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End-User License Agreement (EULA) Requirements for Firefox 2

DRAFT PROPOSED cbeard v3 (8/24/06)

We must provide a mechanism by which the Mozilla End-User License Agreement (EULA) is displayed on first run in order to meet certain legal requirements for some distribution channels, e.g. for cases where an end-user is not directly involved in installing software; Firefox is installed silently by a meta installer, or as part of a software pre-load.

Product Requirements

  • EULA must be displayed on first run for each installed instance of Firefox that did not have a EULA displayed and accepted by a end-user during the install process
  • EULA must be displayed in a modal dialog in substantially the same form as it is within the Firefox 1.5 installer, and must only include options to either accept or not accept the terms of the license
    • The two options presented with radio buttons must be:
      • "I do NOT accept the terms of the License Agreement" (DEFAULT)
      • "I accept the terms of the License Agreement"
  • EULA should be presented with a localized unofficial reference version of the legal text with clear indication that the en-US version is authoritative and legally binding
  • EULA must allow for different text inclusions based upon distribution channel, e.g. there may be additional license requirements for certain companies who may distribute Firefox as part of a preload
  • EULA must at a minimum include the complete en-US version of the legal text, as posted at (this is the legally binding license agreement)
  • If the end-user does not click to accept the EULA, the application must not continue to run and should terminate normally
  • If the end-user accepts the EULA, the EULA screen must be dismissed and the application must continue normal execution

Software Update

  • EULA is required is any software update being offered or forced upon the end-user contains code with license terms that have not previously been agreed to.
  • If required, EULA must be displayed and accepted by the end-user prior to either downloading or applying a patch to the application through any software update mechanism (including but not limited to application and extensions updates).
    • The default position is that no such EULA will need to be displayed.
    • If and when a EULA is required, it must be agreed to prior to any software updates are applied.

Other Considerations

  • NEEDS INPUT: Extensions must have the option of displaying and having a EULA agreed to prior to either the downloading, installation or execution of an Extension.

Technical Specification

  • TBD