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Die, Tools!

The Tools menu is stuffed full of menu entries that somebody didn't think to put anywhere else; in fact, most (perhaps all) of the entries in it are better suited and make more sense in one of the other menus.

In addition, a tools menu centers the attention on the tool itself. As it has been said before, no one uses (or at least very few use) Firefox to use Firefox. They use it to browse the web. Likewise, we should shift away from a tool-as-a-tool to a tool-as-a-just-do-it approach.

I'll go down the menu, and state where I think these things should be relocated to. (note this is talking from the perspective of Firefox 2.0 RC)

  • Web Search should move to File (Open Location is there too)
  • Downloads should move to View
  • Add-ons should go to Edit, next to Preferences (I know Windows almost-convention is Tools -> Options, sigh)
  • Page Info should move to View, next to Page Source
  • Clear Private Data... should go to History or Edit

A few other things to note:

  • Error Console. I hope this is just for the RCs, and not for the final releases; it gives an unpolished feel -- it could be available with a special startup option, but not for everyone when they don't need it!
  • Extensions makers need to get a grip and actually think their UI through. The Tools menu has long been a dumping ground -- with it gone, put your stuff somewhere where it actually makes sense!