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As the set of "mostly compatible" platforms we support increases in size, we are going to want to make sure users get the build of Firefox that gives them the best experience. Also, studies and our own experience show that the shorter the time between "I want to download this" and "the installer is running", the more likely that users are going to make it all the way to trying Firefox. A small stub installer can dramatically reduce our download size, and provide a way to automatically select the best available build configuration for a given user.


    • project lead:
    • project members:
    • tracking bugs:


  • design document on wiki.m.o
  • can download and install based on "complete mars" already produced, fixed locale
  • permits user to select locale for installation
  • detects user locale and auto-picks matching locale?
  • detects user ABI (64/32, SSE/not, OS X version)
  • allows extension selection at install-time
  • fennec install?
  • genericize for other applications (seamonkey, tbird, etc.)


  • have to still permit off-line installation of all combinations


  • partial install (starting browser and then pulling in optional pieces)
  • redesign of install-time flow beyond the above

Release vehicles

  • could be added to any stream, since it doesn't affect updates

Related projects

  • msi, sse-build