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Feature tracking bug
  • bug 372972
  • any other high-level tracking bugs can be listed here

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Shave off some of the rough edges in the download manager.


Describe the motivation behind the feature here.

Use Cases

  1. User remembers downloading a file, but no longer remembers where. Improve the UI to help find it.
  2. User downloads content which has a virus or is malware. If third party scanning software is installed, it should be able to notify the user and propose action.
  3. User on laptop needs to leave somewhere while in the middle of a download. Should be able to pause the download and resume it later, possibly in a future session (invocation of firefox).
  4. Should perhaps be possible to keep track of downloads without keeping another window open.


CON-004a P2 FR Revise downloads manager
CON-005b P2 NFR Easier retrieval of files that a user has downloaded in the past
CON-005c P3 NFR Simplified (not window) UI for managing downloads Seems to want to either be merged with or replace CON-004a
CON-006a P2 FR Integrate download manager with third-party virus scanners and malware protection
CON-007a P2 FR Support pause/resume for downloads. Improve download handling across multiple sessions Current plan is for this to be done as a Google Summer-of-Code project
CON-007b P3 FR Download manager can be extended in a way that feels tightly integrated


Describe the rough schedule here, linking back to relevant product release milestones, as well as linking to any build/release notes.

Design & Implementation


Mozilla CVS trunk

API Changes

  • resumable downloads may require some backend API changes
  • integration with virus/malware scanners is likely to require evolving and publishing an API in concert with scanner vendors
  • download manager extensibility item will require similar


Scanner integration and download manager extensibility items are both specifically targetted for this.


list changes to preferences and customization controls for the feature


Virus/malware scanner integration is likely to have some performance impact. Other performance impact is not anticipated.


  • Should be able to resume a download after a crash
  • No other effects anticipated


  • Virus/malware scanner is a security win.
  • May want security audit around download resumption to ensure that filesystem trickery can't lead to problems.


list privacy impacts and any tie-ins to user privacy features

Global Audience

list l10n requirements and a11y efforts

Web Compatibility

None anticipated.


list the expected behavior of this feature/function when Firefox is upgraded to a newer minor release, downgraded by installation of an earlier revision, or re-installed (same version).


any other implementation or design related documentation

Discussion & Implications

Caveats / What We've Tried Before

links to previous design documents, discussions, etc.


Implementing Download Resuming