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My Mozilla Firefox 3.0 recommendations

  • Tab closing: as with the new tab opening feature in 2.0 (double click over the tab bar), double clicking over a tab should close it. Additionally this same behavior can be added to middle click (opening/closing).
  • Open in new tab: as with search bar (in Firefox 2.0) an option in about:config should be added to allow opening in new tabs any new URL from address bar, History or Bookmark.
  • Load diverted in background: this option in about:config should be split to handle separately external links from the ones diverted internally (e.g. _blank links). Additionally, external links should (as an option?) open in the foreground but not bring focus to the minimized Firefox window, so you can switch to the browser at any time and see which was the last open tab.
  • Download helper: a couple of options for using a download helper can be added to about:config (enable/disable, location of exe file, and method of passing the url parameter) so people can add a third option to downloading files dialog that uses their favorite download tool.
  • userChrome.js: as we have userChrome.css for interface modifications it would be useful to enable userChrome.js for behavior modifications.