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Key Points

  • Weave Sync is generally independent in implementation, and uses stable(ish) APIs where we touch app data
  • Weave Sync (and subsequent Weave components) will be a standalone optional module with app-provided UI
  • Code reorganization is a key first step to getting to inclusion
  • There is a lot of work on testing and code cleanup that make landing on trunk premature
  • Server scaling is, as of yet, unsolved, so timeline for core inclusion is not something we can lock down

Overall Plan

  • Development will proceed in add-on space
  • Code stabilization and re-organization to clean front-end/back-end splits will happen starting now
  • Integration points with apps to be determined with the app UX leads driving direction
  • Additional data types rolled out over multiple releases (add-ons, search engines, tab sync rewrite)
  • Work on scaling solution in conjunction with user growth, and can determine from there whether uplift is viable in Firefox for desktop PCs


Weave Sync 1.1

  • February 2010
  • Better tab sync UI for Firefox
  • Performance and reliability fixes

Weave Sync 1.2

  • March 2010
  • New Sync types
    • Add-ons (installed/disabled/etc)
    • Search Engines
  • Unlimited Tab sync

Weave Sync 1.3

  • April 2010
  • Per-site permissions (popups, XPI whitelists, cookie settings, etc)
  • ctypes-based crypto module?
  • More code cleanup and simplification

Weave Sync 1.4

  • May 2010
  • TBD