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Contact: IRC: jgay

Guiding Principles

Badge work

Coordinate and communicate with the various people and organizations involved (Mozilla, Mozilla Labs, P2PU, Remix Nation, et al.) Create wireframes and write specs for the badge system. Organize a workshop on badges for Barcelona and write up the results.

P2PU Assessment work

Building on existing conceptual work about hackers's habits and assessment of web developer skills, design and develop two prototypes for Webcraft assessments for the September round of courses. Test the reliability and accuracy of the assessments on an ongoing basis and make changes as necessary Investigate technology options for development of future additional assessment features

Badge and Assessment Milestones

September 28 - Badge lab activities list

  1. Publish Barcelona workshop Activities list for badge lab to wiki.

status: incomplete

  • Sept 30th. Opened up conversation with Ingrid on two possible sessions that would be in collaboration with other spaces.

October 1 - assessment prototypes; Badge wireframes

  1. Develop prototype for 2 assessment models leading to badges for use in Webcraft courses.
  2. Badges infrastructure wireframes / specs completed

status: incomplete

October 5 - Badge lab blog

  • Blog post describing activities/sessions for Badge lab at Drumbeat festival.


  • Set deadline for rough draft of blog post to be Monday, October 4th.

status: incomplete

October 26 - Assessment implemented; Badge beta

  1. Two assessments implemented and badges awarded to Webcraft participants
  2. Badges infrastructure prototype beta

November 1 - Assessment infrastructure recommends.

Draft recommendations for tech infrastructure for future assessment tools.

November 4-5 - Barcelona

Badges workshop in Barcelona.

November 30 - Assessment deployment roadmap

Write up and planning for infrastructure roll out.

December 31 - Beta 3rd party assessments

Beta version of assessment infrastructure allows development of additional assessments and exposure of assessment data to third parties [requires additional developer input]

December 31, 2010 - Badge 3rd party service

Badges infrastructure allows adding more badge issuing partneres, and connect to external presentation services (e.g widget for personal blogs, LinkedIn...)