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Here I outline my wishes for some improvements in Thunderbird. There should be two main methods for finding the email you want, with "filtering" as a compliment.

Of course all of this is my personal whims and is just meant to, perhaps, get something I want into my favorite email client.


The advanced search dialog needs to be reorganized and re-thought. It's rocket science to enter the right fields, and it doesn't seem to search all the appropriate data in any case.


The labels sytem should be modified to work like the hot 'tagging' concept. Additionally, the "Flag" feature in Thunderbird should be removed in favor of the enhanced tagging (prev. labels).

Key features:

  • creation of new tags, deletion of old
  • drag-and-drop
  • assign colors (or no color flag)
  • assign icons, show these icons nicely in the mail list
  • good set of default tags


This is already implemented quite well in Thunderbird. The main ideas are: live-time (as you type) and complimentary to the current display (be it a tag, saved search, or temporary search).


Flat-level tagging or heirarchal?