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Hello. I am Andy Mabbett, of Birmingham, England.

My background

Having programmed machines with paper tape and punched cards (at a very young age!), I'm glad to see things have moved on a little. I gave up programming many years ago, but have been involved in the design and management of pioneering, large-scale websites in the UK's public sector since 1994.

I am a published author and journalist - but (as anyone who's corrected my 'tyops' will tell you) I can't type.

I am a trustee, and webmaster, of the West Midland Bird Club.

Web for all

I believe strongly in adherence to web standards, making web pages as accessible as possible, to everyone, and that it's important to communicate using the simplest language necessary, to convey ideas clearly.


I usually surf with whatever is the latest formal release of FireFox, using far too many extensions, under Windows XP, on a 20" or 17" monitor at 1280x1024 resolution.


...I'd rather be out bird-watching.