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Braindumping content here:

  • Want to use contact data from Weave to do autocomplete in content.
  • HTML5 has "email" type that takes and sanitizes comma-separated email addresses has the spec.

  • Basically, we'd hook this particular input type via a similar mechanism to login manager
    • probably for perf we'd want a generic listener that various services register for
  • we can copy/paste code from password manager to do the autocomplete listener bits
  • need to do setvalue in a way that depends on whether the input supports multiple emails, and appends rather than replaces if the multiple attribute is true. comma-separated is easy.

open questions:

  • support the name+email syntax? feed back to HTML 5 WG? is there an RFC or is this just de facto standard?

"Mike Connor" <>

  • need a data model for contacts in weave, portablecontacts looks neat

  • how to present multiple addresses per person?
  • probably worth bundling frecency-like bits into the data model. need to follow up with portablecontent folks if we want to sync up with them