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20 user experience bugs

Bug Number Description
bug 251910 make history items look and behave like links when clicking will start nav
add "Applications" alias folder to OSX DMG image
(fixed) notification messages re-render when user switches back to tab
bug 234680 uninstaller feature to wipe existing profiles
bug 175124 destructive nature of opening a folder of bookmarks in tabs
js popups don't react well to open in tab modifier (ex:, click "learn more"
better user action options for popup blocker
(fixed) bookmark sidebar drag and drop shouldn't load page, should allow drop at end of sub-folder list
bug 267831 search bar resizing
bug 344736 more discoverable UI and shortcut for undo-close-tab
(ready to fix, bug needed) strip CR/LFs when pasting into <textbox> elements
make smoothscroll work by default
save state of SSL documents during user-initiated restarts (encrypted!)
bug 334697 make throbber indicate both activity and progress (or replace favicon with throbber and then fade to favicon when complete)
bug 333722 default browser.urlbar.autoFill to true (with some modifications to ensure that it matches what the user is trying to type)
scroll tab into view where opening a new tab offscreen
empty location bar should say "enter a destination" in grey
copy URLs to clipboard as RTF hyperlink
bug 299372 pick up proper filename from download links (instead of download.html)
hovering in empty tabstrip shows a "new tab" button


Bug Number Description
animation in the tabstrip
auto-fix typos in manually entered URLs
drag and drop between windows
find the tab you want across windows (combination search / filter / expose)
always have site-specific search engine available