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This is Joshua Cranmer, hailing from Northern Virginia.


What I am working on, or soon-to-be working on:

Thoughts on things to do

Because bugzilla voting isn't enough.

  • News bugs/features/requests:
    • Filter on # of crossposted groups
    • Regex filtering
    • Spam filtering for news
    • Biff notification for news
    • Crosspost non-suckage!
    • NNTP connection persistence
    • Implement some of RFC 3977 and RFC 977
  • Web<->Mailnews integration:
    • Generic webmail
    • Web forums like news ?
    • (Probably requires some account manager overhaul)
  • RSS:
    • Track down and fix problem with downloading messages
    • Port to SM?
    • Betterify
  • Other, generic TB:
    • Automagic thread recreation
    • Easy pluggability
    • Async UI!!!!!!
  • Compliance (i.e., what I may never work on):
    • display: run-in
    • @page
    • white-space: pre-line
    • Webforms 2.0 stuff

Effective C++ notes

Item 2 
Prefer consts, enums, and inlines to #defines
Item 3 
Use const whenever possible
Item 18 
Make interfaces easy to use correctly and hard to use incorrectly
Item 19 
Treat class design as type design
Item 22 
Declare data members private
Item 26 
Postpone variable definitions as long as possible
Item 29 
Strive for exception-safe code
Item 31 
Minimize compilation dependences between files
Item 32 
Make sure public inheritance models "is-a"
Item 33 
Avoid hiding inherited names
Item 34 
Differentiate between inheritance of interface and inheritance of implementation
Item 38 
Model "has-a" or "is-implemented-in-terms-of" through composition
Item 39 
Use private inheritance judiciously
Item 40 
Use multiple inheritance judiciously
Item 53 
Pay attention to compiler warnings