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Full Text Indexing Meeting Details

The intent of this meeting is to discuss full-text indexing in and around the Mozilla platform. A number of different Mozilla-platform based projects either currently have or plan to have full-text indexing. We'd like to talk about existing experience, available engines, and ways to work together on this stuff.

Tuesday August 19, 20:30 UTC (1:30pm Pacific, 4:30pm Eastern)

IRC backchannel: #fulltext

How to dial-in

Feel free to add items to the agenda that you wish to discuss.


  • Find a volunteer to take notes

Use Cases of Attendees

Existing Engines


  • Myk
  • asuth
  • bienvenu
  • dmose
  • lilmatt
  • yosh
  • ctalbert
  • beckley
  • simonwex
  • dietrich
  • david ascher
  • clarkbw
  • emrebirol
  • ianloic
  • (Various other who folks have confirmed via other channels)