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The Mozilla Materials project sucks. I know now why Rafael put it in draft form, it just does, it's very unorganized. Hopefully after the static version is made I can use that as a guide to re-organize things here. At least, to set a "standard" of linking, maybe a table, for "sfx link" "direct link" "description". Probably a guide as well, I am hoping for the direct link to not go to the image directly, ever. I refer to the direct link in the idea that it'll go to the person's real blog post/deviantart page, or whatever, as done in the past. Like this:

* [ GetFirefox wallpaper] [] [] by Jeex

As you can see, he's got a link to the SFX page, as well as the pages where one can actually obtain the image. If the SFX page gives a direct link to the image, then there's no direct link to the image download page, as it's already there. I suppose we could have the direct link anyway and point it to the sfx page again, but that's for figuring out. Thoughts on these plans can be made on my talk page if you like, but they'll probably be refined and posted on the talk page for the mozilla materials project.

Other thoughts include: Keeping this thing from going to hell in a briefcase (oh look a joke about lawyers) by (maybe) getting it back off and on somewhere that's actually worried about the product being used, more than worried about the product being misused, hopefully that place being SFX.