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conf call etiquette

  • do a sound-check first to identify problems
  • speak slowly, distinctly, and with enough volume to be heard clearly
  • poll participants frequently, by name, to solicit input
  • pause after each point, to allow others to comment
  • defer to moderator (davel?) to keep things moving
  • monitor #1502 for links and such

purpose of meeting

We need to identify and address all issues holding up public release of universal binary builds of Firefox 1.5.0.X and Thunderbird 1.5.0.X.


  • sound check
  • agenda review
  • Build issues
    • any changes in tinderbox configs that would change the build?
    • what is the experience running on ppc mac
    • are l10n and UB completely orthogonal?
  • Functional issues
    • open bugs?
    • talkback
      • still works on ppc mac
      • does not cause hang on x86 mac (under rosetta)
    • binary extensions/plug-ins
  • software update
    • client issues
    • server issues
    • package generation issues
    • co-existance of ppc-only and UB
  • process issues
    • need to stage the update and test it end-to-end
    • release notes for certain issues


Attendees: rafael, davel, axel, mark, josh, timr, marcia, schrep, dveditz, preed

  • Build issues
    • any changes in tinderbox configs that would change the build?
      • Preed- any changes here?
        • UB tinderboxes are so new - Not confident it will produce build corectly/consistently
        • Recent Tbx tweeks with Mark
        • No changes since late March. Stable since end of March. But haven't done L10n, etc.
    • What is the experience running on ppc mac
      • Some user testing
      • Finished test cycle on PPC bundle. Have not run test cycle on UB bundle on PPC.
      • Need to run BFT on older version of MacOS
      • Possible different tool chain for UB (therefore PPC in UB could be different)
    • are l10n and UB completely orthogonal?
      • L10n process should be agnostic to UB/PPC. But not tried. [Mark]
      • Need to release L10n simultanious with en-US for UB
  • Functional issues
    • open bugs?
      • Thunderbird profile issues: bug 331511
      • SVG issues - new crash, x86 only bug 332704 [Mark]
      • Check on bug 327744 <<== Mark
      • 10,000 UB candidate downloads!
      • Requests made for community testing of current UB: Josh's blog and QA blog
      • Identify final UB candidate and send out to group for blogging, etc <<== Paul
    • talkback
      • Still works on ppc mac
      • Does not cause hang on x86 mac (under rosetta). But does not work either. Not a showstopper for release. Still have Apple crash reporter as a work around.
      • fixed! Can get crash with symbols. Need to double check for symobols <<== Davel
    • binary extensions/plug-ins
      • Can run FFx under rosetta
      • Decided to relnote binary extensions issue
      • If ext are packaged correctly they can be made to work
        • If binary components, then need to be built for both PPC and Intel and packaged together. Google toolbar is fully functional except certain international features which have very small marketshare. This is ok.
      • Plug-ins?
        • Need to communicate with plug-in venders? They are already well of were of these issues as they are already dealing with it for Safari.
        • Flash, Real, Java ok? Flash - ok. We re-write bad data for that plugin. Quicktime has always worked. Java now works on x86. Real and Windows media don't work for x86. Nothing we can do about that.
        • Default flash on MacOS is fine now that we fixed bug with bad data received.
        • Test Flash: default flash, updated flash, rosetta, native. <<== QA
        • MacOS 10.4.6 ships with fixed flash plug-in
  • software update
    • How do builds identify themselves?
      • UB will now identify itself as "uni'. Whether running as native or under Rosetta.
      • Current PPC build ids itself as 'PPC'.
    • dave tested: UB. Changed update URL and ran check for update for both native and under rosetta. ... rest of details can come from dave...
    • server issues
      • Does server side have logic to detect platform: PPC vs UNI? Need to ensure this is in place. Try it and work with darin and bryner if problems.
    • package generation issues
      • Haven't yet generated the partial udpates. Need to test these.
    • co-existance of ppc-only and UB
      • Adminstrative decision
      • Clent and server should be able to support this. May need some setup.
  • process issues
    • need to stage the update and test it end-to-end
    • release notes for certain issues
      • Rafael has drafted the release note.
      • How to we give Rafael feedback about issues? Wiki page? Need to work this out.
  • Release candidate while dealing with L1On and update issues.
  • Release on download page.
    • Keep PPC as default download until [Preed]
    • First principles [Schrep]
      • Compelling experience for Intel-Macs
      • Need to ship UB ASAP
      • Options:
        1. Hold until UB ready
        2. Release UB as RC and get a couple weeks testing before replacing PPS with UB as primary download
        3. Release mac as UB RC only. No PPC. Convert RC to production once L10n, updates are set
  • Goals between now and Tues:
    1. FF non-UB
    2. FF UB as RC for Tues
    3. FF UB as final for Tues of shortly after
  • Scheduling. ToDO:
    • testing of older macs
    • Build locales - dry run
    • need to test udpates end-to end
    • update strategy - update all used to UB?
    • ... not a coherent list. Need to finalize this. ...