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Bug 324953

Fixed by Kent James. Woohoo!

Bug 278176

Security-sensitive. Sorry.

Bug 303181

Ported to the suite in bug 394471.

Bug 239373

I never did understand the point of the toolkit so-called "fix", which is why it never got ported to xpfe.

Bug 311053

bryner (and jst, really) would prefer for all the individual implementations to be fixed to check *aStatus. Bah.

Bug 143038

Apparently there is a patch in this bug.

Bug 333309

Apparently fixed by bug 368911.

Bug 58612

I don't like the way the spellcheck code is loaded in the textbox binding.

Bug 315957

Probably a regression from bug 121176.

Bug 329468

Moved to bug 336519 (which is still marked security sensitive for some reason.)

Bug 336873

Needs investigation to determine why the dropmarker is so close.

Bug 168411

I was finally motivated to write a patch for bug 342296 (q.v.)

Bug 73296

The patch in this bug was only written to resolve a crash caused by the real fix, and was superseded by the one in bug 377577.

Bug 155053

This was hacked around with some min-height in the CSS, when of course the native theme code needs to be fixed.

Bug 344500

I didn't like the original toolkit fix for this.

Bug 113934

This can presumably be implemented based on the sessionstore code that is being ported from Firefox; it won't be possible to use bfcache.

Bug 344955

Toolkit still doesn't have my instanceof fix.

Bug 348386

Will be superseded by Callek's toolkit download manager integration work.

Bug 350962

Was fixed very badly by Joey Minta in bug 413781.

Bug 351936

This bug has a difference of opinion on the fix. Maybe smaug can chip in?

Bug 357221

Needs to be looked at...

Bug 326840

Toolkit portions apparently superseded by bug 380250.

Bug 361231

Worked around by David Bienvenu, but could do with some real UI.

Bug 327811

Apparently now resolved WFM.

Bug 70798

This caused bug 364424, but what interested me was some weird rendering I was getting, which I think has since been fixed on trunk, although I can't find the bug number.


Bug 256077

In very early versions of Mozilla (probably comparable to Netscape 6) it was possible for a bookmark to point to your file system or an FTP site and you could explore that bookmark in the menus. It was also possible to save a smart bookmark (a bookmark search) and explore that in the menus or in the tree. With the bookmarks rewrite this function was lost. An infer data source capability was subsequently added to make this available again and it is this which could be ported to SeaMonkey. However the ability to explore a bookmark search in the tree was since lost because trees were rewritten so that the same resource could not be duplicated within the tree.

Bug 366482

I meant to look into this but then IanN picked it up and got a reviewed patch.

Bug 216718

At the time there was no browser UI to switch language, but bug 338318 fixed that.

Bug 366724

Someone needs to figure out whether a base command controller needs a strong ref, a supports weak reference or a weak ref to its context or whether to use the cycle collector or some other way to avoid leaking.

Bug 311756

We need to decide what to do with the fishcam.

Bug 184988

I've been asked to check out some related bugs.

Bug 311028

I don't know why I was interested in this bug but it has since been fixed by Ian Neal.

Bug 371260

Neil Deakin answered my review comments, so this is now fixed.

Bug 359187

I failed to decide which is more efficient. The current patch does this:

Get the bcc list (or reply-to works similarly) from the identity
If it is empty, then there's nothing to do
Find email addresses in the edited message that aren't in the identity
If there are any, append a comma and append them to the bcc list
Set the bcc list in the edited message

My alternative was to do this:

Get the bcc list (or reply-to works similarly) from the identity
If it is empty, then there's nothing to do
Find email addresses in the bcc list that aren't in the edited message
If there aren't any, then there's nothing to do
Append them to the list in the edited message

I've decided that the current patch is better, so I'll review it.

Bug 373570

I need to work out whether I still want to land my alternate approach.

Bug 374578

Probably waiting for some love from bug 374577... it might be worth spinning off the app type code into a separate bug.

Bug 374262

Fixed by Vladimir Vukicevic, yay!

Bug 375468

I now have an analysis of the problem.

Bug 371882

There is insufficient information to reproduce the bug.

Bug 364376

Nobody updated the patch to move the outline style into the theme where it belongs.

Bug 373570

I checked in attachment 258845 so this bug is now fixed.

Bug 122213

Hoping that Michael Ventnor will work out how to timestamp console messages.

Bug 305073

I left this so long that Dan Veditz stole the superreview from me. The system works!

Bug 378160

For some reason, this is marked security-sensitive.

Bug 374577

This is a rather scary patch...

Bug 357969

Ginn Chen fixed up Nian Liu's patch to address my superreview comment.

Bug 378358

Apparently fixed by bug 389931.

Bug 348395

I'm not sure why I was interested in this bug but perhaps I was worried that there would be regressions.

Bug 307345

Oops. I should be fixing this.

Bug 342296

Waiting for reviews...

Bug 342504

Boris Zbarsky fixed this, possibly based on my untested patch.

Bug 383909

Has anyone ported these bugs from Classic to *Stripe: bug 358533, bug 345178, bug 228319, bug 319043?

Bug 383532

IanN has written a patch: the system works!

Bug 182121

Depended on bug 349309, which has since been fixed.

Bug 381915

Waiting for Stefan.

Bug 251903

Still needs to be fixed, but compare also bug 295977.

Bug 383913

All the threadpane images should be resized to 16×14, and it should then be possible to eliminate the CSS tweaks.

Bug 339728

The focusring was fixed in bug 339720, and the pref locking/unlocking was removed in bug 289136.

Bug 38978

Was fixed very badly by Joey Minta in bug 413781.

Bug 390028

Sorry Mano, Smontagu, etc., but RTL isn't enough of a priority for me.

Bug 381286

I need to work out how to send asynchronous events.

Bug 391272

This needs UI consensus before it can proceed.

Bug 358599

Andrew Schultz fixed the backend not to be so crashy so we don't have to back out blazingly fast undo close tab.

Bug 395671

Security-sensitive. Sorry.

Bug 380347

It took some time but Frank Wein got there in the end! Just waiting for UI (bug 441050) now.

Bug 396374

I was too lazy to look at these patches. Sorry!

Bug 399515

Resolved by bug 399571.

Bug 399802

Mark is no longer working on this bug.

Bug 381636

I'm not convinced this is a good idea.

Bug 400882

Bug 402637 allowed a better fix for this. Yay!

Bug 325353

I was too lazy to look at these patches. Sorry!