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link to feature page, explain generically what we're building and how

Key People

Technical Lead: Some Guy
Additional Developers:
Project Manager: Someone Else
Product Manager: So many people

Work Items

Main Team

Top-level tracking bug: bug 1234560

Do a Thing

Assigned to: Some Guy
Bug: 1234567
Assumes/Depends On: depends on Other Thing
Working Estimate: 8 days

Best case: 5 days
Worst case: 15 days
Most Likely: 7 days

Other Thing

Assigned to: Some Other Guy
Bug: 1234562
Assumes/Depends On: Some Guy defines reqs on time
Working Estimate: 25 days

Best case: 12 days
Worst case: 50 days
Most Likely: 22 days

External Dependencies

Deploy Thing to Stage Infra

Assigned to: Some Ops Guy
Bug: 1234564
Assumes/Depends On: Things are done
Working Estimate: 6.5 days

Best case: 3 days
Worst case: 15 days
Most Likely: 5 days

Deploy Thing to Beta Infra

Assigned to: Some Ops Guy
Bug: 1234563
Assumes/Depends On: Stage Infra deploy done
Working Estimate: 11 days

Best case: 5 days
Worst case: 20 days
Most Likely: 10 days


Expected Completion

Here's where we do some logical construction. because we have a serial set of dependencies here, we have straight math, but where things can be parallelized we can do different things

Working Estimate: 50 days == 2.5 months. Assuming today is June 15th, the earliest likely launch date is September 6th.


obviously we'll add in more data as we can

M1 (Engineering Work)

Working Estimate: 33 days == seven weeks

Target Completion (ready for infra) is Aug 5th

M2 (Deployments)

Working Estimate: 17 days == four weeks

Target Completion, starting from Sept 2nd