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Here's my wishlist for features/refinements in Firefox...

GTK integration

  • IMPORTANT: Integrate with GNOME VFS to tell how to open various mimetypes!! This should be completely transparent!
  • GTK+ detachable menus
  • make HTML forms follow the gtk theme — this should be a piece of cake, no?
  • use GTK native print dialogue


Use gtk+ icons for universal actions (e.g. undo/redo, back/forward, home).

  • Detect some from the theme (like native GTK+ apps)
  • at least get some Tango icons in there



Raise favor of inline toolbar editing via a middle-click-hold and a "Move" context menu option — select and drag mouse or use right/left arrows.

Preserve the Customize... dialog for add/remove functionality and accessibility. Do not require the dialog except for adding new items.

(In short, more like the GNOME panel.)

For moving entire toolbars, use a drag-and-drop technique — Windows, GTK+, and OOo use grippers at the far left/top, that are always visible. Also, in the Customize dialog position controls should be presented.

  • GTK does not do this with the menu bar.


Place an arrow-down dropdown button at far right/bottom when the window is too small to hold all buttons, widgets, or tabs.


  • GTK+ detachable menus
  • The two email entries under the Tools menu should be removed. Firefox is not an email client!
  • Pare down the context menus, as it is they have a few too many entries. (Cluttered, a little bit difficult to navigate, especially when extensions add entries.) Entries I think would not suffer to be removed:
    • Select All and it's separator (View bg Image should move to directly underneath "Properties" entry.)
    • Send Link...
  • "Open Link in New Tab" should open in foreground (remove fg/bg pref); add "Open Link in Background"
  • Add "Duplicate Tab" feature underneath New Tab (in tab context menu)
  • Some context menu entries should be cloned in the main menus.
    • "Reload All Tabs". View » beneath "Reload"
    • Duplicate Tab (see above). File » beneath "New Tab"

Somebody make an extension!

Back entries notification

What: An entry in the statusbar that shows how many back (and possibly forward) entries there are for the current tab.

Why: I often right-click to see before closing a tab, because I am uncertain whether I forked from an old tab, or not.