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Firefox Needs A Built-in SESSION MANAGER!

The current release,, of Firefox does not support SESSION MANAGER Extensions by various Extension developers and these developers for the most part have given up playing "keep-up" with the various Firefox releases because of the substantial demands on the very limited time they can devote to keep SESSION MANAGER updates compatible with new releases of Firefox.

That brings us to TODAY. The SESSION MANAGER functionality--the ability to save groups of open Firefox tabs as "Saved Sessions" having various names and to reopen these groups at a later date--is a MUST for most Firefox-ers. Just look at the online posts for these Extensions and see the furor developing because the developers for these SESSION MANAGER Extensions just don't have the time to rewrite or completely re-develop their Extensions every time Firefox comes out with a new release. Many Firefox-ers are even choosing NOT TO UPDATE their Firefox browser just so they can have the functionality of the SESSION MANAGER Extension that's compatible with older versions of Firefox. This creates a SERIOUS SECURITY RISK to these non-updaters, as now their Firefox browser may be susceptible to various security flaws.

P  L  E  A  S  E:   A "SESSION MANAGER" has now become "standard" for most Firefox-ers and at least the "basic functionality" of a full-featured "SESSION MANAGER" should be BUILT INTO FUTURE RELEASES OF FIREFOX. ~~~~~ <;)))>< ~~~~~ --NakedStranger 20:20, 31 December 2006 (PST)

Answer: Session Manager for Firefox 2.0

Go download an updated version from Session Manager's thread and stop spamming this Wiki. You're quite wrong on most of your claims above, but I won't take the time to refute them as long as you don't behave... zeniko 04:38, 31 December 2006 (PST)

RE:  "Answer: Session Manager for Firefox 2.0"

Zeniko: this wiki is for EVERYONE: it's not just your private playground. Your MISCHARACTERIZATION of my recent posts regarding built-in tab-group-saving (“Session Manager”) functionality in future releases of Firefox is outrageous, as well as your deletion of my posts regarding the matter. I will see what I can do about that. MEANWHILE, if you don’t like comments about STATEMENTS YOU MADE on your Firefox “Session Manager 0.4.3” page, such as your comment “SUPPORT (FOR FIREFOX 2.0): At the end of July, I've stopped all development and support of this extension. Unless somebody volunteers to maintain it, there won't be a version for Firefox 2.0.”, THEN EITHER PUT MORE RECENT INFORMATION ON THAT PAGE THAT REFLECTS YOUR CURRENT DEVELOPMENT OF THE EXTENSION, or DON’T CRITICIZE/CENSURE THOSE WHO WANT THIS FUNCTIONALITY BUILT INTO THE NEXT FIREFOX RELEASE. Meanwhile I will PROPERLY re-post my recent posts and EXPECT YOU TO RESPECT this Mozilla development community and those who may have opinions that you don't happen to agree with. (Post your disagreements on the wiki if they're legitimate.) ~~~~~ <:)))>< ~~~~~ --NakedStranger 20:22, 31 December 2006 (PST)

Callek's Comments

I have deleted the Firefox_Needs_A_Built-in_SESSION_MANAGER! page, as it has been deleted numerous times, by others; and doesn't actually belong in a page like that. Firefox/Feature_Brainstorming is the location you should use to work with; Follow the instructions there, you are free to outline a clear plan/concept with pro's/con's on why Firefox should have a builtin session manager on your own user page such as User:NakedStrange/BuiltinSessionManager or some similarly named page. IMHO if I see many more copies of this show up elsewhere, I will regard it as spam, and treat it as I do any other spammer on this wiki. Thank you for your thoughts, and your vociferous replies. --Justin Wood (Callek) 23:25, 31 December 2006 (PST)

Appropriate Wiki Posts RE This Matter

Fair enough. I am just a small voice of the "roar" of Firefox 2+ users who have been screaming loud and long because no group-tab-saving ("Session Manager" or "Session Saver") feature is built into Firefox (except the "Session Restore" feature upon Firefox crash or forced termination) and the very fine Firefox Extension developed by Zeniko is currently NOT COMPATIBLE with Firefox 2+ (several users--including me--tried it and it causes various problems including random crashes).

On his FF Extension website for his "Session Manager 0.4.3, Zeniko also says "SUPPORT (FOR FIREFOX 2.0): At the end of July, I've stopped all development and support of this extension. Unless somebody volunteers to maintain it, there won't be a version for Firefox 2.0", however, he contradictorily mentions current development of same in his recent answer to this topic (see above "Answer" from Zeniko).

Since no mention of this current development is made ON his "Session Manager 0.4.3" page (AND such development is even specifically denied on this official Mozilla site), MY POSTS REGARDING THIS MATTER REMAIN LEGITIMATE and even JUSTIFIED as long as the matter remains unresolved.

Accordingly, I have made posts in the "Bookmarks" and "History" sections of the "Firefox/Feature Brainstorming" wiki, which is where they most appropriately belong.

I will likewise RESTORE the wiki page I created regarding this LEGITIMATE MATTER, as Firefox users need an easy-to-access resource where they can find out the latest on the development (or not) of this important and badly needed (to many) Firefox functionality. ~~~~ <;)))>< ~~~~~ --NakedStranger 00:45, 1 January 2007 (PST)

zeniko's Comments

I still don't understand from where you get the idea that SHOUTING and spamming this wiki will help your cause in any way (on the contrary, you might rather annoy those people who could make a difference). Please try to keep your head cool...

Now, a little further reading might already have answered your question: while I indeed won't work any further on Session Manager, finally somebody volunteered to continue development. Morac's version is perfectly compatible with Firefox 2.0 and just needs some further testing before I will upload it for the "roaring masses". What about giving it a try and giving Morac some feedback?

As for including complete session managing capabilities into Firefox, that's probably not going to happen any time soon (if ever). Firefox is supposed to only include the functionality used by most of its users and session managing quite certainly isn't part of that. Feel free to post concrete evidence to the contrary though (of course, some vague references to a few users keeping the still well supported Firefox 1.5.0.* aren't enough by far)...

mvl's Comments

Feature discussions do not belong in the top-level namespace of this wiki. If I see it happen again, I will treat it as spam. You have been pointed to the pages where you can suggest features. Use those, but don't spam them by copying your ideas all over them.