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Mozilla/Firefox for Developers

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Firefox: A great platform for web development

  • Variety of developer tools make Firefox great for developers.
  • Consistent deployment across different platforms.
  • Build web sites and apps using web standards. These include many practical WHAT WG standards too.
  • Many common JS libraries are now part of the Firefox test suite. Its less likely that a Firefox release will break your existing web app.

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Developer tools

  • DOM Inspector - Can be used to inspect a webpage for structure and CSS problems. tutorial
  • Venkman - Full blown JavaScript debugger. tutorial
  • Firebug - DOM inspection, JavaScript debugging, XHR profiling and more. screencast
  • Selenium - Web site and app automated testing. Create macros or scripts to replay actions on a webpage. screencast
  • Live HTTP Headers - Watch HTTP headers in real time. Use to debug web applilcations and monitor cookies.

These tools are all available as addons to multiple versions of Firefox and work on all Firefox platforms.