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Information about offline

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The Firefox features used to enable offline operation:

  • WHATWG DOM Storage for client-side data storage
  • Offline Cache for web applications to store data (like images, pages, etc) that must be available while offline. Items are loaded in the cache using <link rel="offline-resource" href="..."/>. This can handle single resources or bundles using the jar: protocol.
  • Offline Events that are triggered when the user chooses to go offline via the menu, or when network connectivity is lost.

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The user experience of a Firefox offline application:

  • User loads a webapp into Firefox.
    • Firefox will cache all resources the webapp needs during offline use.
  • If the user goes offline (manually or dropped network), the webapp will be notified of the status.
    • The webapp will switch to use only local storage and cached resources.
  • When the user goes back online (manually or network reconnect), the webapp is notified of the status.
    • The webapp can resync locally stored data with the server

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Other improvements for web developers

  • Builtin support for getElementsByClassName - getElementsByClassName is a mainstay of web developers everywhere and by making it builtin, web applications are going to see a jump in speed.
  • Microformats support, including
    • Display microformats in content area
    • Allow user to configure microformat handlers
    • Support hCard, hCal, and geo
    • Provide API/Data format for adding additional microformat types
    • Allow web developers to override microformat display attributes