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How can users write reviews in sandbox?

This description is for English version Mozilla Add-ons. If you use translated version, options which I refer below are translated. If you aren't certain, in right botom corner of Mozilla Add-ons select english language.

Short description how users can post reviews:

  1. Users must register on Mozilla Add-ons.
  2. After successful registration you can see extensions which are in sandbox. They are labeled "experimental".
  3. Visit extension page and fill review to textarea titled "What do you think?". After that click on button "Save".
  4. Reviews are moderated. It takes some time before your review will publish.

One tip: On AMO are accepted only good reviews. Short texts like "good work", "nice add-on" etc. will be deleted. Reviews are primary for end users and they would be informative.

My add-on is in sandbox and need reviews from users. Are external reviews acceptable?

Yes. If someone write about your add-on in online managazin, blog etc., just put a link to this review to "Notes to Reviewer" when you nominate your add-on for being public.

How many reviews are needed for being public?

There is no exact number. This depend on quality of reviews.