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Tinderbox Use Cases

Checking in

  • Green/Not Green
    • Stars on not green stuff
    • ETA for next cycle on burners
  • Open/Closed
  • Checkin Rules


  • Green/Not Green
  • Perf
    • Regressions at a glance
    • Short term, specifically focused on badness
  • Blame
  • Historic data

Regression Hunting

  • perf
  • test
    • Easily build a window, and generate bonsai links
      • Narrow by time
      • Narrow by failure area

Perf Monitoring

  • Historic Perf
  • More history, care not at all about green/not green
  • Pivot on various attributes


  • When nightlies are produced
  • When builds with specific checkins are live
    • ETA estimates
  • Try server details
  • Zero in on a checkin/bug, see builds containing it