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Comments on Firefox 3

...extending (?) from thoughts at

The biggest improvement I'd like to see is better options for "tab exposé" features.

My motivation is from switching to using a Macintosh at home. I use Exposé much more frequently than I thought I would, and want to see its power available to Firefox 3.

Two thoughts:

  • There should be a "split these chosen tabs into windows" and "join these chosen windows into tabs" feature. With that addition, I could easily use mac's exposé (and presumably linux users could use their available exposé as well).
  • Additionally, there should be a feature to minimize all tabs on a window to graphical thumbnails, in-place in the window. The thumbnails should be movable, which might also move the order of the tabs. Possibly the amount of zoom should be customizable, so there can be variable amounts of empty (grey?) space around the tabs. Possibly, if there is empty space available, the thumbnails should be able to be user-clustered so they aren't in a rigid grid, but rather more like icons on the desktop. Possibly, this should include the entire webpage not just the subwindow currently visible on the main screen. Of course, this would need sanity-checks, but instantly viewing all pages at 10x zoom out would give the user more context for their webpages and tabs.

Basically, I'm looking for an expansion from linear tabs to two-d (three d?) thumbnail representations of the webpage, where the positioning is optionally chosen by the user.