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Hello. My name is Steve Won, and I am currently an intern at Mozilla working on Firefox 3 and Places-related stuff. You can ping me at stevewon on irc or shoot me an email at

MoCo/Personal Blog: [1]

Personal Website: [2]


UI Prototypes

-Tagging Extension

-Tagging interface prototype [4] based on Mockup [5] by Alex Faaborg;

  • Updated prototype: [6]
  • The uploaded prototype is a standalone xul file with javascript helper functions that demonstrates the tagging interaction. A major part of the interaction is each keyword turning into a button after being tagged and being able to edit previous tagged keywords by clicking on the buttons. The user can either type in a comma or unfocus from the input text by clicking on other parts of the box containing all tags to finish inputting a tag.

UI Mockups
  • Annotation/Tagging mock-up
    • Link: [7]
    • This is more like a "hightlight and annotate"-ish tagging design.
    • Also related to Bug 374525 [8].

  • Bug 389033: [9]



-Places docs