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Getting Started with Mozilla

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Mozilla is...

  • A global effort to promote choice & innovation on the Internet
  • The foremost advocate for users on the Web
  • An open source project with thousands of contributors
  • The makers of the Firefox web browser, Thunderbird email client and XULRunner development platform

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Firefox Numbers

  • 100+ million users worldwide
  • 2,500+ community-contributes extension
  • 43 languages (and growing)
  • 16% worldwide market share
  • 1,600+ contributors to code base
  • 1,000s of volunteers and evangelists
  • 100+ employees

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Get Involved

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Participate in the Process

  • The meetings, decisions and designs
  • The feature requests, enhancements and bugs
  • Comment on any of it

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  • Offers a low bar of entry
  • Download nightly versions and report bugs
  • Use Litmus to run testcases
  • Scan bugzilla for bugs that need testcases

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Build an Extension

  • Improve the Web experience
  • A little code can completely change the Firefox experience
  • Access to developer documents, tutorials and support

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Hack on Mozilla

  • Scan bugzilla for bugs
  • Anyone can submit a change to the code
  • Not everyone can approve a change
  • Order out of chaos

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Promote the Community

  • Become a Mozilla Campus Rep
  • Start a Mozilla Club
  • Provide Firefox Support