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Feature tracking bug

registerContentHandler is already implemented for RSS only. We need to make it not drop other MIME types on the floor, and then implement registerProtocolHandler.


Allow Firefox to hand-off content to web-based services in addition to local applications.


More and more people are using web-based services as their primary way to handle specific types of content. Web-based calendaring and addressbook apps are good examples of this.

Use Cases

  • dynamic handoff
    • e.g. subscribe to an ICS URL in a web calendar
  • static handoff
    • insert the event in an ICS file generated by evite into a web calendar
    • allow a website to render an Excel spreadsheet into HTML
    • handle mailto: URLs in webmail
  • (...)


List functional and non-functional requirements for the feature here, with links back to any relevant product PRD. These requirements should be prioritized.


Describe the rough schedule here, linking back to relevant product release milestones, as well as linking to any build/release notes.

Design & Implementation

Indicate where the code for the feature lives (in branch or as extension).

API Changes

  • registerContentHandler will actually use registrations for non-feed types rather than dropping them on the floor
  • registerProtocolHandler will be implemented


This is, by definition, an extensibility feature. If one wanted to implement a handler in extension chrome, that should, in theory Just Work. If we care about that case, however, explicitly QAing would be required.


There are currently both Content and Feeds panes in the Firefox preferences. From a design standpoint, this is (to a large degree) a generalization of the currently-Feed-specific pane. Figuring out how to make this both simple and general is probably some work.


No effect anticipated.


No effect anticipated.


We'll need a security review for sure. The WHATWG Web Apps spec discusses some of the stuff we'll need to think about here.


Any content that a user chooses to have handled by a web app will (or at least could) be disclosed to the operator of the web application.

Global Audience

Nothing unusual here.

Web Compatibility

Nothing unusual here.


any other implementation or design related documentation

Discussion & Implications

Caveats / What We've Tried Before

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