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Last Week

  • Reposted deletion warning notices to each group on the list of dead discussion forums because first post didn't go through; new deadline for objections is now September 25th
  • Concluded discussion on dormant accounts policy; all that remains is to decide the dormancy time which triggers deactivation, and that requires us to test out a few possible times
  • Finished "" log-scraper script; now waiting for a list of all accounts from IT so I can do the obvious subtraction
  • Now we have some consensus about the purpose of the Monday meetings, started a discussion on how we can change it to better meet those purposes
  • Wrote design for Bugzilla HTTP REST API and made it available for comment
  • Gathered use cases
  • Started work on API; got proxy to return data about Bugzilla users (/user, /user/<id>) as JSON and as XML

Next Week

  • Bugzilla HTTP REST API still top priority
  • Try and make a decision about what, if anything, to do with Diederik's "bad bug filers" data
  • Re-contact Pedro (GSoC student) and pull together a demo of his work
  • Clean up the top of the tinderboxes and link to Committing Rules and Responsibilities