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How to trigger arbitrary jobs

Read how to trigger arbitrary jobs.

How to test different chunk ratios

  • Look in your tree for testing/config/mozharness
  • Find the config you care about and the suite you want to experiment with
  • Append the --total-chunks that you want to try and push to try
 --- a/testing/config/mozharness/
 -        "--appname=%(application)s", "%(test_manifest)s"
 +        "--appname=%(application)s", "%(test_manifest)s",
 +        ""--total-chunks", "25"

How to run automation jobs locally

Read How to run mozharness as a developer.

How to try a mozharness patch in automation

How to hack talos from your user repo

How to pass information to mozharness through the commit message

I have seen it but I don't know how. TBD

How to make changes

How to add a new job to treeherder

Most jobs are running on Mozilla's Releng infrastructure and these steps will only apply to that. With regards to adding jobs to TaskCluster I don't know a thing.

For Releng's buildbot:

  • We need changes in buildbot-configs
    • Let's aim to enable on Try or one of the Disposable branches first before enabling across the board
  • We might also need changes to mozharness, mozilla-central, treeherder and trychooser
  • You can see a buildbot-config change in here.
  • You can see a mozharness change in here.

Once you have a buildbot-config patch, you can determine if it is working by running this simple script. This will setup a buildbot environment for you and run some tests.

Once that patch is ready, you can request a review from someone from Releng or the A-team. We might need more changes but

NOTE: I'm still working on this section to have steps that are easily understood by developers.

How to add a new builder/job on buildbot-configs

  • First enable it on try and make it not run by default
    • TODO add notes as to how


How to develop for mozharness


How to add an in-tree config to mozilla-central


How to add tbpl and trychooser patches


Testing changes


  • You can use ./ to test that your changes are valid
  • You can also determine which builders are added with a patch with
    • That script also sets up a buildbot virtualenv under ~/.mozilla/releng


  • You can run ./
  • See section on how to run mozharness with Ash

non-mozbase python packages

I had some code somewhere that allowed us on Ash to point to a people account.

TODO: Document this properly