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Gorjan Jovanovski
[[Image:{{{image}}}|none|200px|Gorjan Jovanovski]]
Personal Information
City: Skopje
Country: Macedonia
Mozilla-specific Information
Wiki-Username: Jovanovski
Mentor: User:Ppapadeas
Miscellaneous Information
private Mail: jovanovski AT gorjan DOT info
GPG-Key: {{{gpg}}}
Website: Gorjan's Website
Twitter: gjovanovski {{{}}}
Jabber: computergeny
IRC: Jovanovski on in


I'm a Macedonian teenager, a mozillan, a web designer and programmer. I'm part of the Mozilla Macedonia community and take part in marketing as well as organizing of Mozilla events.

I <3 Open Source Software I <3 The Open Web I <3 The Mozilla Manifesto I <3 Mozilla


September 2009: Firefox 3.5 Skopje Launch Party

October 2009: MozCamp EU '09

November 2009: Firefox 5 year birthday

February 2010: FOSDEM'10

December 2010: Mozilla Balkans Ljubljana

Monthly reports

Here are the monthly reports of this user:

August 2011Jovanovski report August 2011

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  • Mozilla Macedonia
    • Firefox 3.5 Launch Promotion - Skopje (09.2009)
    • Firefox 5th BDay - Skopje (11.2009)
    • Mozilla Twitter Contest (@MozillaMak)
    • Inter-community Meetup 'Mozilla Balkan:2010' - Skopje (05.2010)

  • All projects have been covered with extensive billboards campaigns across Skopje and Macedonia.