIXED
1821095 Print Calendar Month on One Page Printing NEW
1833531 lightning calendar print of items are not colored Printing UNCONFIRMED
1833532 multi-day items don't print the start/end indicator Printing RESOLVED WORKSFORME
1869529 Calendar printing in List mode, duplicate items displayed Printing UNCONFIRMED
1872218 Google calendar print problem Printing UNCONFIRMED
1890760 Character combinations change the calendar print preview in list mode Printing UNCONFIRMED

1503 Total; 268 Open (17.83%); 879 Resolved (58.48%); 356 Verified (23.69%);