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note: these lists are not prioritized. oh, no.

Features requiring new UI design

Feature Target References
Identity Management
  • password and cookie management
  • next-generation identity systems
  • single sign-on
FFx2/ext Identity 2.0 at OSCON
Session Saver FFx2
RSS Reader/Viewer FFx2
Omnibus "Status" Area
  • download status
  • popup/cookie/XPI blocker status
  • security/trustworthiness status
  • see "Artifact/Resource Detection"
Phishing Protector 1.5ext?
Content Manipulation (like GM)
  • persistant site-specific view options
  • tie-in to accessibility for consumers
  • annotation/personalization of the web
Artifact/Resource Detection
  • make it easier to find linked/embedded content
  • media type detection
  • microformats
  • rss detection
History/Bookmark Overhaul
  • leverage power of DB-based history/bookmarks
  • heirarchy vs. tag-based (social web tie-in?)
  • scrapbook/grabbag concept
  • history navigation
  • search using meta-data/full text from cache
  • relevance based filtering
  • remote/sharing APIs & integration points
  • auto-linking/smart tagging
  • preserving DOM state
  • baysian training/pruning
  • portable profile
  • every bookmark as "live" (page change notification)
FFx2 dria's on tagging
Intro/Tutorial Mode FFx2
Bluetooth support (send content to device) FFx3
Extension Security
  • whitelist & blacklist
  • third-party signing and authentication by Mozilla
FFx2/3 Extension Blacklisting UI Spec
Stub Installers FFx2

Features requiring changes to existing UI design

Feature Target References
Tabbed Browsing
  • select on close behaviour
  • close buttons
  • tabs instead of windows
Search Improvements
  • find in text areas
  • find integration points for web applications
  • adding/managing search engines
Spell Check FFx2
Download Manager
  • schedule
  • p2p support (locating/participating)
Aging Population Accessiblity
  • smart font sizing
  • page zoom
Zoom/panning/scaling for images
Extension Management
  • version compatibility
  • options management
  • update/install/remove
Improving Theme Capabilities FFx3

Features that do not require UI changes

Feature Target References
Text Area Auto-Save
Improve App/OS Integration
Transactional DOM FFx3
Adblock and Remote Filter Sets ext
Base on XULRunner FFx3
Autocomplete URL from
  • middle of word
  • local filenames
  • using history frequency for relevance
Offline Mode/Use of Cache
  • browsing
  • apps (supercookies)
  • history navigation
  • install/uninstall
Precognitive Fetch