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Note: I'm very happy to say this has been taken care of in the upcoming released 2.0!


There's been considerable talk about tabbing overflow, so here's my simple and (hopefully) effective solution.

The basic principles are:

  • Display drop-down button at ends of the tab bar where tabs overrun. (Note XUL also needs this for regular toolbars.)
  • Select appropriate menu entry and that tab comes into view on tab bar.

When the tab entry is selected, that tab comes into view, but leaving up to two tabs on either side of the selected tab (one or zero tabs if unavailable). If the scrolling forces tab out of the left edge, show the drop-down on that side, or both if appropriate.

Tabs never change order unless the user specifies (via DnD). Tabs never scroll unless selected from the drop-down. (E.g. a user may DnD a tab to within two tabs of the edge with no adverse affects.)

Gripe: Should tab close buttons be shown in drop-down menu?

Moving focus after closing

  1. Return to the next highest level in the flow. (see User:Auk/History_Model)
  2. If there is no higher level, focus next recently focused.