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The query

This is an example of a possible release tracking table for Firefox 7: Mobile. The query returns a set of all of the feature pages in the Mobile feature list that are currently targeted for Firefox 7.

Firefox 7: Mobile

Feature Stage Status note Health Feature manager
L10N: Better first-run experience / language choice Development basic functionality landed, more to come in Firefox 8 and 9 - In 7 users can choose one of the languages in the multi-locale pack. All language packs will move to AMO with Fx9, while Firefox 9 for Android will be delivered in en-US only - in that version, the first-run will detect the Android OS language and auto-install languages from AMO. OK ` {{{7}}}
Session Store Enhancements Landed ` OK Mark Finkle {{{7}}}
High-quality image scaling Landed Landed in Firefox 6 for NEON devices, and in Firefox 7 for non-NEON (Tegra) devices. OK Jeff {{{7}}}
Android-style text selection handles Landed Some follow-up bugs being fixed in Firefox 8 and 9 OK Thomas Arend {{{7}}}