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Tab Stacks

These are just some of my random thoughts about tabs...


Basic idea here is introducing the idea of "Tab Stacks". These are basically just groups of tabs which you can bookmark as a stack, open as a stack (thus avoiding the currently-controversial action of blowing away existing tabs), close as a stack, etc.

Question: Can tabs exist simultaneously in more than one stack? Would that be difficult? If not, then it'd be cool.

Actions on tabs

  • Right click
    • Add to tab stack > [list of open tab stack names]
    • (if already in a stack) Move to tab stack > [list of open tab stack names]
    • Create new tab stack... [Dialog with textbox for new stack name]
    • Collapse to stack (if the stack is currently expanded)
  • Left click
    • Standard focus + raise

Actions on tab stacks

  • Right click
    • Bookmark tab stack (bookmarks as a group/folder)
    • Close tab stack (closes whole stack, can be un-closed with rt-click > undo close tab)
    • Edit tab stack (rename stack, specify a stack color from a colorpalette, shuffle tabs around in the order, remove tabs from the stack...etc)
  • Left click
    • Drops a menu displaying all tabs in the stack with current top-tab in bold. Top-tab can be changed here. Also allows user to "Expand all" which will expand the stack so all tabs are fully displayed as normal.

Actions on links

  • Right click
    • Open in this tab stack
    • Open in new tab stack
    • Open in tab stack > [list of open stacks]

Bookmark menu

  • New actions
    • Open tab stack (opens stack as a stack, does not blow away existing tabs)
    • Open tab stack in new window

Bookmark manager

  • Allows users to organize bookmarks into tab stacks and edit prefs on the stacks (names, colors, etc)