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Last Week

  • Dormant accounts policy script has needed quite a bit of work, and it's a large dataset. Have now fixed all known bugs, and re-presented results in newsgroup. Script code is now public.
  • Started discussion on new Activities Modules.
  • Updated about:credits for 3.6 release with 5 months worth of requests (first pass)
  • Updated commit access policy harmonization draft, and circulated to mitchell, shaver, axel and seth.
  • Very little change this week. :-(
  • Release of 0.2 still blocked on installation of small patch on and the staging server
  • Had call with Murali - he owes me the URLs of some requests he's been having problems with.
  • Looked into accommodation for the All Hands and Work Week.

Next Week

  • Release API 0.2 (hopefully)
  • Find an owner for "Kiss IE6 Goodbye"