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Last Three Weeks

  • (8 of the 15 days were holiday.)
  • Dormant accounts policy: waiting on LDAP changes, which mrz hopes to get done in January.
  • Committer's Agreement: subtracted the dormant people; turns out the remaining list is only about 20 names, which is good. Will re-ping high value contributors on that list.
  • Monday meeting guidance finalized.
  • Monday meeting: Jono's doing great work, which I am admiring¬†:-)
  • API VM now in Mountain View colo; hopefully it'll now be faster.
  • Worked on Bugzilla contribution licensing problem with UK Crown Copyright code from the UK Government.
  • Modified johnath's "show bug history" Jetpack to use the API.
  • Focus for now is on launching
  • Drove the project through various IT hurdles, but we've hit a brick wall with PCI compliance. Switching back to Paypal Standard for now, and looking at other payment processors.
  • Read up on CiviCRM.
  • Read "The Art of Community" by Jono Bacon.
  • Worked on travel etc. arrangements for FOSDEM and trip to Paris.

Next Week

  • Finalize FOSDEM travel
  • Put modified through security review